Sorority Bitches

All clients not [voted]( the most humiliated maid in [Dusting Off]( will participate in this follow-up assignment. Each client will participate in seven of the nineteen activities, spread over the four sections of the evening. One activity from each section is required. (Note that if you are working with a real-time Mistress, she gets to choose which seven you perform. Also note that seven is the minimum and more could be required.)

The loser of this round will then go on to pick from “Babyface” and “On the Town”. Hint: you want to win this round.

#### Dressed for Dinner

All of the sorority girls are dressed up for dinner. Corset, stockings, high heels and a dress are required.

1. **Waiting Outside** – All of the girls are milling around outside, waiting to be let in to the banquet hall.

2. **Mush Mouth** – Dinner is jars of baby food and large pitchers of formula.

3. **Happiness Pie** – After dinner, all of the sisters have a whipped cream pie eating contest–no hands allowed.

4. **A Happy Ending** – All of the sissy sisters are brought up in front of the rest, given a plate and forced to masturbate onto it. Once everyone is done, the plates must be licked clean.

#### Early Punishments

After dinner is over, cuffs and collars are added to each sissy sister’s attire and a selection of punishments occurs while still at the banquet hall.

1. **Trapped in a Cage** – The sissy sisters are each locked in a dog kennel while the rest of the punishments are prepared.

2. **Public Paddling** – Each sissy sister is taken from the cage and given a good paddling.

3. **Oral Practice I** – Next, each gets to choose from a selection of dildos to practice their oral technique on.

4. **Oral Practice II** – After the sisters are satisfied the sissies have learned that lesson well, each sister picks a sissy for another oral practice session–on her.

5. **Cleaning Up** – Since the sissies may be a bit messy by now, each is gagged with a bar of soap before being led out of the banquet hall.

#### Late Punishments

Now back at the sorority house, the sissies have been relieved of their formalwear, finding themselves in a t-shirt (with the absolute largest forms they have in use) and shorts. All are still collared and cuffed, with some who have been less cooperative hooded, gagged and otherwise restrained.

1. **Exercise Time** – To work off the effects of dinner, most sissies start on an exercise program. At least 3 different exercises are required. (Examples include push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, running, swimming, jumping rope and walking on the elliptical.)

5. **Private Paddling** – Now that they are in the safety of their own house, the sisters break out all of the ass-busting implements and unleash until they are ready to quit. Sissies unclear on the concept of how long the paddling will last find themselves tied down and gagged while the blows continue.

2. **Shower Time I** – Sissies get a bikini shave

3. **Shower Time II** – Sissies get a leg wax

4. **Shower Time III** – To ensure their mouth is clean, sissies get to again practice their oral technique, this time on a wet bar of soap lubricated with dish washing soap.

#### Bedtime

Having showered, the sissies are now ready to be put to bed. The hard ones are reccomended, as it gets the activity over with quickly. Once marked medium must be done for three consecutive nights to be counted and those marked easy require five consecutive nights.

1. **Easy** – Wearing panties and a nightgown

2. **Medium** – Wearing panties, a fully stuffed bra and a nightgown

3. **Medium** – Diapered. Diaper can only be changed after getting up for the day.

4. **Hard** – Fully dressed and bound. Must include panties, hose, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, bra w/ forms, nightgown. Earplugs, blindfold and hood are also suggested.

2. **Hard** – Super-stuffed diaper, bra with forms and cuffs.


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Mistress Myckie Jo….

I know i did not participate in the dusting off, I am but a baby and do not own a maids uniform, further i do not have any of the items needed to participate in this part of the renewal of the institute. I beg to be given an assignment appropriate to a sissy baby such as this one is.

Mistress Katzenburg.

May I stand up an applaud you on this activity. Or should I say punishment for those sissies lacking knowledge and creativity in knowing what makes a good sissy maid. Standing Ovation.

The Pledge Mistress of my Sorority would be jealous of this activity for Sorority Pledges or Sorority Bitches as you call them. That is probably a more appropriate term for the sissy clients of “The Institute” in training and disciplining the Cross-Dressing sissies.

Congratulations, Mistress Rosemarie

    I’m glad you approve. Perhaps you can convince your sissy to be a part of the next ΚΔΠ pledge class.

      Good Afternoon Mistress Katzenburg. Sorority Training is certainly exciting, particularly since I am already a Sister of a Sorority and do not have to go through Pledging.

      I guarantee that sissy billy will want to pledge Kappa Delta Pi. In fact, I will tell her that you think there may be a new pledge class forming and ask her to respond on how happy she would be to submit her application for the Sorority.

      Sincerely, Mistress Rosemarie

        Good Evening Mistress Rosemarie and Mistress Katzenbug. Mistress Rosemarie has told me a lot of stories about Sororities. I have always told her that I wished that I had had the opportunity to join a Sorority and everything that it entails.

        Even after the experience of “Sorority Bitches” I could not decline an offer of admission into a Sorority after what I had said to Mistress Rosemarie. I would, of course, be honored if I was extended an invitation and would immediately accept.

        I, of course, would hope and pray that it would not be as bad as this previous assignment.

        sissy billy

          sissy billy :

          I, of course, would hope and pray that it would not be as bad as this previous assignment.

          Some parts may be easier, but other parts will be much, much more humiliating and painful. And repetitive. Repetition makes lessons much more memorable.

            Good Morning Mistress Katzenburg. I have not posted yet for Sorority Bitches, but I found it hard. I will hope then, for a lot of the easier and less of the harder, but I will try as hard as I can not matter what is asked of me.

            Repetition does make me remember better and I certainly seem to require repetition.

            sissy billy

        I will send you an email privately to discuss the arrangements. New members don’t get to decide if they want to join or not—they are pledged by one of their superiors.

          Of course Mistress Katzenburg. I did not mean to insinuate that all I had to do was ask to join a Sorority. I know it would be a privilege to be pledged and that I would have to earn such an honor.

          sissy billy

Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg:

I have conceded to my opponents in the poll and accepted my fate in hopes of having some of this inept sissies question’s answered. I hope I have chosen wisely.

Will there be any followup instructions issued before the activity is officially assigned?
Is there a grading system?
Is it subjective grading and therefore we should try to impress by doing as much as we can?
It should be noted that Mistress Rosemarie has declined from participating and I am on my own?

Dressed for Dinner:
Mush Mouth – large pitchers of formula is self explanatory (Ugh), but I am unsure about how many jars of baby food is acceptable. Is it left to my judgement or is there a minimum an adult sissy should eat for Dinner.

The other categories are clear and I assume the amount in each one (Minimum one) is up to my discretion and the extent I can implement it.

Will there be any minimum for each item.

I am sorry that I have asked so many questions, I just want to do this good and avoid whatever comes next.

Hoping for a response.

Thank You, sissy billy

    There will be no follow information volunteered, though all questions which have not yet been asked will be answered. When you look at the poll on Saturday morning and find out you didn’t win, the assignment will be formally made. There may not be another announcement.

    The grading of the assignment will be subjective. If it is determined that no one does well on the assignment, all participants may be moved to the next round automatically. Even if Mistress Rosemarie declines to participate on your behalf, she still would have final on how many and which activities you participate in. If she tells me that you didn’t do everything she wanted you to (to her satisfaction), the assignment will be an automatic failure.

    Eat as much, or as little as you would like, but note that standard punishment for complaining about hunger after dinner involves a locking funnel gag and whatever the sisters want to put in it.

    If you cannot implement one of the activities, picking a different one is suggested. I tried but couldn’t do it doesn’t really cut it since you have plenty to choose from.

    Again, grading is subjective.

You don’t listen, read or pay attention sissy billy. You only read and listen to what you want and you only pay attention to what you want to. It is all about you and it should be all about your Mistresses.

The other Cross-Dressing clients seem to get it, you seem to live in your own fantasy world and that is not acceptable.

You stated that I would not be participating. You make it sound like I don’t care. I do care about you being trained and punished properly so that you may better please me.

For the record, I told you that I would not participate in your understanding what you are supposed to do. I would not pick out what options you have so you could blame me later for picking wrong or being too hard. I would not paddle you. You should learn to spank yourself sufficiently so that I can watch and not go through the effort for your mistakes. I certainly will not participate in having you orally please me and then have it documented by you like one of your fantasies. That is for my own personal pleasure when I want it.

I would suggest to Mistress Katzenburg that maybe she should assign you a warm-up activity to help you understand what is required, since you demonstrate that you are incapable of following simple instructions. I know how you hate to stand up straight. For everyone, sissy billy’s everyday posture is to slouch in a chair or lay on a coach. She can’t even sit up straight when she eats. Perhaps you should dress a half hour early and stand up straight at feminine attention (that means legs tightly together, back straight, shoulders back and breasts stuck out as far as you can) before you start your assignment and read out loud over and over your assignment. Maybe then you will comprehend.

But that is for Mistress Katzenburg to decide in her final instructions.

I will, as Mistress Katzenburg suggests, monitor your assignment to help her and the Judges in accurately assessing your performance… I did intend to sit and watch what I am sure will be your feeble attempts laughing as you try to perform your Sorority pledge duties.
Unless Mistress Katzenburg wishes me to privately convey my findings, you are to notify me immediately upon your completion of your post and I will then either comment on the post or send a private email with the truth about what you write.

Mistress Rosemarie

Good Morning Mistress Katzenburg. I know I ask to many questions sometimes, but I am so uncertain sometimes and I am shy and don’t always know what to do.

You would not follow my last questions with more info, but you said all the unasked questions would be answered, but then maybe not.

Will there be a last set of instructions or clarifications?
Should we start right away?
Is there a finish deadline?

Sorry! sissy billy

Hello Mistress Katzenburg.

I accept that I finished last in the poll and that I am now a participant in the Sorority Bitches Activity.

I intend to start this assignment immediately and because of previous social commitments, I will complete this assignment by Thursday Night and will post it by Friday Night.

Thank You, sissy billy

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