Independence Celebration – sissy billy Punishment – 2009-July-06

This is what you call double the Punishment, but not double the fun.

This is day two of my punishment that I talked myself into for whining and ignoring the definition of ASAP.

I was to repeat my punishment of last night. This involved learning what a “spreading core diaper” was. I am to put on my diaper, place two bedroom pillows between my legs and pull up my 4XL rubber diaper cover. This was my punishment for whining. I then ignored Mistress Amber (never a good thing to do, actually a very bad thing to do) by not doing this punishment ASAP. I now had to put on my big girls big bra and super stuff the cups with water balloons. I was to post this with pictures, but because of taking my time, I was also to take pictures on the back porch.

I did this and posted my first day punishment. In sending the additional pictures to Mistress Amber as is always required, I asked if I had to take a picture again on the porch. Last night it was dark by the time I took it. I was hoping that Mistress Amber would have some pity on me, but thank heavens she has not responded. I apologize for assuming I should do less and take back my sissy request to avoid this picture in day light.

I managed to take a picture on the porch between a lot of neighbor activity.


I then started to make dinner with my full sissy outfit on.


This “spreading core diaper” thing is not going to be much fun. So you other sissies should beware and be good.

I must confess now though. I have such trouble sleeping on my back with a diaper and a big stuffed bra. The pillows between my legs forced my legs wide apart. I lay there thinking about how embarrassing this was with my legs spread wide like I guess a sissy slut would do waiting for her Mistress to do whatever she pleased with her. I could not stop thinking about this and needless to say never fell asleep.

My confession is that I stopped and removed my punishment outfit so that I could sleep for Work today. I needed to sleep and will now accept whatever consequences Mistress Amber decides upon for my weakness.

I am suitably attired now and cooking and eating was difficult as well as my big butt stuffed in this chair working on this post. It is early and I am going to try to go to sleep early and try to sleep all night, but at least I will lay there for several hours and hopefully earn a partial credit from Mistress Amber.

A sissy diapered and /or being trained as a sissy slut. I guess this is how Cross-Dressing Sissies are punished and treated.


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all orders most be obayed to the letter!!

JULY 06! Congratulations Sissy Billy for sticking with the studies and being an inspiration to all us wanna-be’s.

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