sissy billy’s Independence Celebration in honor of Lady Liberty

Mistress Amber requested me to show respect of Independence Day by honoring and doing my best impression of Lady Liberty. In honor of Lady Liberty I dressed up for Lady Liberty by putting on my diaper, stuffing it as much as possible, putting on my big girls big bra and stuffing the cups with extra large water balloons, putting on my wrist and ankle cuffs to show proper obedience and respect for Lady Liberty and then to show humility (an also shrivel my private parts so I can better control them for Mistress Amber) I poured a quart of ice cold water down the front of my diaper.

I do this to show proper respect for Lady Liberty and our country. I stand and salute the Statue of Liberty which represents the freedom and liberty which we all enjoy in the United States of America.

My first task was to put on my diaper and big girl’s bra. I knew that I would be cooling my private parts and did not want to leak. I took two of my extra exorbitant diapers and put them on.

I then put on my preformed diaper to help compact the two diapers. I put on a rubber diaper cover, then my 2XL Pink diaper cover and finally my 4XL white diaper cover and stuffed it with as much material as I could. I pray that Mistress Amber thinks my diaper is sufficiently large know.

Mistress Rosemarie told me she is already ordering a spreading core diaper as Mistress Amber recommends because she said I very seldom manage to please Mistress Amber and I still have a long way to go in learning how to be a proper sissy baby. I stuffed as much absorbent material as I could in my diaper Mistress Amber. Please say that it is enough.

I then put my big bra on and put extra extra large water balloons in the cups. They are so heavy Mistress Amber that I feel I am front heavy and will fall forward if I am not careful. I also put my wrist and ankle cuffs on to show respect and obedience and white high heels as Lady Liberty should wear. I then decorated my diaper and bra with Red, White and Blue napkins as a patriotic gesture to Lady Liberty.


I then poured the one quart of ice cold water down the front of my diaper. It was very cold Mistress Amber and it provided the proper results on my private parts. I will be making no wishes tonight.

I then completed my dress-up in honor of Lady Liberty. I put on a sheer white dress and further decorated it in patriotic napkins

Finally before you stands Lady Liberty with torch and American Flag to properly honor our Independence Day Celebration.

I also try to honor Mistress Amber by properly performing this assignment given to me.

I did complete my honoring of Lady Liberty and picture taking on the fourth of July. It did take me into July 5th to post this, however, and I apologize for not posting this on the 4th for every-one’s enjoyment.


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If you really stuffed your diaper full, then the padding would be between your legs—you shouldn’t even be able to put your legs remotely close together.

I am so sorry Mistress Amber. In all the previous postings of fully stuffed diapers I never saw a lot of stuffing between the legs. I did not think of this and I am so sorry. I wanted so much to do this right. I will try harder to do this in the future.

Hi sissy billy.

In myckie_jo’s post Pink and Plasticy, you would have seen some stuffing between the legs.

Was it your idea for the shear gown, flag, and heels? The Statue of Liberty does not have these. I did like that you had a picture for to cover your face.

Hello pieclown.

I have seen Pink and Plasticy and you are right. I did not appreciate the amount of stuffing between the legs of myckie-jo. Looking at it now it quite evident. Being punished and forced to do the same makes it personal and now I will not forget it. I guess that is why I sometimes need to be punished so that I open my eyes.

I salute your statement that Freedom is Not Free. You are so right. Many seem to forget this and take it for granted. I hope we do not need to be punished to remember this.

I have often seen the Statue of Liberty up close and in person it is impressive, but can be very cold looking. It is to me a year round symbol of America and it’s Freedoms. In 4th of July parades she is often dressed in a white dress and the floats are often very patriotic with flags and bunting. I felt that dressed in my diaper and bra I presented a pretty sorry picture that would not due her honor. I added the shear gown and heels for the dignity Lady Liberty deserves, the flags for America’s birthday and the picture so that everyone would know who I was supposed to portray, but mostly for my own modesty.

Well Billie,
I saw your pictures and it made me laugh. It was an improvement putting Lady Liberties picture over your mug. I didn’t want to have to look at yours. The ice water was a funny touch but I’m not sure you had anything to get cold. If it were me, you would have remembered to put enough material between your legs. You weren’t using the space for anything else. You would have remembered by me reminding you with a kick in your ice cubes.

So sissybilly Have you corrected your lack of padding yet? I was just wondering?

Hello sissysarah, see Halloween Dress-up (11/1/09) to see how Mistress Katzenburg, Mistress Amber and Mistress Rosemarie fixed my skinny little diaper wearing above. I am now bowlegged and walk like a baby (Duck waddle) now.

Corrections of an assignment failed is always more difficult then doing it right the first time.

sissy billy

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