Independence Celebration – sissy billy punishment – 2009-July-05

I had completed my assignment for the Independence Celebration in honoring Lady Liberty. I can not seem to keep my mouth shut like a sissy should though and sissy billy should learn to keep her mouth shut unless spoken to.

I whined to both Mistress Amber and Mistress Rosemarie about the ordering of a spreading core diaper and I did not even know what it was, but it did not shown pleasant. So I whined. I apologize to both Mistress Amber and Mistress Rosemarie. Mistress Amber then added a punishment for tonight that I should learn how to spread my legs for her and Mistress Rosemarie and that I should stuff two pillows over the diaper I would have to wear tonight and pull up my 4XL rubber diaper cover over it.


Mistress Amber told me to do this ASAP and take pictures and post the pictures. I somehow had a lapse of common sense and did not comprehend Mistress Amber’s simple statement of ASAP. I responded by saying that I would do this as soon as I ate dinner on the porch. I am a slow learner, so now my punishment includes wearing a stuffed big girls big bra and the stuffed diaper with two pillows all night. I also had to go out on the porch which I was using as an excuse for not starting and take a picture.


I also must now double my punishment and do this again tomorrow night.

I am sorry Mistress Amber and Mistress Rosemarie. I will complete my punishment and I will not whine about this again.

My legs are now spread wide for Mistress Amber and Mistress Rosemarie as practice for future assignments and punishments for them to do with me as they please.


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I dont really think that one such as me would have to endure that spreading core diaper, it seems perfect for naughty sissies like sissy billy

perhaps you could make him wear a 5 thick diaper as well, the inner 4 layers cut so they leak through, and then the spreading core over the diapers once they are ductapped totaly onto him.

just an idea

@sissybabyjamie Be carefull what you suggest sissybabyjamie, even when you are suggesting punishment for someone else. It often has a boom-a-rang effect and ends up being your punishment. Mistress Amber has a very good memory of what sissies really do not like. I have often learned the hard way. So Beware.

@sissy billy

Well the fact is Mistress Amber hasnt done anyting to make me amember of the instiute so i doubt she will use my suggestion against me. after all.

sissybabyjamie and other applicants – not a good attitude and I am sure the Mistresses of “The institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” are thinking the same. Like most things in life you have to earn them, not have them given to you.

@sissy billy

You are right, I am sorry if i was rude, or out of hand, patience is a virtue, one i am certain i will learn.

Typically, I enjoy the visual effect a spreading core diaper has on a sissy baby–I find it tends to help them ‘get into character’ so to speak, and serves as a lasting symbol of status for the hapless sissy that they can feel as well as see. I’m personally in favor…

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