sissy baby jamie: Big Hairy Baby

Since [sissy baby jamie][] has been [crying for a punishment][1], and it overdue, here it is. Since I noted from her submission pictures, she was much to hairy for a sissy baby, she will shave from the neck down. Then she will repeat her failed assignment, but as a punishment this time.


[sissy baby jamie]:


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Mistress Amber

I have received the punishment, and will comply with shaving from my neck dowm but which assignment am i doing as a punishment now, and how will it differ because of this?

your stupid sissy baby

sissy baby jamie

Mistress Amber

The first failed assignment i completed under the cotrol of Mistress Myckie Jo. I put the completed assignment files in place and posted it for publishing Mistress Amber. As to my latest assignment, It is now winter here we have been having temperatures in the negative numbers a lot lately so getting out in public in my dress and diapers is difficult at the very least. I will attempt to get a friend of mine who does drag shows to take me out to the bar for pictures, but wandering around down town for photos will not be possible.

Oh and yes i have already shaved neck to toes

To all my fellow sissies in training. I am so glad there are more of us now. It certainly helps spread the attention that the Mistresses give each of us and also spreads our punishments about. Misery loves company. I feel for each of you as if your punishments are mine as many of them have been.

Keep trying and you will succeed. Please do not give up. sissy billy

I did not mean that I was not receiving a sufficient number of Punishments My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg. I certainly have all the assignments and punishments that I can handle and I do have trouble keeping up with them. I was only trying to express my appreciation of having several other sissies to enjoy my sissy training and punishment with. I cause you enough trouble as it is and I do not wish that you should feel obligated to try harder.

sissy billy

Oh my..giggles Shaving all over IS annoying sometimes, what with the itching you get while out in public, but it’s sooo worth it to have that smoothness.
Do you use actal men’s shaving cream or womans?

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