Her Last Visit

The last time that Mistress Amber visited for training, she though it would be a good idea to work on my “technique”. Apparently, one of the prerequisites for learning technique is not worrying about what is in your panties. So, she took them off, and taped on a diaper and waited for me to use it.


Then she finished dressing me up and sent me out to wait on the deck until she was good and ready.


And then the training on technique started.


And continued with the upgrade to the “pink monster”.


And got worse as she figured it wasn’t hard enough and that I should be doing it with a hood and posture collar on too.


The only thing that seemed to annoy her was that the “pink monster” wouldn’t fit through the mouth hole on the hood.


Maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t be sucking on cocks that big anyway.


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Hello Myckie Jo. Mistress Amber once told me that it was a good thing to experience what your sissy was doing by actually sampling a bit of the punishments you handed out as a Mistress. I have not tried hardly any of the things the Institute has punished Sissy Billy with. (Not the stomach or in this case a wide enough mouth)

From the looks of it, Mistress Amber left you with some ideas. I wonder who will be next to experience that much fun.

Keep up the positive attitude. As a Mistress you will do just fine in keeping to the principles of the Institute.

Mistress Rosemarie

love it! Patiently awaiting my initiation

sounds like fun!! still keen to please

“shouldn’t be sucking on cocks that big”

I would have to agree with this comment.

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