An Irresistible Force

When it comes to training, it always pays to be persistent.

Stacee Skye has spent over a half hour with four [painful clips]( on her nipples. The has brought this punishment on herself by trying to cancel the activity I have planned. But it will not cancel it. The only thing that her pain gets her is a delay. The activity is inevitable.

(This is not to say that she is just wearing the clamps. She also has on a nice corset and long line bra and girdle panties. And a skirt with nice shirt.) And still there is more.

Wooden Paddles.
Anal Plugs.
Menthol Gel.
Ankle Cuffs.
Posture Collars.
Blackout Hoods.
Spreading Gags.
Public Exposure.

They are all on the docket for this evening until Stacee Skye can see the error of her ways. And how many hours can she last with those clips anyway? All Stacee Skye has to do to stop the punishment is beg me to allow her to piss in the bowl of bars of soap that she shredded in the food processor a bit ago. She will eventually do it and the assignment with the piss soaked shredded soap will continue just the same as I had planned it. Just a bit later.

The only question is how long it will take her to realize the inevitability of an irresistible force.


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curious to know more about this delightful asignment you have planned for Stacee Skye. What will become of all these soap chips ? How many bars were used ? What brand of soap did you choose ? thank you so much

I can only imagine the soapchipee punishment.. I am delighted to see You back online..

Guess it was a false start,, oh well,, I know the taste of soap and don’t like to do it either..

I have a pack of those same clips Ma’am….ouch! never had them used on me yet tho.

I will pass on the clip thing

seems I am the only one here. a drop out of of my own doing, yet I still try to enter

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