Fantasy Island – 14 “Here Comes the Bride”

Since this was supposed to be my last visit to Fantasy Island and it had always been my life-long dream to be a Bride, I had planned to ask the Mistress of Fantasy Island if I could please be a Bride.

Not knowing really what to expect from my extension of visits, I figured that this might be my last free wish. So I decided that I should stick to my original planning.

“Mistress – Please grant my wish to be a Bride and may I dress up as the prettiest frilliest Bride ever and attend a my Wedding.”

As always – she smiled and granted my Wish. I was whisked off by her assistants to the Bridal Salon to prepare for my Wedding.

As I came from the Bridal Salon Mistress said I looked Lovely. Then Mistress walked me to the steps of the Church and as the Doors were opened and the music started I could see the Church was packed with My Mistress’s friends. I was somewhat embarrassed to walk down the isle as a Bride, but it was my dream and I stepped out with courage.

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sissy billy – a Sorority Bitch

A short while ago we were all given an assignment. Because the Institute had become quite dusty, we were to present ourselves as a sissy maid prepared to clean. A Poll was established to vote on who had presented themselves as the most humiliated sissy maid.

The losers were to be trained further and experience further humiliation as “Sorority Bitches”.

From the Start my performance was inadequate and had 0 Votes until a late surge left me with 2 Votes, but still in last place. I guess I was the most in need of humiliation and training by the Sorority and now I was to be a “Sorority Bitch”.

The assignment was basically that you were to experience a Sorority initiation Training Exercise in obedience and humiliation. There would be four Training Sessions over the course of the Evening divided into a Pleasant Dinner at a reception hall followed by a punishment session for insolent Sorority Bitches. You were then to be taken back to the Sorority House for some additional Training Punishments. Then, finally, it was Bedtime and a pleasant Sleep. The actual training episodes were not so pleasant.

It was for each of us to determine our training activities. We were required to pick at least one activity in each session, a minimum of 7 total activities and the Judges were to decided which Sorority Bitch would graduate and which would need further training.

I intended to try as hard as I could to impress the Judges and would attempt as many activities as I thought I could accomplish. To start, I strove to make myself as pretty as I could and be the Best Sorority Girl I could. I was to attend a Dinner at a reception hall and the dress code was a Corset, stockings, high heels and a dress. Since it seemed like a formal affair, I chose an old, but very pretty Fancy Dress that I once imagined wearing to a Prom.

I stood ready to be a Sorority Bitch.

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My Flickr Favorites – StacyLovesBD

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by StacyLovesBD.

IMG_2058_resize   Stacy looks a bit angry in this picture–but maybe it is just the huge ball gag that’s been strapped in her mouth. It’s certainly not the beautiful corset that she has on. Or the bright white rope. Or maybe there is something under her panties we just can’t see.

pieclown: Oscar Mayer Slut

Wow, was that something. 

Well I tried to think out this task. The requirements of tomato ketchup, made me think that any panties I use may get stained. I choose an old pair that were purple and white stripes. They were worn out, so I added some new pantyhose. My waist cincher was next to come on and then my bra. I had to make two new water balloon forms. I use a double balloon casing for the water. One balloon broke the outer casing. They were the size of a small watermelon. I thus need to use my largest bra.

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Myckie Jo: Dressed for Work

Just 7 minutes after I had finished the previous post noting that Myckie Jo only had 52 minutes left to go with the clothespins, she begged to have them removed and said she would do anything. Well, who am I to turn down an offer like that?

So after the clothespins came off, the bra was replaced and the breasts pumped up to a more appropriate size. She was hooded. The regular collar was replaced with the posture collar. She was gagged. Her wrists were clipped together. She was put into 5″ heels. Her ankles were locked together. (You can’t see if, but even with everything in between her legs, her ankles were only about 3 inches apart, the width of a heavy lock.) Then the cute little bunny ears went on.


Since she was opting out of the clothespins 45 minutes early (a total of 90 clothespin minutes missed), she was to spend the next three hours in this predicament, emptying the dishwasher and any other tasks Mistress M sent her. Since I had better things to do, I went ahead and left. I’m sure Mistress M will let me know about all of the good work that got done that night when I ask her about punishing Myckie Jo for those 90 minutes I lost.

Myckie Jo: Red Diaper Punishment

I knew that Myckie Jo would be taking Mistress M to her destination (and then returning the same day), so I sent her a note on Saturday morning to deal with her upcoming punishment. (One would have through that after she caught up, she wouldn’t have fallen behind again. That was not the case. And since I plan to be her until her time is up tonight, she will be missing two more, so I can continue punishing her tomorrow night. No trickery needed.)

Before you leave this weekend, pack a bag with the following items:
* Wrist and ankle cuffs (with locks)
* A corset
* Three pairs of red panties
* White pantyhose
* A small (DD size) cupped bra
* 3 disposable diapers
* Two pairs of clothespins
* Extra male clothes (shirt, jeans, socks, underwear)

Call me when you leave and I will give you further instructions regarding your punishment for a missed comment on Friday night.

When she called as she left I told her to call again when she stopped. I knew she would have to stop to eat or go to the bathroom. She always does. At this stop she was not to use the bathroom and to put on one disposable diaper, the small bra, pantyhose and ankle cuffs (no locks required). Once she was safely back in her car, the bra was then to be stuffed with the underwear and socks, clean on one side and dirty on the other. I knew she would likely be driving quite a ways and had no intention of distracting her too much. For better or worse, she didn’t have to stop and I didn’t have to give her these instructions. Once she arrived and had to go to the restroom, she realized it would have been better to have stopped.

Apparently, Myckie Jo had quite a bit of difficulty reading the instructions on what to pack. The corset (which wasn’t going to be used) wasn’t packed, and is now on her. The locks (which also weren’t to be used) are now on both sets of cuffs, and to make sure she didn’t have any ideas about taking the diapers off, they were securely taped on. (Apparently also putting pressure on her bladder.) I say diapers, because since the first words out of her mouth were “I need to use the restroom”, I thought she might pop and I had her put all three on. She also failed to pack the clothespins. The first pair lost her the use of the soft bra padding, replacing it with the smaller (and very cold) water-balloon forms. The second missing pair lost her out male clothes and earned her a blouse and skirt.

Right now Myckie Jo is kneeling beside the computer as I type this, waiting for me to allow her to wet her diaper–a command I am not going to give yet. Rather, I send her out front to finish unloading the car. Hopefully there won’t be any neighbors out, since she’ll have no way to cover herself. After that, the fun will begin.

pieclown’s apology

I got a note back from missy maid the other day:

mistress amber,

missy maid is very sorry to hear that all of miss pieclown’s pictures and video were uploaded since missy maid cannot understand why miss pieclown cannot follow the directions. missy maid was right to think that miss pieclown would find a way to cheat. missy maid is also upsets with mistress amber because missy maid knew that miss pieclown would not complete her apology correctly.

missy maid

I have already sent my apologies to missy maid, as I forgot that I must give pieclown very explicit directions. While I told her to “Get yourself dressed up, proper feminine makeup required, with properly sized and weighted breast forms…properly corseted, plugged, packaged and ball gagged,” I did not specifically mention this time that the pictures must reflect this. So there is a whole lot of pictures of her meditating and writing that all pretty much look the same.

Meditating Writing

Was there a digital clock in any of the pictures? Not a chance. (Well, there was a computer added timer, but that wasn’t quite the point.) And apparently, my directions should have said “Take readable photographs (or scan) the original apology letter.” There’s nothing like an apology you can’t read.

I did manage to catch a couple of pictures with pieclown all dolled up, so I will be sure to post those soon. As soon as I hear back from missy maid. (Maybe pieclown will feel sorry for missy maid and send some full body pictures. I am not holding my breath.)

Myckie Jo: Hideous

Myckie Jo has quite a bit of clothing in her closet which could politely called hideous. So I though it would be good for her to get rid of it–but not before taking pictures of herself in it first. And of course I had to make sure that she was properly underclothed first.

Of course, I couldn’t tell Myckie Jo the real reason for the photo shoot because she wouldn’t give it her all. So I told her that I was going to have her take photos of some of my favorite clothes in her closet and to make them look good. And as a little added incentive I put one of her plugs and the her harness out where she could see them. She could do it my way, or she could do it my much more painful way.

Yeah, and do I even need to mention that it didn’t start out well? Before she had even tried on one piece she had already earned her tightest (white) corset panty, her tightest (white) girdle panty, her posture collar and high heels. Some girls never learn. I’ll post the results as soon as I have them.

Answers to Questions You Didn’t Ask:

Of course there were rules for her photo shoot: (1) No lying, sitting, kneeling or leaning–even when changing clothes. (2) The high heels do not come off when changing clothes. (3) Exactly three pictures of each article. They should all be good. (4) No peeking at the camera after the pictures are taken. (5) Use only the 2-second timer. Hit the button and run into place. (6) Pictures with skin showing below the bra, white underwear showing, bra forms showing, without all cuffs showing or out of focus are not considered “good”.

I wouldn’t call it hard. If I wanted it to be hard she would be hooded and gagged and have her ankles clipped together and her wrists on a short chain and her tits a more appropriate size. If I wanted it stupidly easy, I would have had her do it while I wasn’t around. I don’t need to sit around while she lounges in panties, trying to pick out things to get rid of.

Well there is still plenty of stuff in her closet, some of which still needs to go. I wouldn’t bet on her going naked anytime soon.

No, I don’t like pants that much. My girls should spend all of their time in skirts and dresses (if they are even allowed to wear outer clothes at all.

Of course I gave her a break. I sent her outside once she took the pictures in the coral striped dress. I actually like it. And since I was worried about the shoes in the yard, I let her take those off.

No it wasn’t dark out.

I don’t know if the neighbors saw her or not. They were in their backyard riding go-karts.

Yes, I really sent her outside like that.

No. Should I care if they saw her?

Comments from Pieclown

After I sent her the assignment last week, pieclown said:

I will hold off on comments for the page, so not to give missy maid ideas.

She shouldn’t be worrying about missy maid having too many ideas–she gave me plenty I decided not to use. The one she had about how long you should spend thinking on your knees would have really made you afraid.

MY BIG fear is my 30 minutes on the knees

Her suggestion was almost 10 times that length.

So, hopefully pieclown will be able to eventually finish her apology. On Monday night she wrote:

I was planning to do the apology to missy maid to night, but my ex wife had something come up and now I have my son tonight and who knows how long. So I may not get it done by the end of the month. I did get me a new corset, and the golf balls to make the ball gag. I was waiting for $ to come in to get these and did not have my son here.

Hopefully missy maid will have as much patience as I do.

pieclown: Apology to missy maid

After further consultation with missy maid, this is the punishment for pieclown. It is due by the end of the month.

Since missy maid is concerned that you will try to cheat in this punishment, all activities are to be recorded via (1) video camera, (2) web camera, (3) automatic (every 30 seconds) camera, or (4) a friend taking pictures for you. (Missy maid would like the last one, so they you can be forced to serve them after this apology is finished. I don’t really care that much.)

  1. Get yourself dressed up, proper feminine makeup required, with properly sized and weighted breast forms. (Definitely no smaller than the ones you used for the second alphabet.) You will be properly corseted, plugged, packaged and ball gagged.

  2. Prepare the location by setting up the camera, then a digital clock and an analog clock in the background (that will still show up in the pictures).

  3. Kneeling, with your hands behind your head, meditate for 30 minutes. (Note that it is improper to have any external input interrupt or end you meditation.) If you will have trouble with your eyes darting all over the place, then you should use a blindfold during the meditation.

  4. If required, bring a chair and/or table to the camera area.

  5. Handwrite an apology to missy maid, explaining what you did wrong and offering a retribution punishment for the grief you caused her. (1500 words would be an appropriate length, but that shouldn’t cut you off.)

  6. Move the camera setup to the computer (of vice versa) and type the apology as a comment to this post.

  7. Take photographs (or scan) the original apology letter.

  8. Post all of the pictures and video to The Institute’s ftp site.

Remember, this is due by the end of the month and you should always let me know that you have received the punishment by sending email or posting a comment.

pieclown: Another Bowl of Alphabet Soup

I was up thinking last night–something just didn’t seem quite right with pieclown’s alphabet. It just irked me until I finally found it. It was her comment about what she was going to do:

It is a pink swim suite with white hose. Pictures will be taken in front of a black backdrop.

So how did she look in white hose? I have no idea. That wasn’t what she took pictures of. So she is going to do another alphabet.

pieclown, your punishment is to get dressed up and create a me another set of alphabet fitness letters and numbers (0 through 9)

  • The pictures must be taken against a solid color backdrop
  • You must be wearing the same dress or blouse/skirt combo in all of them
  • Using inanimate objects to make portions of the letters or numbers is forbidden
  • All of the characters must be sufficiently distinguishable
  • Pictures may be cropped, but will otherwise be used as is.
  • You will be properly corseted, plugged, packaged and gagged. (It is your judgement what is considered proper, but you do not want to skimp in this area or you will be doing this again.)
  • You will be wearing properly sized (aka LARGE) breast forms. (Foam balls? I don’t think so. You need something with heft that will move around with you.)

Your punishment pictures are due to me by June 29th. Hop to it.

pieclown: Alphabet Soup

When I was determining if pieclown’s next activity should be an assignment or punishment, I noted her lack of comments on the recent posts. When prompted she did a good job of not jabbering and posting a meaningful comment. Then the lesson was forgotten and she posted nothing about Myckie Jo’s punishment that I designed based on her specifications. This is unacceptable.

pieclown, your next assignment (or punishment) is to get dressed up and create a me a set of alphabet fitness letters that I can use to post messages for you.

  • The pictures must be taken against a solid color backdrop
  • You must be wearing the same outfit in all of them
  • M and U can be modified from their presentation
  • Good lucky figuring out D, G and H, but note that using inanimate objects to make portions of the letters is forbidden.
  • Pictures may be cropped, but will otherwise be used as is.

Your assignment is due on June 15th. Since that is a bit quick, I’ll also give you the option of pushing your punishment out to June 22nd. If you choose this option you must be corseted, plugged, packaged and gagged for all of the pictures.

Get to it pieclown! You do not want to know the requirements if it gets pushed out another week.

Myckie Jo: Iced Down for Pieclown

As pieclown suggested, I decided to give Myckie Jo a bit of an Icy treatment after she got back from picking up the puppies:

«btsp_080606-003s» «btsp_080606-006s» «btsp_080606-007s»

I wanted to do the frozen forms, but the swim suit that Myckie Jo picked up at the end of last year doesn’t have near the support required, so I emptied half an ice tray into each cup instead. (In addition, I had to put her in a corset under her swim suit to make the pictures look halfway decent.) Once she got back inside, the ice still hadn’t completely melted, so I packaged up her bits with the remainder of the ice and watched as she tried to pleasure herself. She had no luck, even though I promised an end to the torment if she was able to finish the job.

While I was finishing the preparations for her trip outside, I had her write up a sign “Iced Down for Pieclown”. I didn’t see her “modification” (in the third picture) until after all of this transpired. That modification is why she is still kneeling next to me wearing a skirt and blouse. If I had my choice, I’d get Mistress M to paddle Myckie Jo like she needs. Several hundred with the wooden paddle right across her pantied ass. But alas, Mistress M is out of town, so I will have to think of something else.

Myckie Jo: Another Beginning

Apparently Myckie Jo didn’t realize that I would be waiting for her when she got home from work. She complained that she wasn’t ready and had to take the lawn mower to the shop. I told her it was fine. She could take it to the shop while wearing a bra and panties without any problem. And the penis harness for good measure. I think she has a clue what is coming since I sent some clothes pins with her “just in case”. I don’t think there is any question that those will be on when she gets back.

Update at 6:22pm: After all of her complaining, she sure wasn’t outside very long before wetting herself. I wasn’t planning on keeping her in a wet diaper very long, but I don’t have anything else planned, so I guess it will have to do. I way even eventually let her take her clothespins off, but not too soon. I need to get them toughened up because Mistress M has mentioned some big plans for them.

Update at 6:45pm: Myckie Jo seemed so happy when I had her take pictures of herself taking off one item of clothing at a time. She didn’t even complain when I only left her in one high heel for a while and the breast forms bounced wildly as she ran to get in place for the picture: at last the clothespins were coming off. Perhaps that is why she looks so sad kneeling next to me wearing a corset, a diaper and those clothespins. She just has not learned her lesson yet.

Update at 7:02pm: When I put some weights on the clothespins and they were pulled off, I wasn’t feeling evil enough to put them back on. (I mean I could have, since she obviously didn’t do a good job putting them on in the first place, but I’ll save more clothespins for later.) So I left them off, but a bra and forms back on, dressed her in her KDPi t-shirt and sent her back outside. It’s not that bad: she doesn’t have on any bondage gear (yet) and the t-shirt mostly covers the diaper. Besides, it should be dark in 3 hours or so.

Myckie Jo: Results of Exorcizing

Using most of pieclown’s suggestions:

Preparing to Exorcize
On the 16th of April Myckie Jo was

plugged from behind, with a harness to keep it in and another one to keep here little bits in line;

dressed in panty hose, a corset, a large bra with heavy forms, girdle panties along with knee-high lacing black boots, black skirt and black shirt;

bound with a posture collar, hood and harness gag;

punished with ten pound weights on each ankle and four pound weights on each wrist

and, finally, ready to Exorcize!

Of course, things never do seem to go to plan and the pictures were a fairly low quality as Mistress M had taken the good camera for the week. But all was not lost as, under my “watchful” eye, Myckie Jo was able to create a decent video of the event. Perhaps I can even encourage her further to post the video of her swinging the four pound weights I attached to her dangly bits–but that might bring up unpleasant memories.