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Travels and Other Things

For my second assignment Mistress has demanded that I write up some of my travels and experiences. Thinking about it, the only way I can do this is in chronological order. After all, that is the only order I know unless Mistress clicks her fingers. I’m sure that will work because as time has gone by, I have gradually got farther and farther out of Manchester. So first a picture of me in the Arndale shopping centre; the biggest in Manchester.

I now know shopping for clothes and make-up is one of the joys of life

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A Trip with my Mistress

I made a big mistake at the end of last year. A sissy does not have any rights and only has the obligation to please her Mistresses. She is a sissy and should be kind and sharing with all and therefore has an obligation to other sissies also. She should be honest. But most of all she has an obligation to perform her sissy duties without prodding or insistence from her Mistresses.

Simply, she should Volunteer.

I did not and therefore I am where I am now. I am sorry Mistresses and other sissies. The correct thing to do would have been to show everyone how excited I was over my presents from Mistress Rosemarie and to share this excitement and tell everyone what I got. I was too embarrassed to do this and now I have to physically wear and show everyone my new things.

It is our Anniversary and Mistress Rosemarie decided that we should take a nice trip and that my main purpose was to pleasure her enormously. I was also to bring my presents because she intended to make good use of them. I packed my Suitcase including my very pretty negligee I received from her for Christmas, several other negligees so that I would look pretty for her each night and of course the new two quart enema system, new pink soap, condoms, a Bridal Magazine and of course panties, bra and pantyhose that I would wear full time for the weekend. She examined my suitcase, found it complete and off we went.


Packed and the suitcases loaded in the car we drove off on Day 1 of our trip. Mistress Rosemarie drove as she is a much better driver then a sissy could ever be. She began to explain what would happen on our trip and I began to blush and worry already. She decided that my humiliation should start now and she had me put on a pretty women’s kerchief and tie a bow at my chin. When we passed cars I was to look directly at them. We were away from home and little chance of exposure, but it was humiliating and Mistress Rosemarie even slowed up sometimes so they could get a good look. It was humiliating. This was just the start.

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She’s Late

[Stacee Skye][] is late. How late? I have no idea. Apparently having Mistress M dress her before she left wasn’t enough incentive to get her here on time. So she will be well punished when she finally gets here–then the training can begin. I think I’ll use a modified version of my traveling dress for her (including some of the punishment items). She will be punished in this method for the square of the number of minutes she was late. So if she is fifteen minutes late, each minute will cost her 15 minutes for a total of 225 minutes (Three hours, forty-five minutes). A half hour past due and she will be in for 15 hours straight. She had better hope she gets here soon.

**Update:** [Stacee Skye][] finally got here at 5:21, 21 minutes late. Since I was feeling generous, I credited her with one minute for stopping to get the mail, one minute for picking up the paper, and three minutes for being thoughtful and bringing me a gift that will help her punishment get started immediately. Still, four hours, sixteen minutes will be a very, very long time.

[Stacee Skye]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/stacee_skye

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