The End

I stopped by early this morning to wake up [Stacee Skye][] and let her out of her bondage for a little while, only to find that she had taken the liberty of removing all her sleeping bondage by herself. I’m not sure how she managed to do it (since her restraints were locked on and I have the only key).

So it looks like this week is ending early, and it may be a long while before I am able to visit [Stacee Skye][] again.

[Stacee Skye]:


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Hello Mistress Amber,

It pains me to see that she can’t follow your instructions. I was very interested in following her continued torment under your guidance.

Maybe she needed a break from your attentions and punishment, but she should have asked your permission, and not done it on her own.

One of the first things I was told when I first visited a Domme was if she put something on me, or told me to put something on, she would be the one to remove it. No one else.

I hope its not too long before you visit her again, because by her actions it’s obvious she needs your attention, and lots more of it…

After calling off the punishment on Saturday morning, I realized that Stacee Skye’s actions may indicate that I have not been strict enough with her and that this was just a call for more stringent discipline on my part. So I offered her another chance to get things done right.

Stacee Skye has accepted the red panties and tight white pantyhose that I offered her and will be wearing them to her SuperBowl party this evening. By accepting these, she also agreed to continue with whatever punishment I devise–and I’ve already got a doozy of one whipped up for her leaving work tomorrow evening.

Of course, her punishment will not actually start until it has been okayed by Mistress M. I sent her a message earlier today, but if I do not hear back from her, Stacee Skye will ask if her if I should give her a second chance when they chat later this evening.

I wanted to be sure to get the okay from Mistress M, because due to some of my training methods, some of the activities that she should be taking care of around the house have been lagging and I don’t want Mistress M to return to find that her husband has gotten nothing done that he should have while she has been gone.

brenda, I’ve been sad recently that I have not had as much time dedicate to her training or to your assignments. I know that you would not be as silly as Stacee Skye to remove a punishment item before it was time.

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