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Real Women, Severely Punished

In the series of websites we like at The Institute, I have to include these two which feature real women getting severe punishment:
[Whipped Women]( and
[Mood Castings](

A Real Diapered Sissy

Using methods that make us at The Institute proud, Nanny keeps her sissy, [Diapered Daniella][1], in diapers and bondage 24/7. With such delicious punishments, I may have to see about getting some of our clients enrolled in the same program:

> A cord runs down from a planter hook in the ceiling to a pink wood base plate on the floor. The cord is threaded through a pacifier and then Daniella is made to stand on the base plate. This holds the cord taught and Nanny then places the pacifier into Daniella’s mouth. The final step is to lock Daniella’s hands behind her back and her ankles together. While holding the pacifier in her mouth, Daniella is forced to stare into the corner. She is unable to turn her head without pulling the pacifier from her mouth. If the pacifier comes out it will fall to the floor and there is no way for Daniella to get it back in. She is help captive by her pacifier!

It would be some good training.


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