Dusting Off

Since it has been quite a while since I have posted here, there has been a bit of dust gather, and it is in need of a good dusting off. All current clients are therefore to make a post of themselves in a maids outfit, ready for cleaning. Once the posts are made, a poll will be opening, and the client with the most votes will be exempt from the next, much more humiliating assignment.


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Hello Mistress Katzenburg,

I read and understand this assignment


Hello Mistress Katzenburg

I have neglected my sissy duties and indeed have gathered much dust. I have not continued my assignments, not commented on the site as the rules and regulations dictate and have not visited the site on a regular basis. I would love to once again be under your guidance in my training as a sissy in “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”.

I will, as quickly as possible, put on my prettiest sissy maids outfit, help in dusting and make a post to the site.

I will always be the best sissy I can.

Thank You, sissy billy

Hello Mistress Katzenburg:

I am glad that you have found a few minutes to give some purpose to these lazy negligent Sissies. I am certainly looking forward to the rewards they receive from their failure.

Humiliation is good for these Sissies. It teaches them respect and a reminder of their sissy position.

Well Done, Mistress Rosemarie

    I have edited your comment, as I see that your sissy was negligent in passing on the detail that I am always to be called Mistress Katzenburg. She has been given 10 demerits for this infraction, which will be assigned once she is able to determine how many demerits she actually had previously.

Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg:

I have told Mistress Rosemarie everything that I am required to do and all of my regulations. I do not ever attempt to tell her what she should do, because if I did, she would do the opposite. I will beg her to call you by the proper name. I apologize to you for her not addressing you properly, but she may have done this purposely to get me in trouble.

I do not know how I can come up with the number of demerits I have. I will try to go back through my old emails and corrections, but I am not sure if I have them all. I will try my hardest.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg

sissy billy

Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg:

I wanted to reply as quickly as I could so as not to avoid additional demerits, but I accept your quicker response to my failures of adding 5 X each demerit I am off.

I think –

1/2 response from from – Total of 43 Demerits
4/17 – A sissy trying to work off her demerits – Minus 4 demerits
6/8 – penalty incurred for not informing Mistress Rosemarie of your correct name – Minus 10 demerits.

This, I believe, totals 48 demerits.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg

Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg

In rechecking myself, I found that I made a math error. I would like to revise my total to 49 demerits.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg

sissy billy

    Good for you on getting the simple math right in only two tries. Not so good on English comprehension though. The 10 you are going to get for not keeping your Mistress informed, haven’t actually been assigned to you yet. They “will be assigned once she is able to determine how many demerits she actually had previously”.

    So my math shows: 39 + (49-39)*5 + 10 = 99 demerits.

Oh My Gosh, Mistress Katzenburg. You are correct now that I have read the instructions again. This has been my weak point for all my life and I still read and react to quickly. I will not whine this time knowing I have no choice but to accept your decision.

I will keep track of my demerits from now on. This is so many demerits now. How will I ever be able to satisfy the crediting of so many demerits.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg, sissy billy

Hello Mistress Katzenburg. First let me apologize if I did not address you properly above. A Mistress should always be addressed properly. I know that in any correspondence we have had we each have addressed each other as Mistress. A slip for which sissy billy should suffer.

I would like to clear up a statement sissy billy made. While you and I have always referred to one another properly out of respect, sissy billy never told me that I should refer to you as Mistress Katzenburg. This is her fault as you properly noted above and the punishment was justified. The fact that her own ineptness caused it to be multiplied by five was delicious.

99 – I love it. Directed at sissy billy – How are you going to work off all those demerits. I am sure Mistress Katzenburg is already devising schemes to let you slowly, very slowly work them off. Do you remember what I told you about demerits I received as a Sorority Pledge. (I was never as bad as you though). Each demerit translated roughly into an hour of cleaning at the Sorority House or pleasing a superior Sister in whatever she wanted (and that meant whatever punishment she wanted). Translation – I think you owe Mistress Katzenburg 99 hours of “Institute” service and that is only if she has a kind heart. If I were you I would hope she has a weak moment and is even kinder, but you don’t deserve it.

In closing, Mistress Katzenburg, it should be known that last night she tried to pass the blame to me and make me feel guilty. Rest assured, she was punished. Before going to bed I washed her mouth out with her favorite pink Camay soap sufficiently wetted to be very soapy and frothy and then was sent to bed without being allowed to rinse or spit it out. I am sure she thought long and hard about trying to blame others for her own mistakes. She actually deserves to be punished further for trying to pass the blame instead of accepting it like a sissy should.

Mistress Rosemarie

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