Remembering the Rules

Apparently with the dust collecting at The Institute, the recollections of the rules by [Pieclown][] and [sissy billy][] have also become a bit rusty. So a few days ago I tried to nudge them in the right direction but sending them a message pointing out a change in the rules:

> In addition to creating the post, all evidence (at full resolution, un-retouched and un-cropped) must be submitted to the Mistresses via Dropbox, unless other means are arranged.

Both now have accounts, but there has been no attempt by either to submit their required evidence from [Dusting Off]( or [Sorority Bitches]( This is not a new requirement. For not submitting the proper evidence, both have been given 6 demerits (2 for the first assignment and 4 for the second). More demerits will be awarded soon if the situation on these assignments is not corrected soon.

[sissy billy]:


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Dear Mistress Katzenburg,

I am loading up the files at this time. I have to report that some of the master copies were retouched. I did this to save time on having to retouch the additional photos. I have placed these in the pieclown folder on Dropbox. These photos were also loaded to the library here.

pie pie 4 now

I had not read the update to the Rules and Regulations as is my obligation as a sissy. I will do so immediately.

sissy billy

If the rules or regulations change, I think all us sissies should be emailed with the new rules and be made to confirm that we understand and will comply. Otherwise it gets a bit messy.

But then what do I know.

I have been very busy and myself have forgotton all the rules. It is good advice from this sissy to all other sissy clients to read the rules at least once a week. A rule that I have been lax in is to make comments (several) at least once a week. I am trying to catch up on this commitment tonight.

sissy billy

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