The Actual Wedding Punishment – Sunday Night

It is Sunday Night and I have taken off my Sissy Maid Outfit.

Mistress Amber – I am sorry, but I must give up. I can not do this. I am so tired that I can not continue. I am sending this as a confession and an admission that I have failed to complete this assignment. I will send the rest of the photos tomorrow.

I apologize to all the other sissies as being a poor example of what a good sissy should be.

When I was young my mother would tell me that my eyes were always bigger then my stomach and I would always order more then I could eat.

Well, that is just what I did when I submitted this punishment to Mistress Amber as something I could accomplish. Mistress Amber even made it less severe and I still could not accomplish it. I am a poor excuse of what a good sissy should be.

I apologize Mistress Amber

sissy billy


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I must agree sissybilly. I along with you have failed all my assignments no matter how remedial they were. I am currently unemployed now and have more free time but im still worrying about the bills. Anyways maybe we could do some sort of punishment together and maybe we can add a plus to all of our minuses on the board. What do you think Mistress Amber?

Hello sissysarah. Sorry to hear you lost your job. I am at the end of my project and hope something new comes up. These certainly are tough times. I have done some of my assignments and hope I don’t have all minus’s on my report card. I certainly try. Right now I am just worrying about how bad Mistress Amber thinks I did on this punishment. I tried hard and it was really difficult and I hope she thinks I did some things well. I am sure Mistress Amber will come up with something to make me wish I had found a way to complete my assignment. I worry about my progress. sissy billy

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