Maggie-Rae: Dusting Off & Sorority Bitches

Returning to active status as a member of The Institute after a lengthy period of inactivity is no easy task, as I’ve been finding out these past couple days. A large backlog of assignments had been building, just waiting for my return, including an evil series of assignments that I just sat back, laughing to myself as the other sissies of The Institute soldiered through them a while back. The first of these assignments was [Dusting Off](, where we would report for maid duties in our best maid’s attire to clean the sheet of dust that had developed over The Institute from such a period of inactivity. I might be late, but here I am, reporting for duty none the less—better late than never, I hope.


Had I been present when this series of assignments was first given, I would have had a chance to avoid the next assignment, [Sorority Bitches](, all together, and in hindsight, I heavily regret that mistake. Ms. Lisa, my friend, administrator of punishments, and part time contributor to The Institute jumped at the chance to formally guide me through my initiation as a Sorority Bitch, and it was at her discretion which activities I would be performing, how long those activities would be performed, and when I would be considered done with my assignment. I was extra fearful, however, as I had been informed prior that my performance in this assignment would influence the tasks, or even punishments, I would endure in the future: Do poorly enough and I may have to perform Babyface, or even something worse as I’d already performed Babyface once in the past. After enduring that once, I don’t want to even imagine what could possibly be the next step in that path, or if there even could possibly be a next step (I don’t think there could be) and so I was really putting my fate in Ms. Lisa’s hands.

Ms Lisa started out getting me Dressed for Dinner with a nice red dress under a black corset, hose, panties, and a pair of heels that I barely managed to painfully wiggle myself into. On my way to her house, she’d had me stop by the grocery store, so I knew exactly what was on the menu for dinner. Ms. Lisa was in a very generous mood and had instructed me to choose two flavors of baby food that I would be able to choke down, which I had selected to be the tried and true Apples and Pears, while a can of formula was to be the refreshment for the meal. She (thankfully) allowed me to feed myself and slowly but surely I managed to work my way through the plate of mush, tiny bite by tiny bite. While I managed pretty well through the plate of food, the glass of formula made me cringe all the way through and I was thankful when the glass was finally empty.

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After I’d finished my unpleasant meal, Ms. Lisa fixed my cuffs to my wrists, down to waiting hooks on the chair—I was going to be participating in a whipped cream pie eating contest and she didn’t want me to be tempted to cheat. I learned through the ordeal that pie eating contests and corsets don’t mix, and that I’d have a small amount of time to put a dent in the pie before I’d need to sit back up for air. This I know, if I’ve ever forced with a pie eating contest again, I’m just going to bow out gracefully.

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Once Ms. Lisa had gotten as much of the whipped cream off my face as she could, she allowed me to remove my corset (though the cuffs remained) for what she had planned next. I was to practice my oral technique on the large naughty chair dildo for a good while, and she didn’t want me having to come to breathe on a regular basis because of the corset. Before I was set to begin, she cleaned the dildo good and thoroughly with a bar of soap, but didn’t completely rinse it, so that I was forced to fellate the painfully soapy cock to her satisfaction. Again, however, she was in a relatively good mood and allowed me to cease my efforts after about half an hour of soapy work. My reprieve was short-lived, however, when she immediately gagged me with the bar of soap itself as she prepared my bra and forms.

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Once the formal attire was stripped away, and my titanic J-cup bra and forms were added, Ms. Lisa put me through my paces, making sure I worked off that whipped cream pie and the rich baby food. A battery of sit-ups, push-ups, and her personal favorite, jumping jacks were required as she giggled with glee and snapped away with her camera. All I could do was sweat profusely and try my best not to lose either of my massive forms—I didn’t want to have to do this part again.

[![](]( [![](]( [![](]( [![](](

After my exercise, Ms. Lisa sent me to the bathroom to clean myself up and give myself a bikini shave. It was a long and arduous process (though knowing what I do now, it seems like a pretty quick task), but I managed to get myself presentably smooth up to her standards. I thought she was going to send me home at this point to perform my bedtime activity, but she had one last surprise for me before I left—more soap! Soap covered soap to be more precise, a lathered bar of dial coated generously with a layer of dish soap had to be sucked “clean” before I was allowed to leave. I thought I was going to start blowing bubbles with all the soap going into me that night.

[![](]( [![](]( [![](]( [![](](

Finally, I arrived back at home where Mistress Katzenburg was to (remotely) oversee the last portion of my assignment: a diaper (super stuffed), bra with biggest forms, and cuffs (tied together to prevent me from getting too comfortable). The assignment stated that the diaper was not to be changed or removed until the next day, a fact I wish I had taken into consideration seeing as no less than 10 minutes after securing the diaper and the rest of my outfit, I was taken by the overwhelming urge to urinate. I was going to fight tooth and nail before I spent the night wet, but as I lay there for hours on end (six in all) unable to sleep, feeling like I was about to burst, I gave up and resolved to spend the last few hours of the night in a wet, uneasy sleep. Mistress Katzenburg allowed me to change out of my outfit (though she selected a new one for me, retaining the bra and forms) the next morning after more than 8 hours of tossing, turning, and torment.

[![](]( [![](](

After completing this assignment, I seriously regretted not being present for this line of assignments the first time around, when I would have had a chance to avoid this whole ordeal, but I suppose now the best I can do is pray that this is as far as it goes, and that there won’t be anything worse in the immediate future.


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Oh My Gosh, Maggie Rae,

I feel so sorry for you. It has been so long since I had to perform these sissy assignments that I have completely forgot how horrible and terribly disgusting they were. I do not even want to look back at the other sissy punishments and have blocked them out of my memory. I am sure as you post the remainder this week my memory will come back and I will shiver with how horrible they were.

I still can not believe that you have been doing these sissy assignments one after the other. At least they are over now and all you have to do is post them. I am so happy for you.

Mistress Katzenburg can certainly be a strict Head Mistress as these assignments prove and seldom has pity on us poor lowly sissies.

The scary thing as I think about it is that it has been very quiet at the Institute these past few months and I imagine she has been devising many new cruel assignments to punish us other sissies as she watched you. Here is hoping she still has much backlog to catch up on as mentioned in one of her twitters and that you and the rest of us still have some down time remaining.

Anyway – Your assignment was well down and better then mine. I am very impressed and I can not imagine that Mistress Katzenburg would give you a failing grade for it.

Happy Your assignments seem done,

sissy billy

Hello Maggie Rae

I would like to ask for your help. I looking at your photo above you have made your face fuzzy to protect your private concerns. I have always been shy and usually crop the picture to protect my identity, but would love to show the original photo to better show the activity documentation.

Could you tell me how you did this or a link to where I could learn.

Thank You,

sissy billy

    Sissy billy,

    It’s actually a pretty easy task if you have access to Photoshop: just Filter->Pixelate->Mosaic (if that’s your preference). On the other hand, if you’re trying to do this from scratch somehow, then it becomes a little more messy–my recommendation is a decent photo-editing program. If nothing else, you could just use Paint to put black circles over your face…

    Maggie Rae

Good Morning Maggie-Rae.

I do have, I believe, Photoshop. I will try it.

Thank You,
sissy billy

Hello Sweetie,
I just had to come on-line to see your progress. My Sissy Billy told me you were posting your punishmnents.
You look so cute, especially when you have that pink bar of soap stuffed in that naughty disobedient mouth.
This was an excellent punishment.
Love to all you sissies, Mistress Rosemarie

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