sissy billy is going to make another wish

A Wish To Make Love

This is something that I know I will regret and I know that a sissy should be careful what she wishes for, but I am desperate. I am not used to Mistress Amber’s requirement of Chastity and it is so hard. In four months I have only made love to my sissy clitty two times. I so desperately want to play with her.

I have made several wishes to Mistress Amber in an email and would hope that I am allowed to make love without such humiliating and terrible consequences as performing a play as Kaya in my previous wish.

Mistress Amber has given me some leeway and told me to make my wish and tell her what I will do in return to earn my wish.

I had a good idea, but approached it rudely which will cost me in the future. I was going to suggest that I would do this to please Mistress Rosemarie by performing sensual and loving things with her. I approached her with this and after thinking briefly about it (she does know how horny I am), she said No. I was crushed. She then reprimanded me for suggesting this and scolded me for a poor attitude. She said that I was really thinking only about me, which I was. That if I had meant that I wanted to please her and not myself, she might have considered it. I think I am in trouble with Mistress Rosemarie now.

I would suggest a schedule that once a week I be allowed to make love to my sissy clitty under the following conditions.

I have performed all my assignments correctly for the week.

I should put on my most feminine and prettiest negligee.

I am to put a diaper on with pillows between my legs and lay on my back with my legs spread wide open with anticipation of being made love to like a sissy girl should expect.

I should watch a movie of two women making love and think about how I should please my Mistress.

I should then make my sissy clitty mess in my panties and sleep in them all night.

This would give sissy billy good incentives to excel in her assignments.


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If you a better job in the future, this weekly release may be considered. For now, there is an assignment in two parts. You are to send an email to kaya detailing (1) what an inspiration she has been, (2) the punishment you received, (3) the play you wrote and (4) your decision in part 2 of this task. When you send it, you will copy me on it.

For part 2, you will (optionally) immediately put on your sissy clitty cage and wear it until I have had the time to process any response you get from kaya. When you are no longer wearing the cage, you will repeat the play you wrote for her as soon as you take it off (or choose not to put it on) and then again every two days.

Yes Mistress Amber. For part 2, I have immediately upon reading this comment put on my sissy clitty cage. I choose this option for as long as I can as I do not want to again be an actress playing Kaya in the play I wrote for her. I will compose the email tonight and send it to Kaya and pray that she responds quickly and that you also process this quickly. If I am to take off my sissy clitty cage, I will repeat the play and notify you. Does Kaya normally respond quickly? How long does every two days go for? How long will this process take?

@sissy billy : You can find out how long the process takes by taking off your clitty cage. And you will see how long—two days at a time.

@Amber Shummer I really do not want to know the answer. Thank You Mistress Amber for reinforcing my fear.

For personal reasons I have taken off my sissy clitty cage and I am performing the part of the actress playing Kaya in the play I wrote. I hope that Kaya responds soon.

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