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Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 1—A Reckoning

As [previously mentioned](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2013/01/maggie-rae-so-it-begins), tonight marks the beginning of my story assignment series—every week Mistress Katzenburg will be adding a new chapter to the overall story and I will be assigned a special assignment based on the week’s chapter. This being the introduction week, I got off relatively unscathed, but it was still an extremely unpleasant (and painful) experience. I know that as the story continues, my assignments will only get more and more humiliating—good for all of you, not so good for me. I don’t even want to think of where I’ll be in a month’s time…

Enough about worrying about the future though—here are the results of this week’s assignment.


[Pic1e]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/01/maggierae_130113-001e.jpg
[Pic1s]: http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2013/01/maggierae_130113-001s.jpg

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Assignment # 4 – Soap Testing – A Continuation

Additional Soap Testing was required for previous Failures and the Testing is designed as follows:

The Soap to be tested this week shall be a big white bar of Ivory and be tested as previously. Each morning with her shower using the Ivory, she is also to clean the inside of her mouth during her shower. She shall soap up her pink soft sponge completely and shove it in her mouth for the entire shower. At night before going to bed, she shall test the Ivory as a soap-paste and brush her teeth thoroughly.

My memories of this are not good. This was the Soap my Mother and Aunt used to punish us when we talked back. They thoroughly washed our mouths out and I remember it always being terrible.

I was not looking forward to this, I hope, final Soap Test.

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Aissgnment # 2A – “sissy billy’s” Ovulation Time

I am a Sissy that is now having her monthly “Period” at a regular Interval. Mistress tells me that it is part of a feminine cycle that I now “Ovulate” each month. I did not really know what this meant and was sent to research it’s meaning by Mistress.

A Women’s Ovulation time is the 2-3 Days each month when she is fertile. It usually falls in the middle of her Menstrual Period which I have now been experiencing. It is also the time of the month when the egg falls and she can become pregnant. Her hormones are at their peak and she feels her most feminine. It is also the time of the month when she will unconsciously dress her prettiest and have her strongest feelings to get pregnant.

At this time of my sissy life I certainly do not want to get “pregnant” or get anyone else “pregnant” and Mistress is “helping” me with contraceptive protection.

As a result of obsession with Cross-Dressing and the Training and Punishments the “Institute” has assignment to me, another phase of my Sissy Life begins.

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Fantasy Island – Double Down

I am once again destined to travel to Fantasy Island. Assignment # 3 is my Bonus Trip – Double Down. I still remember my first trip to the Fantasy Island Casino and I know that this trip to the Casino will not be any more fun than my first trip to the Casino.

As I departed the Ferry – I was whisked away by the Fantasy Island associate Mistresses to be prepared. Instead of a sleek Dress, this time I was being taken to a private room of High Roller Mistresses and I was to be dressed in the sleaziest Peignoir Lingerie, the largest bra and forms and a matching thong. High Heels, of course and Makeup.

I was led to a not so private Bath where the clientele could walk in and out and naturally they all did to ridicule me and humiliate me. I was stripped naked and finally was allowed to submerse my self in my Bubble Bath.


It really is humiliating taking a bubble bath in front of a lot of Casino Patrons. If only my night ended with this.

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Make-Up Week for “Sissy Billy”

Last Week my Sissy had some personal issues and being the kind and sensitive Mistress I am, I relented and allowed her the week to settle her affairs.

However, as you all know, there are always consequences. Therefore she shall make-up last weeks assignments as she must also do her current week assignment.

1. Complete her Post from Assignment # 3 – Fantasy Island High Roller Trip before going to bed tonight.

2. Complete Assignment # 2A – Ovulation Time – this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

3. Complete Assignment # 4 – Soap Testing designed as follows:

* The Soap to be tested this week shall be a big white bar of Ivory.
* Testing shall be per the previous guidelines.
* Each morning with her shower using the Ivory, she is also to clean the inside of her mouth during her shower. She shall soap up her pink soft sponge completely and shove it in her mouth for the entire shower.
* At night before going to bed, she shall test the Ivory as a soap-paste and brush her teeth thoroughly.
Results are do next Monday night (It is a long weekend, so she gets an extra day) or sooner.

4. Complete this week’s Assignment # 5 – Fantasy Island trip as a Cheerleader.

* Special Cheerleader Dress Code for a Sissy. Everything Pink. Nail Polish, lipstick, Red Stockings and heels, pink panties, pink stuffed Bra, sheer top and of course her pom poms.
* Her Bonus trip is a punishment for causing the team to loose.
* First a paddling until her “ass” is pink.
* Then a Cheerleader 2 quart enema.
* With legs tied she is to stand in the corner of the Locker Room for one hour as her enema leaks out. No Cheerleader that I know would be able to hold it for an entire Hour. This should prove embarrasing as everyone watches.
* Last she is to suck on the practice dildo for ten minutes and then lick the cheerleader practice vagina for another ten minutes.

Make up Weeks can be exhausting and non forgiving. Since our Sissy missed last weeks assignments and requirements she shall wear panties and pantyhose every day to work this week as a punishment.

“sissy billy” – I was understanding, but I have not talked with Mistress Katzenburg this week and am not sure if she will be. Do not be surprised if she is not as understanding as I and alters your assignments.

Your Summer School Associate Mistress

sissy billy has been a Naughty Sissy

I have been silent too long and have not wanted to participate, but I have completely supported Mistress Katzenburg in her attempts to train my Sissy. However, Mistress Katzenburg and I are in agreement and are completely disgusted with your feeble attempts and poor attitude. With urging by Mistress Katzenburg, I will no longer be passive, but will take a more active Role in assiting Mistress Katzenburg and the Institute in your training and punishments.

silly billy has been lazy, arrogant at times, completely negligent of her duties as a sissy client of The Institute of Cross-Dressing Punishment and just plain naughty. She has broken and failed to follow so many “Rules of the Institute” that we could not list all of them. It is time for her attitude to change and her rehabilitation to begin.

Since sissy billy seems not to have enough will power of her own to follow even the simplest rules or demonstrate a proper attitude, I will give her a strict and rigid schedule to follow over the next three months. She will either complete successfully every assignment given her or I will wash my hands of her and I imagine Mistress Katzenburg my suspend her and put her in the Hall of Shame.

“sissy billy” – read your fate below in the following agenda that we have set for you and obey completely.

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Fantasy Island – High Roller

I ask myself how I ever got myself into this mess. All I did was request a few months off to take care of some personal Business. My re-instatement has become long and trying. The Moral of this all is that all sissy clients of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” should realize and accept that they are naughty and that this should never be a part time experience, but must be dealt with on a continual basis. I will think twice about asking for a little time off the next time. But then again, I never seem to learn quickly. However, back to the task at hand.

I am restarting my assigned trips to Fantasy Island. This time the script is dictated by other clients and Mistress Katzenburg.

As I approach the Mistress of Fantasy Island she informs me that she wants to go to the Fantasy Island Casino and will teach me to be a High Roller. I am whisked off by her assistants to dress for the occasion.

I am to wear a slinky dress, a large bra and forms and a matching thong. I present myself to the Mistress.


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Fantasy Island – 12 “A Little Girl’s Birthday Party”

As I walked up to the Mistress of Fantasy Island my mind was racing. It seemed whatever I wished for, the results of my wish were not what I thought they would be. Actually they had mostly been disasters and were truly painful and humiliating. What should I wish for?

Then I thought, how bad could a little Girl’s Birthday Party be. She dressed up in a pretty Dress and had fun with her Girl Friends and got lots of Presents.

Settled – I asked for it to be my Birthday and to attend a Little Girl’s Birthday Party in my Honor.

As usual, Mistress smiled that smile that always gave me chills and dread. Her answer, “Of Course”

Her assistants came rushing out as usual and grabbing my hand took me off to the Little Girl’s Store.

An hour later I was decked out in the prettiest lacy-est frilly Little Girl’s Party Dress. It was so little Girlish that it was humiliating. No Girl would wear it, let alone a sissy boy and not be embarrassed. I must admit though, I did like it very much and felt very Girlie in it.


I was led off into another room and as I entered all of Assistants to the Mistress yelled surprise. I had expected a lot of other little girls to play with, but all the Big Girls meant something else was planned.

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Fantasy Island – 10 “A Ballerina”

All my life I have loved Ballerinas. They were always so pretty and feminine and the Ballerina Attire was so beautiful. I don’t know why I did not ask to be a Ballerina sooner. How can the Mistress of Fantasy Island turn this into an awful wish. I would get to wear a Ballerina’s Tutu and dance with a lot of other Ballerinas.

That was my wish as I approached the Mistress of Fantasy Island. She smiled as always and said that she thought I would make a very pretty Ballerina.

Instantly some of her assistants appeared and led me to the Girl’s Dressing Room. After a short while I reappeared and presented myself to the Mistress.


Mistress smiled and complimented me on how lovely I looked. I felt like a Ballerina. I felt so pretty and feminine and I loved my Tutu.

Mistress led me to the Ballerina Class Dance Studio and introduced me to the Instructress. Then with one of her smiles that I knew meant trouble, she told me to do as the Instructress said and I would have no problem. The way she smiled led me to believe otherwise. But, Oh Well, I did feel like a Ballerina.

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Fantasy Island – 7 ” Mistress for a Day or a Few Minutes”

As I was traveling to Fantasy Island on my next visit I was thinking about how much I had been punished and how much it had hurt and how much it was terribly humiliating.

I thought – How nice if it was I that was the Mistress and I was in charge of training and punishing the sissy clients.

The more I thought about it the more my sissy mind got the better of me. When I approached the Mistress of Fantasy Island I just blurted out that I wanted to be the Mistress of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”

I was amazed when she just smiled and said OK.

I could hardly control myself. I followed one of her helpers to get dressed in what I thought was proper Mistress Attire. I even came up with a mask like Mistress Katzenburg’s hood. Well, not quite – it was actually a pair of lacy thong panties. In my mind it was perfect though.


I was taken to the “Institute” and led into a room of sissy clients. I could hardly contain myself. I instructed one to bend over and immediately spanked her until she cried. Several others I inserted butt plugs into their sissy vaginas and issued other assignments.

How much fun was this?

Then the door opened and in walked Mistress Katzenburg. I almost fainted on the spot.

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A Summer Kickoff Weekend for a naughty sissy

This all started out rather harmlessly about a month ago. I had been particularly rude to Mistress Katzenburg and even though I had apologized profusely expressing my sincerest regrets, I was wrong and Mistress was right (as she always is) and I deserved to be punished and given an assignment.

I was surprised at how simple the assignment seemed to be. I was to find several recipes for making of fake cum. Sounds rather simple, does it not. I searched and searched the internet and really only found two. I unfortunately was taking my time and not corresponding with Mistress about my difficulties. As you all know, that is a real no-no.

Last week I guess Mistress Katzenburg had enough and in concert with Mistress Rosemarie, decided that since it was summer that it was only appropriate that this sissy start the summer off right with a “Sissy” Weekend.

Oh My, did I wish I had been more responsive with my simple assignment.

My assignment of finding the “FAKE CUM” was withdrawn. I am sure, however, that it will surface again as Mistress Katzenburg never forgets any failure of mine and they are often revisited in a much harder form.

I was to find a nice sissy e-card on the internet and write a private sincere apology to her.

I was also to wear a very stuffed diaper and extremely stuffed bra for a 12 hour period for one night of the weekend without changing. As most of you know this is always a disgusting assignment.

Also in honor of Mistress Amber’s Summer of Panties two years ago when I had to wear feminine and pretty thongs to teach me a lesson, I would be required to wear a thong and bra when at home until I completed my post.

The rest of the weekend would be filled with little fun assignments devised by my Two Mistresses.

I was to document on an hourly basis to ensure my compliance. I dug out all of my prettiest thongs.


An so a sissy’s summer weekend started

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sissy billy’s Final Soap Test Analysis

There is no more Soap Testing. This sissy is so Happy and I hope that my efforts and my punishment discomfits can be of assistance to all in picking out the proper soap for them to use as a sissy.

After several weeks of thorough Testing and even an added week of Testing to Test a particularly Girlie Smelling Soap, the Results are in and tabulated. All that remains is to pick a Winner which will be difficult. The added dilema is that the Winner may be used on myself and others in the Future. I will try to be fair and unbiased and not to think about my future possible discomfit.

The First assignment was to purchase appropriate Soaps for Testing among all the available feminine Soaps.

Camay (My Pink everyday Soap), Olay (Age Defing), Caress (Velvet Bliss), Dove (Pink Rosa) and then the added Japanese Cherry blossom were chosen for testing.


The Testing then was started under strict and documented criteria.

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sissy billy’s Soap Test – Japanese Cherry Blossom

This is the fifth and final week of the Soap Test, Thank Goodness. It has been an extra long month and while the testing may prove of a benefit for Mistress Katzenburg in the future, conducting the testing has been a terrible ordeal for this sissy. Thank Goodness it ends on Sunday.

Japanese Cherry Blossom is the Soap to be tested this week with the punishment day scheduled for Monday as a result of my always whining. This soap and other miscellaneous lotions can be purchased at the Bath and Body shop and they smell as girlie as the Store does in general.


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sissy billy’s Soap Test – Olay

This is the third week of the Soap Test and I am still the designated Tester.

Olay (Age Defying) is the Soap to be tested this week with the punishment day rescheduled for Wednesday as a result of my ill-advised whining.

I started using the Olay on Monday, but was already thinking and dreading my punishment to come on Wednesday. It is such an awful punishment having you mouth washed out with soap or in this case using the soap as a soap-paste. It thoroughly permeates your tongue and gums and cakes on your lips. There is no way to get rid of the awful taste for hours. But that is the purpose of a punishment such as mouth-washing to make a sissy think about what she said. I can’t even remember the whining that I am being punished for, but at least for the time being I am not whining or being bad. I have been on my best behaviour. I put on pretty pink pajamas so that I could look my prettiest for the documentation.


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One More Soap

I am adding the following scent to your list of soaps you are trying: Bath and Body Works [Japanese Cherry Blossom][jcb]. Unlike your other soaps, this will be an all out scental assault, including Shower Gel or Triple Moisture Shower Cream for washing. After your shower, to promote smooth skin you will use Body Lotion or Triple Moisture Body Cream. Every morning (and any other time) before leaving the house you will spritz with the Fragrance Mist.

[jcb]: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=4304612&cp=4090260.4090355

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