An Evening at Home

After the punishment for the trip to the store, [Stacee Skye][] spent most of last Friday just hanging out and having fun.

![Stacee Skye at Home](

Except when I plugged her and sent her to the store (and she traded her normal forms for a couple pairs of clothespins). And then it wasn’t too much fun for her when I upped the size of the plug when she returned and left the clothespins in with her forms. She didn’t really like being banished to the garage either. And I know she didn’t like being dressed and locked up for bed. And then I left.

Actually, I guess she didn’t have too much fun. I’ll have to try harder next time.

[Stacee Skye]:


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Hello Msitress Amber,

I think you were right the second time when you said she was not having much fun.

I chatted with her while she was in the garage, and she told me that the larger plug was really hard for her to get used to, and that it was causing a strong desire to use the bathroom. I guess it was pushing on everythng down there, and triggering the bathroom reflexes – both to pee and to push out the plug.

She also mentioned she was really confused, and thought that you were upset with her. She wasn’t sure what she had done wrong to incur your wrath.

As for being dressed for bed, you were right about that as well. She really couldn’t wait until she was able to disrobe and get some relief from the bondage and constriction from being dressed.

I’m sure it was her intention to re-apply all the gear and clothing before you came back in the morning, but things are funny that way.

When I was younger, I was terrified about being caught dressed when the family came home. When I haerd them coming, I would rush around in a panic, trying to put my ‘normal’ clothes back on. Here it’s the opposite .., and it’s soo much tougher to get properly ‘dressed’ under those conditions.

Too bad you didn’t have that part filmed … it must have looked like a Keystone Cops movie … all that rushing around to get dressed … and to no avail … caught in the act!

brenda, for the most part, I don’t really care that she is uncomfortable–if she did as I said she wouldn’t me so difficult to deal with. Following directions should not be difficult.

Things can be funny that way. She was scheduled to have two days off of training–with no reprisal–so she could take a trip and spend time with Mistress M. Unfortunately, she felt the need to end her punishment just a few hours early.

The event of me finding her un-bound was much more like Sleeping Beauty than Keystone Cops–she didn’t even try to get ready.

Well it sounds like she knows that there are times not to try and fake and take it like a woMAN. But brenda brings up an interesting point. Running around not to get caught. Say all “dressed” up and the door bell rings with the pizza someone had ordered.

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