Relief for sissy billy

I made a wish and Mistress Amber has granted it. I did not, however, ask what the price would be.

Now my wish has been granted and I must pay the price at the same time.

Mistress Amber has tagged this an assignment, I will tell you later if is a punishment. I seems like one. In hindsight I was to learn something and that is something private I will discuss with Mistress Amber.

sissy billy makeup Punishment for Mistress Rosemarie has been Posted and my basic feminine ensemble is based on Day 4.

I am to wear:

Wrist and Ankle cuffs, Clothespins on my nipples, High Heels, My sissy clitty-cage (May be removed when playing the Role of Kaya’s Master only), A lace up Corset, Panties, A Big Bra stuffed with the largest water Balloons, Diapered and wearing my Overstuffed Pink Plastic cover

Added conditions for this Relief

Higher High Heels, Bigger Water Balloons, More stuffing in my Diaper

Prior to the start of this Activity, I am to dump a 1 Quart pitcher of Cold Water in my Diaper. I realize now why Mistress Amber added this. My wish was to be very difficult for me to accomplish. My sissy-clitty shriveled up from the cold water.

The Cost of my Wish

I am to perform Kaya’s Video and I am to play both the Part of Kaya’s Master (My wish) and the part of Kaya (My payment for this wish)


I accept my wish and the cost of it.

I apologize to Mistress Amber for making a wish and then over reacting to the cost of it. I was insensitive and made demeaning remarks. I made the wish and when I did not like the cost, I failed to accept it graciously.

I accept my punishment of performing Kaya’s Video and will try to compensate for my poor attitude in responding by taking Kaya’s Video and expanding it to a mini Play in which I have both starring roles. I have added additional dialogue and scenes attempting to demonstrate to Mistress Amber that I can change and I can succeed in my sissy training.

Credit for the concept of the play belongs to Kaya and Kaya’s Master.

sissy billy Comment: I will insert these in the posting of this assignment as what I felt at certain points in this play. I had written the script during the day and was not worried that I could do this when the time came. As I am starting I am having second thoughts. I am afraid and I don’t want to do this. I have watched the video 3 more times and it has hit me that I will be Kaya and will eat my Master’s cum – worst – everyone visiting the site will know. I really did not want to do this, but Mistress Rosemarie was standing watching. I told her I was not a girl in my whining voice and she smiled. I stopped for a few minutes to rest and think about it. I will continue for now.

Title of the Play: Kaya’s First Time

Kaya had been raised by a Mistress who trained her as a proper sissy, but forgot to expose her to the cruel elements a Master would desire. To correct this the Mistress loaned Kaya to a Master for additional Training. Kaya was naive and what was about to happen she had never experienced.

Kaya was progressing well as her Master’s Maid. but the Master was now planning to begin her “sissy slut” training. As a sissy Maid she cleaned endlessly and prepared all the meals for her Master. She was not allowed to eat Dinner until her Master was done eating and she had cleaned the entire Kitchen. It was often Late and she was usually very hungry.

This morning Kaya was talking with one of the other sissy maids.

Kaya: “I wish I could eat earlier, I am always so hungry. I would do anything to please my Master so I could”

Her Master was standing outside the door and heard her conversation. When she entered the Dining Room that night he smiled at her and asked:

Master: “Would you like to eat Dinner early tonight and join me as I eat my Dinner”

Kaya” “Oh Yes Sir, Thank You Master”

Master: “This morning you made a wish and said you would do anything for me”

Kaya: “Yes Sir, I will. Thank You Sir”

Master: “Go get a Plate Kaya and bring it here and I will personally make a desert for You”

Kaya was so happy she quicly went to the Kitchen and returned with her Plate


sissy billy comment: Writing this was easy and sitting at my desk this afternoon it was just me and my fantasy. Now I am standing in front of a camera and Mistress Rosemarie is taking pictures and I know I am going to have to do this. As soon as she took the picture I became super embarrassed. She was laughing. I was humiliated even in front of her and it was reality that everyone would see me. Everyone had probably seen the Kaya video by now and knew what I was doing tonight.

Master: “You should be careful what you wish for. Come stand in front of me and tell me that you will do anything for me”

Kaya: “Yes Sir, I will do anything for You, Thank You Sir”

Master: “You shall eat early tonight and I will make you desert Kaya. Now listen closely Kaya and I expect you to obey. AFTER I CUM ON THIS PLATE YOU WILL PLACE IT ON THE FLOOR AND LICK THIS PLATE CLEAN, DO YOU HEAR CUNT?”

Kaya was stunned – This was not what she expected and just starred at her Master.

Master: “I expect you to answer. Turn around, pull down your panties and bend over”

He picked up a birch rod and gave me 5 hard strokes of the rod. I cried out after the 2nd stroke.

Master: “Now Kaya, will you obey”

Kaya: “But Master, I did not know what you were going to do. I have never done that before. That is terrible”

Master: “Turn around, Pull down your panties and bend over”

He gave me 10 harder strokes of the Rod and I was crying uncontrollably after the 3rd Stroke.

Master: “Now turn back to me. What do you say”

Kaya: “Thank You Master”

Master: “Do you want to eat early”

Kaya: “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir”

Master: “Now you have to beg me to eat early”

Kaya: “Yes Sir. I am so hungry Sir. Please may I eat your desert Sir. I will Lick the Plate clean Sir. Please Sir”

Kaya said this between her sobbing.

Master: “Pick up your Plate Kaya”

Kaya: “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir”

Master: “Kneel down before me and hold your plaste at the level of my penis and you better catch every drop.”


Kaya: “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir”

Kaya’s Master dropped his pants and after stoking himself for a short time started to spurt gobs of cum onto Kaya’s Plate as Kaya watched and was trembling as she tried to catch his sperm.

Master: “You are lucky today. It has been a long time since I last milked my sissy clitty and this is all I can get out”


sissy billy comment: I looked at the cum on the plate and I was really scared. Mistress Rosemarie just watched, took pictures and and smiled at me. I knew she was thinking that all women watching a sissy girl like me would be laughing. She reminded me that I was now going to lick and swallow my cum. What do you think the other sissy’s will think when they see these pictures, she asked. The humiliation really sank in then. I wanted to quick run away – but Mistress Rosemarie would not let me and she enjoyed my suffering. The other client’s pictures on the site were of being punished severely. Even as much as my other punishments hurt and were humiliating, this was the worst. No one was a real girl and no one was swallowing cum. All that I could think about was that every one would see me and think of me as more of a sissy then them. I was losing what little masculinity I had left by doing this. This was the worst sissiest thing I could think of being made to do. Every time I exchanged an email with pieclown or another client I will be embarrassed and will know that she will remember this. Every Time they comment now I will think of the humiliation of this.

Kaya was shocked. She thought it was a lot. Kaya looked humiliated as she thought about what she would have to do. It looked so icky and she would have to lick it up.

Master: “Get it on the Floor Now. Get down on the floor like a “sissy slut” and ask if you can lick the Plate”

Kaya: “Sir, May I lick the Plate with your cum on it”

Master: “Yes, make sure you lick every drop and be quick about it. I want to get back to my dinner”

Kaya: “Yes Sir, thank You Sir”

Kaya started licking the Plate, but was doing it slowly and stopped for a minute since it was so disgusting.

Master: “Don’t stop. Do you want me to get the birch rod again. Keep kicking. You missed that gob over there. I want to see every drop licked up and a clean plate.

Kaya: “Yes Sir, I am done Sir”

Master: “There is still cum slime on the Plate. I want it so clean you do not have to wash it.

Kaya: “Yes Sir. I am sorry Sir”

Master: “Very Good, Kaya. Are you Full, do you want more”

Kaya: “No Sir, I am full, Thank You Sir”

Master: “Do you want to eat early again tomorrow Kaya”

Kaya: “No Thank You Sir”


Kaya: ‘No Sir. I am done wishing for a while”


I hope everyone liked my play. I look forward to all the Critics giving me good comments.

Thank You sissy billy


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So true.

Well done ‘Kaya’, but it is Mistress Amber who has to be pleased.

I haven’t seen the rest of the pictures from this play—so I can’t verify that sissy billy actually performed the play well or not. Time may tell.

I was very interested in this assignment to sissy billy by Mistress Amber. I was there and got to sit in the front seats and watch this play. Remember that “sissy” billy. You say in your post of how disgusting and demeaning this was for Kaya (and you). You did play the part well, but I think you enjoyed being her even though you said you didn’t. I remember in the past how you liked playing the part of Kaya’s Master and did not think how poor Kaya felt. I have a few questions that I want you to think about. How did you like obeying and performing this duty for your Master? Would you do this again for you Master or Mistress? Did you like doing this and why? I want you to think about this today and be careful how you answer. I will now if you are truthful or trying to protect you image as a whatever you are. Mistress Amber will certainly know if you are telling the truth. I want you answer tonight before you go to sleep.

@Mistress Rosemarie I am so sorry for everything I ever did Mistress Rosemarie. In the play Kaya was a devoted sissy slut to her master and liked doing this for him. Playing the role of Kaya I also liked doing what my Master requested and performing this service. I would very much like to do this for Mistress Rosemarie and I would lick my plate clean of all of her juices. I would like to do this whenever Mistress Rosemarie requested it of me because it would please her to know that I am an obedient sissy and would do whatever she asked.

@sissy billy I just knew that you really enjoyed this. I am also very pleased that you have told everyone that you will do anything to please me. I will expect you to live up to that committment. You should tell Mistress Amber of your desire to continue your training as a sissy actress. I am sure she has many other roles and themes that you could work on and display you developing sissy talent.

@sissy billy: It is good to know that you liked being a diapered big-titted cum slurping sissy slut. I’m sure this will come up again, probably much sooner than you want it to.

@Amber Shummer
Yes Mistress Amber. I am everything that you said. It would be my honor and pleasure to please you by starring as a sissy actress in any role that Mistress Amber feels would benefit my training as a sissy. Thank You Mistress Amber

OoooH, I’ve always liked acting and would love to be a sissy actress too!

Great read, PLEASE I don’t want to NEED MY DIAPERS. I do wish I had a Mistress though.

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