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DIY Breast Forms 101

There have been a number of questions about how to make breast forms (assuming that money is an issue in getting real ones). These are all of the ideas that I have been able to collect. Many of these styles can be seen in various pictures of clients around The Institute.

### Double-Layer Water Balloons ([Stacee Skye](
I would recommend double thickness water-balloons, the bigger the better.
(The larger the balloons, the less they have to stretch and the more stable
they are.) [24″ Round][24] or [17″ Round][17] should work well.

Pre-stretch the balloons by blowing them up, then use a pencil to insert one
balloon inside the other. Fill the inner one with water and tie it off. Then, tie
off the outer balloon. They work well at room temperature or after a few hours
in the freezer.


### Semi-Solid Water Balloon Boobs (Big Dolly and her Flickr friend Maxine)
Go to a nursery or garden center and pick up some “Water Storing
Granules”. The scientific name is polyacrylamide co-polymer. It looks
like coarse salt. You only need a couple of tablespoons of this stuff
as it absorbs 100’s of times is weight in water. A couple of
tablespoon will fill a 2-liter soda bottle. Water turns the crystals
into a gel.

Next go to a “Party Supply” store and get 2 of those balloons that
blow up to about 3 feet in diameter. They run about $5 each. They are
about 6″ in diameter deflated.

Add the crystals and water to the soda bottle. It will take 10-15
minutes for them to swell up. Use a measuring cup to measure out 2 to
2.5 cups of the gel. (You need to measure, else you get 2 different
size boobs.) Use a large funnel and pour the gel into the balloons.
Get as much air out of the balloon as you can before tying off the
stem. 2 cups will do a 36D easy, and will not fill the balloon
completely up and make it to tight. The gel will not make noise like
water, plus it feels very real.

### Blue Goo Gel ([Barbi Brasngarters](
A variant that I have always wanted to (was gonna) try…
The “Ice Pack” frozen blue thingys that people use in coolers….
Is supposed to be the optimal fluid consistency.
Drain the blue stuff out of them into that heavy duty oversized
I was going to “double up” on the balloons for safety’s sake.

### Bird Seed Boobs (Doreen Demure)
Round pellet seed is used so that it does not snag on the nylon of the pantyhose. This can be done by placing the pantyhose (i use one leg for each ‘breast’) in the bra that it is supposed to fit and filling it with seed until it is filling the bra but would be flat against the chest (like a real breast). An estimated size would be enough.

I try to find a store that sells the seed already weighed into pound bags, that way i know that i will have the same amount in each breast. Failing that, it would be easy to measure it into a measuring jug, for example. I made the ‘forms’ i use now some time ago and therefore can’t remember the amounts i used, but i think the smaller ones were two pounds per breast.

With regard to pantyhose, it is possible to buy boxes of cheaper pantyhose over here. They normally have maybe six pairs in a box. It doesn’t matter if the pantyhose are cheap, given that they aren’t often seen etc. and the remainder of the pantyhose can be used as extra layers under clothing, perhaps. If possible its a good idea to use the heavier denier, just because it would be more hardwearing. Color should be a little lighter than normal skin tone as they have to be double wrapped. The leg is filled and then pushed back in the opposite direction but i just twist the leg a couple of times before pushing it back through. It would be a good idea to use a knot at that point, but not something i’d thought about before. Using a twist would give a bit more stretch to the ‘breast’ than a knot, i think, but it wouldn’t make a huge difference, given that the nylon has a lot of give in it anyway. It would perhaps be a better idea with smaller ‘forms’, the larger ones probably need as much stretch as possible when being handled. There is enough pantyhose to triple- or quadruple-wrap it, but each successive fold makes the ‘skin tone’ darker. The remainder is just cut off.

### Bowling Balls
As a punishment, two bowling balls make a very heavy set of breasts.

### Beach Balls
Although filled with air and very light, beach balls make everything else very difficult (depending on the size of the beach balls.

Limericks A’Plenty

Actually, I don’t have limericks a’plenty—but after this I might. I’m looking for a few good rhymes that could be assigned to sissies to illustrate. Rhymes should be somewhat close to the form of a limerick and should be descriptive, like this one:

She had tits from big water balloons
And was lipsticked like a buffoon
Her roped little bits
And plug gave her fits
Alas no panties to hide her full moon

All submissions will be considered–the raunchier the better.

Farewell to Arms

If you have problems with your sissy putting her hands right in front of the paddle and don’t want to bother with hold them away yourself, you can try this little trick: take an extra pair of ankle cuffs and put on on each arm, just above the elbow. Clip each wrist to the opposite elbow, and she won’t try to block anything. She won’t even be able to push herself up off the couch you bent her over.

Rubberized Fishnets

A while back, [Stacee Skye][] got an email from Sissymaid Patty who was extoling the virtues of the rubberized fishnet stockings that she wears as a part of her maid uniform:

> The rubberized fishnets are perfect for a real French Maid to wear while actually doing cleaning, since they resist the bleach and other cleaning chemicals commonly used while cleaning toilets and restrooms. These tasks are important for my humility training and the lesbians I serve have me doing these chores all the time.

> Until I started wearing the rubber fishnets, my maid service fishnet hose was always tattered and I was constantly disciplined for being “out of proper maid’s uniform”. The rubber fishnets solved this problem and now i could not imagine trying to properly serve my mistresses without them.

> They are available in seamless or back seamed, and in nude to the waist or with a crotch panel to accommodate your chastity belt if you are required to serve in one. They are also available with sewn in rubberized comfort insole should you be permitted to wear those.

Of course, [Stacee Skye][] had all of this information, but neglected to tell me or Mistress M about how they could be obtained and then used on her. Rather convenient.

[Stacee Skye]:

Games: Name That Implement

Here’s a fun game you can play with your submissive. It’s a simple quiz which only requires five right answers to win. The contestant is brought into the studio, blindfolded or hooded, and tied down. The moderator makes a note of the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win”, starting it at 5. The game then starts:

* The Mistress then picks an implement out of her toy bag and gives the contestant 10 stokes with it.

* If the contestant is correct in naming the instrument, then the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win” is decremented. If it has reached 0 then the contestant is a winner and can be released. Otherwise, the game continues.

* If the contestant was wrong, then she is told the name of the instrument and immediately given another twenty strokes as a refreshed. Two is added to the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win” and the game continues.

**Hint:** Evil mistresses know that it is not good to end the game too soon, so better submissives can be handicapped by being gagged for one or more rounds. (It’s hard to get the right answer with a gag in your mouth.)

Minimized to Maximize — Not Here

Veronica Binder, writing for [Kat’s Dream Boutique][0] a while back, wrote about minimizing to maximize your changes of passing in the real world.

> While huge boobs may be a real part of the feminization process
for many of us, they are not always the answer. Your bust size should be
appropriate for your body build and size.
> We have shoes that are so high, we can’t even stand
in them, but what good are they, if you can’t
enjoy a nice strut in them?

These are great ideas in the real world, but they don’t pass muster at [The Institute][2]. I don’t want any of our girls to be passed unnoticed if they get sent out into the world. I want their choice of clothes to scream “please don’t make me do this”. Their waddle to make people question what they have shoved up their ass. The crinkling from an out of proportion crotch to leads others to question why they are wearing a diaper.

> In reality, when was the last time you encountered a huge
breasted women in public, wearing 7″ red pumps, black nylons, a skin
tight pink mini-dress, blue eye shadow, and bright red lipstick,
with a hair doo that is right out of a cheap porno flick?

I haven’t, but you can be sure I would ask her why her mistress let her out of the house without locking on cuffs and a collar.


Stacy Skye: Password Punishment

Since I don’t have as much time to go and train [Stacee Skye][] as I would like, I have come up with a few ideas for just keeping her reminded about what has happened and what may be coming in her future. One of these is that for her day job, she is only allowed to use passwords that I pick out.

Passwords like `Wh1pped!` and `P4ddled!` remind her of the times that Mistress M has blistered her ass. More recently she was reminded (though [`200Wood$`][2]) that if she fails to make good decisions (or any decision at all), Mistress M will not hesitate to lay into her. This time, it was a full 200 strokes with the heavy wooden paddle.

Then there were the passwords after she was [`ssSh*v3d`][3], `ssSp*nk3d` and turned into a [`S1ssyMd!`][5]. Perhaps those training sessions helped to keep her in line by reminding her who is in charge (`M1stre$$`) and how she should be treated (`53rveM$T`). And of course, I added a few passwords to reminder her of the time she was [`D1*pered`][6] and then conscripted to join a [`$0roritY`][7].

In an effort to stave off some of the inevitable questions, here are a couple of answers:

**Does she know what part of her [upcoming training][1] will be?**

**Is she ready for your visit?**
Well I had her buy a couple of the things I will require when she was out shopping tonight, but she was not thrilled with the purchase. In fact, when I picked out her next password a couple of weeks ago, which gave her the shopping list, she told me where I could stick those items. I am planning return her kindness in a similar vein.

**Will I post what her current password is?**

[Stacee Skye]:


Getting Started is Half the Trouble

In helping wives become Mistresses to properly train their husbands, I have found that getting started is usually the hardest part. Once the training has started, it will continue without a problem–but that initial boost is the issue.

For many of the training sessions with [Mistress M’s husband][Stacee Skye], I have ensured he was dressed and bound before she arrived home to “start” the punishment. It has worked well, but it is not always a practical solution. So here is the situation and how I would start thinking about the punishment. Good learning.

Mistress M is planning a training session this weekend, on Sunday, after going to church. She will be dropping her daughter off at the baby sitters and then sending her mother, who is in town for a visit, off to a double feature.

There are a number of ways this could play out, depending on the timing of the church, the movies and the baby sitter. Here are some of the options (in an approximate order of severity). Of course, there are many tweaks that can be made to these choices, but that exercise is left to the student.

1. After sending her mother to the movies, Mistress M admonishes [her husband][Stacee Skye] to be dressed and ready for training when she returns. (In about a half hour, which should be sufficient time for her to get dressed.)

2. After sending her mother to the movies, Mistress M sends [her husband][Stacee Skye] to the baby sitters. She is waiting when he returns and pulls into the garage. She has him strip, then leaves clothes for him to dress in the cold garage and hope neighbors are not looking through the windows.

3. After sending her mother to the movies, Mistress M has [her husband][Stacee Skye] get ready to go to the baby sitter. He is to put on a corset (black), penis harness, g-string, girdle panties, tights (pantyhose) and bra under his other clothing. Depending on the level of his complaints, wrist and ankle cuffs can be locked on, clothespins can be clamped on the nipples, a remote vibrator can be used, etc.

Once he is dressed, Mistress M can send him to the baby sitter, so she can stay home to prepare, knowing that he will hurry back, or they both can go.

4. The same as number 3, but Mistress M sends [her husband][Stacee Skye] upstairs to change as soon as they return from church. He can then spend the next hour avoiding his Mother-in-Law (until she goes to the movies) lest he be found out.

5. After coming home from church, Mistress M sends [her husband][Stacee Skye] upstairs to change out of his church clothes. Unfortunately for him, she has the full training outfit laid out and he is quickly dressed. She leaves him hogtied, blindfolded, ear plugged and hooded in the bedroom, while she goes to visit with her mother. She returns later, after her mother has gone to the movies and she has taken the baby to the sitter.

6. After sending her mother to the movies, Mistress M sends [her husband][Stacee Skye] upstairs to change into the full training outfit. He is blindfolded, ear plugged and hooded in the bedroom, then leashed and led to the garage, where he is tied into the back end of the car for the trip to the baby sitters. Once they return home, the real training can begin.

7. The same as number 5, but when she comes to release [her husband][Stacee Skye], he is untied long enough to bed led to the garage and re-tied into the back end of the car for the trip to the baby sitters. After a start like this, she should happily submit to any training that is offered.

So those were just the ideas I had–I’m sure you can come up with some tamer and some much more evil than I can. Happy training.

[Stacee Skye]:

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