The Actual Wedding Punishment – Status and Report Card by sissy billy

I have been instructed by Mistress Amber as an additional followup for The Actual Wedding Punishment to post a status and report card of how I performed my punishment. I was instructed to review the actual punishment and list all activities that were required of me and to list the status of completion and in cases that I did not complete a portion of the assignment to explain myself to Mistress Amber. I have included a Table below listing activity and status/explanation for Mistress Amber to pass judgement.

Activity / Task Requirement|sissy billy – status – Remarks
After the Wedding|
Shave if necessary to pre-punishment Condition|I did clean up my sissy clitty, but did not shave the rest of my body and ask for relief from this exposure to other
Milk her sissy clitty into a new diaper with penis plug in mouth,put on a Rubber diaper cover, attach collar/wrist/Ankle cuffs and go to bed and not get up for an reason until morning|Done
Clean herself|Done
Milk her sissy clitty into a new diaper with penis plug in Mouth|Done
General Requirements|
Each time she has to change her diaper, insert penis plug into mouth and milk her sissy clitty in a new diaper and then put it on|Done
For each meal she is to eat only Level 1 & 2 baby food and may only drink baby formula. Fasting is not permitted|My first meal was dinner on Saturday and I ate the whole plate and drank the formula. I almost threw up and baby food does not taste good. After this point I did not fast, but ate minimal portions and watered down the formula
Letter of Apology|
Return home and talk off all clothing, but diaper on, put on 4XL rubber diaper cover stuffed to overflowing, put on Big Bra stuffed to overflowing with water filled balloon, put on Jumper to package it all and put on collar, ankle and wrist cuffs and lock together|Done
Insert penis mouth gag until letter of apology is complete|Done – I kept the penis plug in mouth until the letter was complete
She is not allowed to stand until this punishment is over|I crawled to my desk to write the letter
Write a Draft Letter of Apology for requesting a Modification of punishment and express gratitude for Mistress Amber’s kindness for being allowed to do so|Done
Rewrite Letter in neat handwriting|Done
Girls Shopping Trip|
Change Diaper, put on rubber diaper cover, pantyhose and keep large size bra on without water balloons|Done|
Remove Wrist cuffs & collar, leave on ankle cuffs|Done
Put on outer clothing of choice|Done
Carry a Pocketbook/Purse with diapers for changing and penis mouth plug|I requested and received permission to carry a ladies beach bag instead of a Purse. I did buy a book as soon as I arrived at the mall and carried another shopping bag so this did not look so evident
Go to a lingerie Store and buy a thong|I could not do this. I was too embarrassed and left the store without buying a thong. No excuse except my own humiliation
Go to a Women’s Store and buy a thong|I could not do this either and left the store. No excuse except my own humiliation
Purchase Makeup for herself|I purchased makeup I did not already have – beige base, eye liner and lip gloss
Go to a drug store and purchase diapers and then after paying, request to use their restroom and change her diaper|I purchased diapers, but the sales lady said they did not have a toilet for public use and I left without arguing with her
Saturday Night|
Return home and take off everything but diaper, put on Rubber 4XL diaper cover and stuff to overflowing, keep Big Bra on and stuff with huge water balloons, put on Jumper to package everything, put on collar, ankle and wrist cuffs and lock together|Done
She is not allowed to stand until this punishment session is over|Done – I crawled around like a baby all night
She is to fix a dinner of baby food and formula|Done – but ate a minimal portion
She is to stay like this until morning|Done – but I could not sleep with the large breasts and lay awake on my back most of the night
Sissy maid cleaning the house|
She is to fix a breakfast of baby food and formula|Done – but ate a minimal portion
sissy billy is to change diaper if necessary, put on her 4XL rubber diaper cover and stuff as much as she can|Done
She is to put on her sissy maid’s outfit with high heels|Done – High Heels were difficult to work in, but I kept them on the entire time. My feet can attest for that – they hurt
She is to put on her wrist and ankle cuffs and her collar|I forgot to do this which is evident in the pictures
sissy billy is to apply makeup suitable for an unretouched photo to attach to the post|I did. I did not retouch the photos. I am sorry one is somewhat blurry and unclear and the other one I was applying my lipstick and the mirror got in the way of my pretty face
She is to make a list of everything she cleaned|I forgot to make the list, but did send the pictures of what I cleaned to Mistress Amber
She is to clean the house and take pictures to send to Mistress Amber to decide if her house cleaning was adequate or would have to be done again the next weekend|The house was cleaned and the pictures have been forwarded via email titled house cleaning for Mistress Amber’s inspection. The house was very clean
Sunday Night|
Remove sissy maid outfit, leave diaper on, leave Rubber 4XL overstuffed Cover on, leave Big Bra overstuffed with water balloons on, put back on jumper to package and lock wrist and ankle cuffs together and collar|Done
She is not allowed to stand until punishment session is over|Done-I crawled
She is to fix a dinner of baby food and formula|Done – minimal portion
sissy billy is to stay like this until Monday morning when she has to go to work|I worked on the posts – slowly because of the locked wrist cuffs. At about 9:00 PM I could not continue – I was very tired and knowing that I would not be able to sleep during the night I stopped. I had a very busy week at work and I needed to be alert on Monday and request consideration for not completing this session
Posting of Status|
sissy billy is to report status of each event and post each individually with appropriate pictures|Done
All posts should be made before she goes to work on Monday|Done-posted before I went to sleep on Sunday Night

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