sissy billy’s Soap Test

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately among the Mistresses and the Sissies about the best Soap to use for Mouth Washing and Body Washing. Soap is such a wonderful commodity and useful in many ways. Typically we use it to clean our body, but as has been evident lately it is also very useful in the punishment of sissies that also require internal cleaning of their mouths.

Mistress Katzenburg and Mistress Rosemarie have had several private and public conversations in the past few days and have determined that a research project should be conducted to settle the matter of which brand of soap is the best for cleaning of the body and mouth-washing. Since I have seemed to have the most to say about soap I have been nominated by Mistress Rosemarie and elected by Mistress Katzenburg to conduct this survey and test. After results are posted Mistress Katzenburg may determine which soap may be designated as “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” official soap.

The soap to be tested must be qualified for use by a sissy. It should have a very feminine sissy fragrance that should last and possibly humiliate the sissy when she goes out in public. It is preferable that it be sissy “Pink”, but a soap should not be eliminated because there may be many feminine scented soaps that may humiliate the sissy better and does not come in Pink. Therefore white, lavender, or other suitably colored feminine soap is acceptable. The soap must be purchased in the feminine soap aisle. (Manly soaps are not allowed)

The four Soaps chosen for the initial test program are Camay, Caress, Dove and Olay. A new pink feminine soft sponge was also purchased for sissy billy to help in the proper evaluations.


If there are other feminine soaps that someone uses, they may send the suggestion to Mistress Katzenburg and she will determine if they should be tested and the sampling process extended for another week. The test process of the four soaps will take four weeks, but if other soaps are deemed acceptable to testing the test process will continue as long as Mistress Katzenburg deems necessary to determine a winner of official soap.

Each Soap will be tested for a week starting on Monday and will be judged for smell, soapiness, cleaning ability and a subjective evaluation of whether the Ladies at work smelled it on her. (sissy billy’s frightful humiliation paranoia aside she is to make an honest and subjective evaluation of its effects on his feminine co-workers)

Since I can not seem to not whine, there will be two added tests conducted by me (Mistress Katzenburg’s and Mistress Rosemarie’s observations, not mine). I will use the soap of the week to Brush my teeth at the start of each week and will rate the soap on how it tasted and how long the taste lasted in my mouth.

As a result of my supposed incessant whining, they determined that Monday my Crest toothpaste will be taken from me and the soap of the Week will replace my toothpaste for my brushing purposes. This brushing test is for Monday only unless deemed necessary on other days of the week.

I am to brush as usual. Once in the morning, once after dinner and once before bed.
The soap is to be put into hot water prior to brushing for at least ten minutes so it becomes soft. I am to gargle with the soapy water for 5 minutes to properly wet my mouth and then I am to brush for 5 minutes continually using the toothbrush to scrap the soft soap off the bar for use as soap paste.
I will be allowed to spit out the soap paste after the five minutes, but will not be allowed to rinse my mouth. I will be allowed to drink juice or coffee as usual, but not to rinse.

I am to wear appropriate attire while brushing. Nightgown for the morning and evening and proper feminine wear (skirt, blouse, etc) for the after dinner brushing. I will only wear my panties on tooth-brushing day, no male underwear. At night I will wear panties and the nightgown to bed for the entire night after brushing.

At the end of each week I am to post a report of the evaluation of the soap of the week and include pictures of the soap paste use.

When all the Soaps are tested and evaluated I am to prepare a composite report comparing all of the findings for the Mistresses of “The Institute” to review and judge.

The following disclaimer was added by my Mistress. Management (Mistress Katzenburg) reserves the right to modify or change the conditions or Test procedures at any time during this test period. If I have documented the rules or reporting proceedures incorrectly, they can be changed by her. If sissy billy whines more than anticipated in any week additional testing (meaning an additional day) of the tooth brushing portion of this may be deemed necessary by the management and will be so noted in the weekly report. If Mistress Katzenburg on a whim thinks I need an additional day of soap paste testing, it will be so added. Testing is to be reported on a weekly basis by posting to this site. If data and documentation is not uploaded immediately to management on a daily basis as it is complete, then management may request the test be repeated the following day. In non legal terms, If Mistress Katzenburg wants to adjust this test, she can.


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Since you didn’t see fit to use the list of titles I sent, I fixed the title of the post for you. Unfortunately for you, I don’t see this finishing in a month. I think more brands than that will be required to be tested.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg for correcting the title of my post.

This was my mistake for not reading your email closely, for my poor comprehension of your very clear wishes and I take full responsibility for not following directions.

I just got home from work and will start dinner now. This morning’s soap-paste brushing was really terrible and my mouth and lips are still sore. I can still taste the soap on my lips. I will not rush thru dinner as I really am not looking forward to my next soap-paste brushing after Dinner.

I will complete my night-time brushing and quickly upload the documentation to the drop-box as required.

Already after just one day I am afraid that 4 weeks and 4 tests will be more than I can bear, but I will do my extra best to impress you and hope that you will keep an open mind about not needing additional testing done.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg,
sissy billy

Sissy Billy should be severely punished for not posting in such a long time. Here is an idea. One Quart of Hot soapy enema. Insert a butt plug, inflatable preferred, and send him to the drug store to pick up some tampons, adult diapers and a fleet enema.

    sissy billy will be punished in the future, but for the time being is on a temporary leave of absence from the site.

      Ah, that’s why it’s been so quiet lately–I’d been wondering.

        I should explain. It was rude for me to not explain to my fellow sissy Cross-Dressers before I left.

        Mistress Katzenburg was very kind in allowing me a work related leave of absence until the fall. A leave that I am sure I will have to answer for and make up. I accept this and will respond fully to the assignments and punishments that Mistress Katzenburg will deem that I deserve. I do expect to be punished harshly and with little sympathy for my request.

        I had asked for and was granted permission to, when I had free time, to comment on the site so as to keep abreast of activities. I have failed to do this and expect additional lecturing from Mistress Katzenburg. There were other conditions that I also have not lived up to. I will of course answer for these to Mistress Katzenburg in private.

        @Maggie Rae – the one time I did comment I did so with meanness toward you and I apoligize again for my meanness. I am not usually like that, but I felt guilty for missing my training knowing that I am a naughty cross-dresser and deserving of punishment. I admit that I was trying to provoke you and sincerely apologize for that.

        @Jim – while your suggestion is probably something that Mistress Katzenburg is filing away and will almost certainly come quickly my way in the fall, you should join in this. If you are a visitor it must mean that you are also a Cross-Dresser and deserving of punishment. I am sure Mistress Katzenburg will forward you an application.

        The rules of the “Institute” call for at least a comment per week and I have failed to do so with the time I have each week. I promise to do so for the remainder of my “Absence”

        sissy billy

Better idea. Sissy did not like the soap test. I wonder how he would like it if each soap was used in a nice hot 2 quart enema and his sissy whole was plugged. He could write a report on which soap cramps the most

I did not like the soap test and I certainly do not like enemas, so the answer to your question is that I absolutely would not like a mixture of the two.

Tried the soap paste routine on myself this morning …. soaking the soap, gargling with the soapy water, 5 minutes brushing, no rinsing. Really good punishment routine – must do it regularly :)

I was wondering why do we allow sissies to spit, why not have them swallow or are there toxins in the soap?

Hello Penny,

Yes there are caustic ingredients in Soap and large quantities could be bad for you. As you now know, the aftertaste of the soap is certainly punishment enough.

Icky – definitely not fond memories.

sissy billy

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