DIY Breast Forms 101

There have been a number of questions about how to make breast forms (assuming that money is an issue in getting real ones). These are all of the ideas that I have been able to collect. Many of these styles can be seen in various pictures of clients around The Institute.

### Double-Layer Water Balloons ([Stacee Skye](
I would recommend double thickness water-balloons, the bigger the better.
(The larger the balloons, the less they have to stretch and the more stable
they are.) [24″ Round][24] or [17″ Round][17] should work well.

Pre-stretch the balloons by blowing them up, then use a pencil to insert one
balloon inside the other. Fill the inner one with water and tie it off. Then, tie
off the outer balloon. They work well at room temperature or after a few hours
in the freezer.


### Semi-Solid Water Balloon Boobs (Big Dolly and her Flickr friend Maxine)
Go to a nursery or garden center and pick up some “Water Storing
Granules”. The scientific name is polyacrylamide co-polymer. It looks
like coarse salt. You only need a couple of tablespoons of this stuff
as it absorbs 100’s of times is weight in water. A couple of
tablespoon will fill a 2-liter soda bottle. Water turns the crystals
into a gel.

Next go to a “Party Supply” store and get 2 of those balloons that
blow up to about 3 feet in diameter. They run about $5 each. They are
about 6″ in diameter deflated.

Add the crystals and water to the soda bottle. It will take 10-15
minutes for them to swell up. Use a measuring cup to measure out 2 to
2.5 cups of the gel. (You need to measure, else you get 2 different
size boobs.) Use a large funnel and pour the gel into the balloons.
Get as much air out of the balloon as you can before tying off the
stem. 2 cups will do a 36D easy, and will not fill the balloon
completely up and make it to tight. The gel will not make noise like
water, plus it feels very real.

### Blue Goo Gel ([Barbi Brasngarters](
A variant that I have always wanted to (was gonna) try…
The “Ice Pack” frozen blue thingys that people use in coolers….
Is supposed to be the optimal fluid consistency.
Drain the blue stuff out of them into that heavy duty oversized
I was going to “double up” on the balloons for safety’s sake.

### Bird Seed Boobs (Doreen Demure)
Round pellet seed is used so that it does not snag on the nylon of the pantyhose. This can be done by placing the pantyhose (i use one leg for each ‘breast’) in the bra that it is supposed to fit and filling it with seed until it is filling the bra but would be flat against the chest (like a real breast). An estimated size would be enough.

I try to find a store that sells the seed already weighed into pound bags, that way i know that i will have the same amount in each breast. Failing that, it would be easy to measure it into a measuring jug, for example. I made the ‘forms’ i use now some time ago and therefore can’t remember the amounts i used, but i think the smaller ones were two pounds per breast.

With regard to pantyhose, it is possible to buy boxes of cheaper pantyhose over here. They normally have maybe six pairs in a box. It doesn’t matter if the pantyhose are cheap, given that they aren’t often seen etc. and the remainder of the pantyhose can be used as extra layers under clothing, perhaps. If possible its a good idea to use the heavier denier, just because it would be more hardwearing. Color should be a little lighter than normal skin tone as they have to be double wrapped. The leg is filled and then pushed back in the opposite direction but i just twist the leg a couple of times before pushing it back through. It would be a good idea to use a knot at that point, but not something i’d thought about before. Using a twist would give a bit more stretch to the ‘breast’ than a knot, i think, but it wouldn’t make a huge difference, given that the nylon has a lot of give in it anyway. It would perhaps be a better idea with smaller ‘forms’, the larger ones probably need as much stretch as possible when being handled. There is enough pantyhose to triple- or quadruple-wrap it, but each successive fold makes the ‘skin tone’ darker. The remainder is just cut off.

### Bowling Balls
As a punishment, two bowling balls make a very heavy set of breasts.

### Beach Balls
Although filled with air and very light, beach balls make everything else very difficult (depending on the size of the beach balls.


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I prefer small feminine breasts. None of these sound very pleasant.

sissy billy

Mistress Katzenburg: You are correct as always. I do realize that they are connected as an oxymoron. My Cross-Dressing Punishment is a deserved result of my very pleasant fantasies and have nothing nor do they deserve to have anything in common. I would prefer to be small, dainty and feminine, but I do accept my fate. sissy billy

I’ve found that water gel beads (those little colorful beads you can find in the craft aisle of Walmart) in a balloon make a fantastic breast form.

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