sissy billy’s Standing Training Rules – Punishment – 2009-May-30

How I have disappointed Mistress Amber

Confession: On Friday Night, which was a non work week night, I tried to sleep with my cuffs on, but failed to keep cuffs on my wrists and ankles for the entire night. I was very tired and thought that I would be able to go to sleep, but at 1:00 AM after laying in bed for two hours I was still wide awake. I then gave in to my sissy weak willpower and decided to take off my cuffs.

Punishment: I rolled the dice and the number 3 came up. Therefore the punishment is as follows: Punishment # 3. sissy billy is to make a bedtime snack of Level 1 and 2 baby cereal, vegetable, fruit and while wearing cuffs, sissy clitty cage, Stuffed bra and a thong eat the whole snack. After she has finish the baby snack she may take off her sissy items and climb into bed with a 4 oz bottle of baby formula and drink it. The sour taste of baby formula all night should remind her of being a naughty sissy and how she can become a good sissy by wearing her cuffs at night.

Completed Punishment: I got out of bed, kept my sissy clitty cage on and put on a red thong, kept my cuffs on, put on and stuffed with water balloons a big bra and then I went down stairs to the kitchen to make my sissy baby snack. I used only Level 1 and 2 baby food and made baby cereal, added baby vegetables (squash and carrots), added fruit (Plum and peaches) and then poured baby formula into a baby bottle. I added too much baby formula to the baby cereal and it was really soupy and looked even worst then the last time I had to eat baby food. I also made more then the snack portion required by mistake, but once I had made it I knew I would have to eat what I made. I then went back up to my bed and sat on the edge of the bed to start eating my snack. Finally when I finished the food, I took off my sissy items, took my sissy baby bottle and lay down in bed to drink it and go to sleep. I took appropriate photo’s to document my punishment for all to see. I still had problems going to sleep because the sissy baby food snack was sitting in my already stuffed stomach from dinner. I could still taste the icky baby food and since I was not allowed to wash my mouth out our brush my teeth, the baby formula taste coated my tongue and mouth. As I lay in bed trying to go to sleep with the awful taste of pasty and icky sour tasting baby formula in my mouth, I thought about why I am such a sissy and can not successfully complete the assignments that Mistress Amber gives me. I will try to be a better sissy in the future. I should be thankful that Mistress Amber is helping me to become a better sissy and I will try to please Mistress Amber more each day with my training.

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This is painful to even look at… I’ve done forced feedings of baby food before, and even then, we had to stop after a few spoonfulls as my gag reflex started to kick in–just looking at it, I can’t even begin to imagine how that must taste. The thought alone makes me cringe–many kudos to you for being able to manage that…

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