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Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 5—Hired Help

First off, I’d like to apologize to everyone—things have been a bit hectic, and I missed my usual Sunday deadline. I hope the amusement that you get from my suffering makes up for it a bit, and trust me, there was a good bit of suffering. [This week’s story assignment]() actually managed to be less pleasant than [Back and Forth](), which I didn’t even think was possible. Like Back and Forth, I was again going to be transporting pennies, though this time as a restrained maid, and before I would be able to complete a penny I would need to perform oral service on a nearby dildo. Combine that with the same 1,000 pennies from the first time I did Back and Forth (which was never going to happen), and horrible consequences for failure, and you’ve got just the latest in my hellish assignments. First order of business, though, was to get dressed…


[Pic1s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/02/maggierae_130209-001s.jpg
[Pic1e]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/02/maggierae_130209-001e.jpg
[Pic2s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/02/maggierae_130209-002s.jpg
[Pic2e]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/02/maggierae_130209-002e.jpg

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Maggie Rae: Violent Femmes

Nearly a week ago, we active clients here at the Institute received a warning that a new assignment was coming down the tubes, and that it would be based on the timeless music of the Violent Femmes. While we were all asked what our two favorite Violent Femmes songs were, Mistress Katzenburg’s two favorites were ‘36-24-36’ and ‘Dance, M.F., Dance’. From that alone, I knew that nothing good could come of this assignment, but yesterday I found out just how bad it would be.

Since none of us had 24” waists, we were first to figure what our bust and hip sizes would need to be to maintain the same proportions. It turned out that I would need a 63” bust and hips, which meant a bra with my biggest forms and a super-stuffed diaper (since it seemed like it wouldn’t take too long, I omitted the diaper and just super-stuffed my plastic panties—bad choice). After I was dressed I had to make a video for Mistress Katzenburg following the directions of her second favorite song, ‘Dance, M.F., Dance’—you can imagine just about how well that went, in a bra stuffed as full as mine was. If she decides to post the video, then you’ll get to see it as well.

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Maggie Rae: The Good, The Bad, and the Pink

It has been a while since I have posted an update for The Institute, for a number of reasons—some good, some quite bad. When it comes down to it, I have broken one of the most important rules of The Institute: When a client will be out of town or unavailable for an extended period of time, they must notify the Mistresses of The Institute ahead of time. I did not do that, and I have been away for an extended period of time, during which I shirked my Institute duties. That was the bad part. The delightfully good part is that, over the past few months I have been developing a closer and closer relationship with a good friend of mine, which has rapidly become something far more special. While I was away from the Institute, I was instead with my new Mommy Venus (who is extremely eager to step up the intensity of my already humiliating and painful Institute activities) who made sure that my time away was not spent pleasantly…


[GBP1s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-001s.jpg
[GBP1t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-001t.jpg
[GBP2s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-002s.jpg
[GBP2t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-002t.jpg
[GBP3s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-003s.jpg
[GBP3t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-003t.jpg
[GBP4s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-004s.jpg
[GBP4t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-004t.jpg
[GBP5s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-005s.jpg
[GBP5t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2012/03/maggierae_120318-005t.jpg

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Geek Girl: It’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World — Redux

I have spent more time in this outfit than I care to think about: [Eight Legged Clean Freaks]( http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/geek_girl_eight_legged_clean_freaks), [In a Row]( http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/in_a_row_-_maggie_raes_results), the first [It’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World]( http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/08/geek_girl_its_a_maid_maid_maid_world)… This is not a pleasant outfit, especially when the super-stuffed diaper must be messy before any cleaning can actually take place. I am desperately hoping that this is the last time I have to endure this assignment—I’ll take anything else if it means not having to do this again.

Functionally, this assignment was identical to the three that came before it—get dressed up, clean apartment, submit evidence along the way and at the end, proving that apartment is indeed clean. As this was a punishment for doing poorly on my previous assignment, however, new elements are restrictions were put in place to make the assignment even more difficult. First, my wrist cuffs had to be clipped together (which makes for extremely difficult cleaning) and my ankles had to be bound together on a short chain or rope. When you combine the ankle bondage with the super-stuffed diaper, all sorts of misery ensues, just from how you’re forced to walk. I hope this is the last time those two things ever make an appearance in the same assignment. Additionally, I had to mess my diaper before I started, and I wasn’t allowed a change until I finished—I haven’t finished by the way, so four hours later I’m still sitting in the same messy diaper, can I be done yet?

This assignment had a second big twist compared to the first three that merits mention: Instead of simply taking pictures to prove that I’d successfully cleaned, I was to star in a short movie where I present my work to Mistress Katzenburg. She has said that the movie may or may not be posted at a later date, so that remains to be seen. It’s fairly long, considering, and it may end up posing bandwidth issues, so we’ll see.

I would definitely like for this to be the last time I have to deal with this assignment, if nothing else so that I can move on to bigger and better things, regardless of what those end up being. I have finished it, however, and that’s a big monkey off my back, considering all the hang-ups and snags that preceded it getting done. It’s nice to finally put it in the books.


[MMMWr1t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2011/10/maggierae_111030-001t.jpg
[MMMWr1s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2011/10/maggierae_111030-001s.jpg
[MMMWr2t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2011/10/maggierae_111030-002t.jpg
[MMMWr2s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2011/10/maggierae_111030-002s.jpg
[MMMWr3t]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2011/10/maggierae_111030-003t.jpg
[MMMWr3s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2011/10/maggierae_111030-003s.jpg

Fantasy Island – 1 “A Maid To Serve my Mistress”

If I were to visit Fantasy Island I would want to serve my Mistress dressed in my prettiest Pink Maid outfit and please her with cleaning the house.

But first before I leave for Fantasy Island I should explain. At the beginning of the Summer I was looking at a very busy schedule with Work and Personal commitments. I asked Mistress Katzenburg to grant me a leave of Absence to fulfill what was required of me. She was kind enough to grant me this request, but I knew there would be consequences. And there are. I have requested reinstatement in “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”.

There are some home assignments and naturally a dress code. I am fulfilling this as I type. Of Course it will not be pleasant, but I deserve whatever is assigned me for being a Cross-Dressing Sissy, no matter had bad or disgusting it may be.

Also, I am to visit Fantasy Island once a day for the next fourteen days and each day I am to live out a new sissy Fantasy and post it for all to see and to be humiliated for my actions.

Today I am a Maid performing whatever is required by my Mistress.


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Geek Girl: It’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World

As I sit awkwardly here writing this—awkwardly as I’ve been sitting in a wet and messy diaper for the better part of five hours—I know I’m rapidly approaching the end of my assignment. The Geek Girl series of assignments have been quite unpleasant up to this point (and I’m not expecting them to get any easier as I go—it would be nice though), and this assignment was no different. If you are one of the hopefuls applying to The Institute, know that fates similar to this await you—you have been warned. Warnings aside, however, on to what has been my quite unpleasant morning, it’s a Maid, Maid, Maid World after all…

>You are to get dressed as follows and remain dressed until your time is up. You should pick a period where you have enough free time, because stopping your assignment will mean repeating it. Also, changing your eating or bathroom habits in preparation for this assignment is not allowed.

>Dress is very similar to Eight Legged Clean Freaks and consists of:

>*A super stuffed diaper.

>*Standard bra and forms


>*Wrist and ankle cuffs

>*A black garbage bag fashioned into a maid’s dress (with a belt and white towel for an apron).

>*Hair in dual pony tails

>Once you are dressed, you are to clean your apartment from top to bottom, until it can pass a white glove test.


>*Once every two hours during the entire assignment, you will submit a picture of your current condition.

>*Once your apartment is clean, you will submit to me a video tour of all areas of your apartment as proof of completion. This will be used to judge whether or not you pass.

>Your assignment length is determine by the following rules:
>1. Your assignment will not be over (and you cannot get undressed) until you have submitted the walkthrough video and made a post on The Institute website.
>2. The minimum assignment length is 36 hours.
>2b. The minimum assignment length will be considered to have been met once you stew is a messy diaper for at least 6 hours.
>3. You can change your diaper as often as you would like, but each change adds six hours to the minimum assignment length.

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A Summer Kickoff Weekend for a naughty sissy

This all started out rather harmlessly about a month ago. I had been particularly rude to Mistress Katzenburg and even though I had apologized profusely expressing my sincerest regrets, I was wrong and Mistress was right (as she always is) and I deserved to be punished and given an assignment.

I was surprised at how simple the assignment seemed to be. I was to find several recipes for making of fake cum. Sounds rather simple, does it not. I searched and searched the internet and really only found two. I unfortunately was taking my time and not corresponding with Mistress about my difficulties. As you all know, that is a real no-no.

Last week I guess Mistress Katzenburg had enough and in concert with Mistress Rosemarie, decided that since it was summer that it was only appropriate that this sissy start the summer off right with a “Sissy” Weekend.

Oh My, did I wish I had been more responsive with my simple assignment.

My assignment of finding the “FAKE CUM” was withdrawn. I am sure, however, that it will surface again as Mistress Katzenburg never forgets any failure of mine and they are often revisited in a much harder form.

I was to find a nice sissy e-card on the internet and write a private sincere apology to her.

I was also to wear a very stuffed diaper and extremely stuffed bra for a 12 hour period for one night of the weekend without changing. As most of you know this is always a disgusting assignment.

Also in honor of Mistress Amber’s Summer of Panties two years ago when I had to wear feminine and pretty thongs to teach me a lesson, I would be required to wear a thong and bra when at home until I completed my post.

The rest of the weekend would be filled with little fun assignments devised by my Two Mistresses.

I was to document on an hourly basis to ensure my compliance. I dug out all of my prettiest thongs.


An so a sissy’s summer weekend started

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Geek Girl: Eight Legged Clean Freaks

Even after enduring her hellish torments at the hands of the evil sorority sisters in [Mouth of the South](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/geek_girl_mouth_of_the_south/), Geek Girl’s torments were not over yet.

> It took Geek Girl almost three hours to waddle back to her apartment across town barefoot. Long enough that her sweatsuit was almost dry now. She had considered taking it off, but after a quick dip in the fountain in front of the college’s administration building, the smell stopped invading her nostrils and she decided to leave it on. Luckily she had not seen anyone out on the early Saturday morning, and she breathed a sign of relief as she shut her apartment door behind her.

> Geek Girl waddled to the bathroom and started the water in the tub. A nice long soak and a nap would help her attitude immensely. She stripped off her sweatsuit quickly and went to pull off her diaper. What she had thought were plastic panties with super-strong elastic were actually reinforced kevlar panties with locked aircraft cable ties. Her diaper wasn’t coming off without some heavy duty tools. Tools Geek Girl didn’t have. She checked out the tag on the panties and it simply said “Come back when you are ready to be changed.”

> Apparently her adventure was not yet finished.

I was so not looking forward to whatever punishment these sisters could come up with.

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In a Row – Results

Before getting to the end results a math lesson. There were two options presented for counting time spent in the maid outfit. There was a right answer to the question and unfortunately half of the clients missed it and the other half didn’t know why they had chosen it.

**Option 1:** For each die, divide by two, rounding up to the next integer. Multiply the two numbers together, giving you a number between 1 and 9 hours

| | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
| —– | – | – | – | – | – | – |
| **1** | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 3 |
| **2** | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 3 |
| **3** | 2 | 2 | 4 | 4 | 6 | 6 |
| **4** | 2 | 2 | 4 | 4 | 6 | 6 |
| **5** | 3 | 3 | 6 | 6 | 9 | 9 |
| **6** | 3 | 3 | 6 | 6 | 9 | 9 |

**Option 2:** Add sum of both dice plus two, divide by two, rounding up to the next integer giving you a number between 2 and 7 hours.

| | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
| —– | – | – | – | – | – | – |
| **1** | 2 | 3 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 5 |
| **2** | 3 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 5 |
| **3** | 3 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 5 | 6 |
| **4** | 4 | 4 | 5 | 5 | 6 | 6 |
| **5** | 4 | 5 | 5 | 6 | 6 | 7 |
| **6** | 5 | 5 | 6 | 6 | 7 | 7 |

Once you have the entire table, since each cell is equally likely a simple average of all the values in the table will tell you which table has the lower expected time in the maid uniform. Option 1 averages out to 4.0 hours while Option 2 has an average of 4.75 hours. Though it has the opportunity to be longer, option 1 is definitely the way to go.

– ~ — • — ~ –

The totals on the activities was fairly easy to determine:

| Activity | Value | sissy billy | Maggie Rae | Stacee Skye | Pieclown |
| :—————————————-: | :—: | :———: | :——–: | :——-: | :——: |
| Scrubbing the Floor | 1 | – | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| Cleaning the Toilet | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| Sweeping | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| Picking Up the Yard | 6 | – | – | – | 6 |
| Servicing the Man/Lady of the House | 4 | – | – | – | – |
| Cleaning Windows | 2 | – | 2 | 2 | – |
| Shopping at the Market | 10 | – | – | – | – |
| Serving Drinks | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | – |
| Caned/paddled by the Man/Lady of the House | 4 | – | 4 | – | – |
| Drawing a Bath | 1 | 1 | – | 1 | 1 |
| Taking the Trash Outside | 6 | – | – | 6 | 6 |
| Tied up by the Man/Lady of the House | 2 | – | – | – | – |
| Punished with a Mouth-soaping (Required) | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| Taking a Smoking Break Outside | 2 | – | – | 2 | 2 |
| **Totals** | **41**| **5** | **11** | **16** | **19** |

The only thing left to check is that the assignment was done properly and all rules were followed in the posting. Fortunately, for three out of the four clients completing the activity, this was not a problem.

Unfortunately, for [Pieclown][], the results were not as good. For the reporting of her assignment, she missed the [rule][r-r] that “All size e and t pictures must be linked directly to a size s picture (so it will expand when clicked)”. Hers do not. This, though, is forgivable. Failure to do the assignment in the proper order is not. The [initial assignment][ass] stated “Once you are dressed and have your plus ups decided, it will be determined how long your assignment will be”. Determining how much time you had and then deciding on the plus ups, as her post indicates that she did, is clearly not allowed. (On the off chance that the assignment was done in the proper order, the the assignment falls afoul of the rule “An objective is not considered completed until the results have been reported in all required manners.” If you cannot properly explain what you did, it wasn’t done properly.) Though I could use these reasons in order to fail pieclown, I am instead marking this assignment complete, though with her points total reduced to zero.

– ~ — • — ~ –

The final results of the assignment, in order of place are:

* [Stacee Skye][ss-p] (16 points)
* [Maggie Rae][mr-p] (11 points)
* [sissy billy][sb-p] (5 points)
* [Pieclown][pc-p] (0 points)

Stacee Skye’s surprise for having the highest point total will be announced at a late date.

[r-r]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/about/rules_and_regulations
[ass]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/03/in_a_row
[sb-p]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/in_a_row_-_sissy_billys_results
[pc-p]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/in_a_row_-_pieclowns_results
[ss-p]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/in_a_row_-_stacee_skyes_results
[mr-p]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/04/in_a_row_-_maggie_raes_results

[Pieclown]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/pieclown

In a Row – Maggie Rae’s Results

The assignment [In a Row](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/03/in_a_row) marks my first Institute-wide activity since I applied to be re-instituted as a fully active client, and it was an assignment that felt very familiar indeed. Since one of my earlier reinstatement assignments, Eight Legged Clean Freaks, was essentially the inspiration behind this assignment, I had a pretty good understanding of exactly what I was getting into. Being a bit of a geek helps as well, as I was already pretty well initiated into using dice to determine random attributes of my assignments which let me make good, informed decisions to minimize the length of my assignment. While this assignment was by no means pleasant, I was able to quickly and efficiently complete it with no major hiccups.

For the assignment, I (along with all the other active Institute clients) would be donning the outfit of a sissy baby maid, complete with an extremely padded super stuffed diaper, black trash bag maid’s outfit, my biggest bra and forms, and all sorts of little extras to make otherwise simple maid-ly activities that much more challenging. The assignment began, however, before we even dressed for our eventual trials.

[Row1s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2011/04/maggierae_110330-001s.jpg

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In a Row – Stacee Skye’s Results

I have a hard time believing, for the [In a Row][1] assignment, that I was supposed to have a diaper that was so far over stuffed that it reached down to my knees and I couldn’t put those knees any closer to shoulder width apart. But that is the way it was.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/03/in_a_row/


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In a Row – Pieclown’s Results

[Mistress Katzenburg](http://institute.cdpunishment.com) has issued a new assignment. [In a Row](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2011/03/in_a_row) has all clients becoming diapered maids.
We are to put on our bra and largest forms.


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In a Row

All current clients are hereby given this assignment (since I’ve always wanted to have pretty maids all in a row). You will dress as a maid, given the following requirements:

* A bra and your largest forms.
* A super stuffed diaper. (One of these [spreaders](http://adult-baby-shop.eu/product_info.php?products_id=783) would be awesome, but outside the budget for most.) But that is the intended look which will enforce a full time waddle.
* A black garbage bag fashioned into a maid’s dress (with a belt and white towel for an apron). For more information on making one, see [this Dilbert cartoon](http://www.dilbert.com/fast/1995-04-30/).
* A collar.
* [10 lb weights](http://www.walmart.com/ip/Gold-s-Gym-20LB-Ankle-Weights/12177363) around each ankle **-or-** metal bottle caps (top side down) taped to the bottom of your heels.
* [2.5 lb weights](http://www.walmart.com/ip/Gold-s-Gym-5LB-Ankle-Weights/12177366) around each wrist **-or-** clothes pegs on your nipples and a tall posture collar instead of a decorative collar.

There is an opportunity to lessen the amount of time of your assignment. For each of the following that you do (in conjunction with the assignment), the assignment time will be lessened by the Value number of hours. (For instance, if you are shaved from the neck down, your assignment will be 1.5 hours shorter.)

| Plus Up | Value |
| —————————— | —— |
| Bottle Caps *and* Weights | 1 |
| Painted Nails and Toes | .5 |
| Freshly shaved/waxed torso | .5 |
| Freshly shaved/waxed bikini | .5 |
| Freshly shaved/waxed legs | .5 |
| Retained Enema before Starting | 2 |
| Gagged for the Duration | 2 |

Once you are dressed and have your plus ups decided, it will be determined how long your assignment will be. There are two different methods for calculating this. When replying to accept the assignment, announce which method you will be using.

1. For each die, divide by two, rounding up to the next integer. Multiply the two numbers together, giving you a number between 1 and 9 hours
2. Add sum of both dice plus two, divide by two, rounding up to the next integer giving you a number between 2 and 7 hours.

After determining the value of your rolls, subtract out the value of your plus ups to determine the length of your assignment. If the length is 0 or .5, round it up to one hour. If your assignment length is negative, roll again and recalculate _without_ considering your plus up values this time.

Now that you are dressed and know the length of your assignment, you will have some time to perform maid-ly activities. This list shows all of the maid-ly activities that will be considered for points. It is **highly recommended** that you try to get as many points as possible. The client with the highest total will get a surprise. Clients without enough points may find themselves repeating this assignment.

| Activity | Value |
| —————————————— | —– |
| Scrubbing the Floor | 1 |
| Cleaning the Toilet | 1 |
| Sweeping | 1 |
| Picking Up the Yard | 6 |
| Servicing the Man/Lady of the House | 4 |
| Cleaning Windows | 2 |
| Shopping at the Market | 10 |
| Serving Drinks | 1 |
| Caned/paddled by the Man/Lady of the House | 4 |
| Drawing a Bath | 1 |
| Taking the Trash Outside | 6 |
| Tied up by the Man/Lady of the House | 2 |
| Punished with a Mouth-soaping (Required) | 1 |
| Taking a Smoking Break Outside | 2 |

Good luck to everyone. This assignment is due Sunday, April 3rd. If your post (and Dropbox files) are not in place when I check on Monday, your assignment will be late.

Maggie-Rae: Dusting Off & Sorority Bitches

Returning to active status as a member of The Institute after a lengthy period of inactivity is no easy task, as I’ve been finding out these past couple days. A large backlog of assignments had been building, just waiting for my return, including an evil series of assignments that I just sat back, laughing to myself as the other sissies of The Institute soldiered through them a while back. The first of these assignments was [Dusting Off](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2010/06/dusting_off), where we would report for maid duties in our best maid’s attire to clean the sheet of dust that had developed over The Institute from such a period of inactivity. I might be late, but here I am, reporting for duty none the less—better late than never, I hope.


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Stacee Skye: Dusting Off

Each time that I am dressed up as a maid, it seems I can get less and less work done. In addition to what you can see, I was well packaged and had several girdle panties on over the two rubber corsets. In case I had any thoughts about actually hearing instructions, my ears were also plugged before the rubber hood was pulled on. The cuffs were even locked on to make sure I couldn’t remove my gloves and get a hint of fresh air.

![btsp_100409-005s.jpg](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2010/06/btsp_100409-005s.jpg) Continue Reading

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