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Holiday Desserts

Early next week Stacee Skye will be trying out the my new Holiday Dessert #ChilledBananaPudding and taking care of some errands for me. In recognition of the upcoming Christmas holiday, I have decided to open up the opportunity to try this desert to everyone for the minimum tribute of just $12.25.

In fact, you can chose from any of the desserts I have on offer:

  • Bread Pudding
  • Chilled Banana Pudding
  • Cinnamon Buns

Post a comment here or contact me on Twitter to get your just desserts.

A Walk in the Park

Later this week both Stacee Skye and Ashley Nicole will be taking “A Walk in the Park”. In addition to the main assignment Big Girl in the Park, they have the “choice” of as many of the ancillary assignments as they would like to do as well:

  • Errand Bitch
  • Smoking Hot
  • Punishing Picnic
  • Litter Bug

Imagine how much fun you could have on your own walk as well. For those that are interested, you will receive instructions on how to complete the activity to my exacting specifications and learn if you are a Big Girl or just a Diapered Sissy. Given the amount of planning and work required to set up this event, a minimum tribute of $39 is required. This will give you access to the main assignment and as many of the ancillary assignments as you want to perform.

Post a comment here or contact me on Twitter to start the process of going on a walk of your own.

Warning: This offer is only guaranteed to be valid for the next three weeks and once August rolls around may be gone forever.

KDPi Sissy Spring Break 2017

In two weeks I will be helping Stacee Skye go on KDPi Sissy Spring Break, and this year you have the opportunity to go along too. (General membership in The Institute is not required.) In addition to cross dressing punishment, this year will focus on toilet training and diapers along with the constant threat of public humiliation.

Your spring break adventure will kick off with a couple of specially selected activities, then you will be able to choose from Extra Long Assignments (8 to 36 hours or so), Long Assignments (4 to 8 hours), Events (about 1 hour) and Punishments (to make any activity even more fun).

Extra Long Assignments

  • 36-24-26
  • Non-Slumber Party

Long Assignments

  • Errand Bitch – All In
  • Errand Bitch – All Out
  • Errand Bitch – Bread Pudding
  • Errand Bitch – Can I Go Yet?
  • Errand Bitch – Crunchy Omlette
  • Bad Kitty
  • Hung Out to Dry
  • Gagged Bitch
  • Maid to Work


  • Ash Licker
  • Bar Bobbing
  • Cock Sucking: Punishing Practice
  • It’s Not Digiorno


  • Painted Lady
  • Prickly Pants
  • Punishment Level
  • Wash Your Mouth

While the activities are designed to be completed on your own, there are some special opportunities for a “big sister” who is sponsoring you on your spring break trip. When you register, be sure to note if someone will be helping you so that they can be contacted separately.

For each activities, along with the the instructions on how to complete it successfully, you will receive a history of the activities in the sorority—how it came to be and why it continues to be used. Given the amount of planning and work required to set up these activities, tributes are required.

  • Weekend Excursion ($39) — You get the “two to get ready” activities, your choice of two (of the nine) long assignments, your choice of one (of the four) events and as many of the punishments you would like.

  • Week-long Trip ($79) — You get the “two to get ready” activities, your choice of one (of the two) extra long assignments, your choice of three (of the nine) long assignments, your choice of two (of the four) events and as many of the punishments you would like. Since you don’t always know where you want to go, you can exchange any one of your assignments for another one.

  • Ultimate Adventure ($129) — You get the “two to get ready” activities, your choice of one (of the two) extra long assignments, your choice of four (of the nine) long assignments, your choice of three (of the four) events and as many of the punishments you would like. Since you don’t always know where you want to go, you can exchange any three of your assignments for others. Additional you can assign any one of the punishments to Stacee Skye for her to deal with on her adventure.

Post a comment here or contact me on Twitter to start your adventure.

Summer School – Semester One

Your First Trimester of Summer School has ended Sissy Billy. There was a great improvement in your lack of attention and effort which is commendable, but you had so far to come from your total Lack of Effort over the first part of this year.

You had 1 B, 1 C, 3 D’s and 1 F. This averages to a GPA of 1.6. Passing is a C (2.0) and therefore you are now placed on Probation.

There is a 3 week intercession before your 2nd Trimester Assignments are developed and your 2nd of 3 Summer School Sessions begin.

The Following Assignments remain in effect and/or Modified. (Subject to further Modification by Mistress Katzenburg)

• Every Friday you will continue to wear panties and stockings to work in preparation for the weekend. • For improvement in your work Ethic – Your weekend rules will be adjusted to go from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM each night from the time you get home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights. The Ladies Room is still strictly off limits during this time. A Diaper may be worn if you wish, but it can only be removed at 8:00 AM when you finish each Night. To ensure you stay well hydrated. you are to drink a 16 oz glass of water every hour until you go to sleep. You are to wear a nightgown, stuffed bra and panties to bed each night. • You will continue to experience your sissy period once per month. • You will continue to experience your sissy ovulation two weeks after your sissy period begins and will take proper precautions for three days.
• It is now the Summer Season starting June 1. Therefore you will be wearing panties every day. In honor of the “Girlie” Summer of a few years ago, thongs will be included. On Sunday night you are to lay out and photo document 7 panties, 3 normal lady panties and 4 lady thongs. You are to put these in your small lingerie draw and then with your eyes closed each morning reach in and pick one.

Enjoy the Summer, Your Assistant Instructress (Summer School), Mistress Rosemarie

Winter Camping All-Client Punishing Sleepover

Between Thursday and Saturday night of this week, all clients are required to attend a punishing sleepover. The sleepover is to last a minimum of eight consecutive hours. Required dress for the night includes:

  • Panties
  • Pantyhose
  • Nightgown
  • Bra and Extra-Large Breast Forms
  • Ankle Cuffs, Ankles locked together
  • Wrist Cuffs, wrists locked together
  • Blindfold
  • Earplugs
  • Hood

In addition to the panties in the first bullet, you are free to wear a diaper over them. The panties are not optional. Just know that you are not allowed to get up before the eight hours have elapsed, so wearing a diaper (or two or four) may make the assignment completable without making a mess of your bed.

Speaking of beds, since this is a winter camping punishing sleepover, sleeping in your own bed is not allowed. If you follow in the true spirit of winter camping — outside in a tent — you will be allowed any type of bedding you would like. If you stay inside, you will be sleeping directly on a hard surface floor with your pillow and blankets to keep you company. If carpet it more your style, then you are allotted one thin blanket.

Extra points are available only if you have someone else tuck you in. (They will have to bind you tightly enough so that you cannot get up in the morning until they release you and they will be responsible for taking pictures tat you could not possibly take.)

Sleep tight and ensure the pictures are in the dropbox before Sunday night. No need to make a full post–you can have sweet sissy dreams. In addition to the unmodified pictures, also upload two pictures (in both t and s size) which you think best reflect your situation and a text file with a short description of why your night was the most punishing.

Travels and Other Things

For my second assignment Mistress has demanded that I write up some of my travels and experiences. Thinking about it, the only way I can do this is in chronological order. After all, that is the only order I know unless Mistress clicks her fingers. I’m sure that will work because as time has gone by, I have gradually got farther and farther out of Manchester. So first a picture of me in the Arndale shopping centre; the biggest in Manchester.

I now know shopping for clothes and make-up is one of the joys of life

Continue Reading

Independence Celebration

In the spirit of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, the following assignments are made:

Red, White and Blue
Pieclown is to get dressed up nicely, in tight fitting white clothing. She will then pop her left breast form to show it was filled with a red liquid. She will smash a white whipped cream pie in her face. She will pop her left breast form to should it was filled with blue liquid. As a reminder that freedom isn’t free, she will be tightly packaged below the waist. Her packaging will remain in place from the time her assignment is begins until the post of the results is finished.

Liberty in Diapers
sissy billy is to get dressed up in her most padded diaper, biggest breast forms and a full regalia of cuffs, then do her best impression of Lady Liberty. There will be a quart of ice water poured down the front of her diaper once it is put on. She will stay completely dressed until her post is finished.

Note: If she can’t manage to get it stuffed well enough, then I will recommend to Mistress Rosemarie that she get a spreading core diaper. Having padding 16 inches wide between her legs would be a good reminder of what a sissy baby she is.

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