sissy billy’s Standing Training Rules – Back to being Punished – 2009-June-01

How I have disappointed Mistress Amber

Well I am sorry to say that after a single night of success, I am back where I started. It was Sunday Night and I had all intention of wearing my cuffs and sissy clitty cage, but after an hour of laying in bed and thinking too much about my obedience and servitude trying to please Mistress Amber two nights in a row, I broke down and took off my cuffs so that I could go to sleep. I again have a busy week at work, but that is no excuse to disobey Mistress Amber. A sissy should be able to follow and complete simple assignments and again I am not up to my punishment.

Since sissy billy needs her sleep, she can remove her cuffs before bed. However, to reinforce that she is still a sissy, on the nights she does not wear her cuffs, she will no longer be treated like a sissy, but like a sissy baby. Baby’s do not take showers in the morning, but sissy baby’s take baths and so sissy billy will take a bath and a sissy when taking a bath should always take a bubble bath. Each Day sissy billy will take a bubble bath each morning she does not wear her cuffs the night before. Additionally, since sissy billy is still trying to learn to wear her sissy clitty cage, she will be required to wear it whenever she is wearing her cuffs.

Completed Punishment:
Each morning before I go to work I do not take a shower. I fill the bath tub for a sissy bath and put lots of bubble bath in it so there is lots of bubbles. I then take a bubble like a sissy baby. When I am done I pat my self off with a fluffy towel like a sissy would do. I am also wearing my sissy clitty cage whenever I am in the house and I have my cuffs on. This is typical of what I have done each day when I have not worn my cuffs to sleep and that has been every night during this work week.

It is a work week and I am performing my punishment again as directed. I still owe three days of punishment when and if I am able to follow Mistress Amber’s simple instructions and sleep with my wrist and ankle cuffs on for the entire time I am in the house including night time and sleeping. I am sorry Mistress Amber for once again failing to meet your expectations. I will try again each night to rise above my extremely low and inadequate sissy accomplishments.



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