The Play – Kaya’s First Time – A Re-Write

The Play – Kaya’s First Time – is being discontinued.

At least for the time being and only as long as I can stay out of trouble. (I have been assured by Mistress Amber and Mistress Rosemarie that it can reopen on short notice)

In the past two weeks I have managed to get myself into several predicaments. I have made a wish that I had to make because of a lack of self control. I accepted the consequences for this wish and then asked for and was granted a change of the options which I now ask to change once again. I have also been rude and have failed to behave as a proper sissy should, both in posting comments and in emails to Mistress Amber.

I certainly need help in my training and constant supervision in my attempts to fulfill my assignments and accomplish my punishments. Heaven knows that I cause Mistress Amber a lot of effort in my training and I try to be appreciative of her efforts. I thank her for not giving up on me.

Mistress Rosemarie has just returned from a needed vacation with her girlfriends away from me. She provides a lot of supervision, control and acts as my conscious in support of Mistress Amber’s attempts in my training. I was told to stay out of trouble and obey Mistress Amber, but it is obvious by my actions of the last two weeks that I did not. She reprimanded me severely and left me to worry as she went to her computer to see how naughty I had been. I am sure she also traded some emails with Mistress Amber. Not Good and I expected the worse.

I was surprised at how calm she was when she came to my room to talk to me. Mistress Rosemarie then told me after some communication, that she was very surprised at how forgiving Mistress Amber was, that I was lucky that Mistress Amber must have other more pressing and important issues then my disobedience and if I was smart, which she said she didn’t think I was, that I better stay in my room and figure out how I could please Mistress Amber. Mistress Rosemarie said that she had some ideas, but that I better think of some myself and then she would help me formulate a plan to please Mistress Amber. I really do not deserve Mistresses so understanding. I had until dinner to come up with a plan.

Mistress Amber has stated that for the Play to be temporarily discontinued I must do the following.

For the last cum-slurping episode I was to dress differently – in a way that I think would be most pleasing to Mistress Amber. I am to do my slurping off of a non-porous object – just not a plate. I was to post a picture of my slurping up cum and then I may return to my life of chastity.

Mistress Rosemarie came back into my room and told me a story of when she was a little girl and how her grandmother kept her behaving like a little girl should. Her Grandmother told her that she had a friend who was a witch and that she could change bad little children into whatever she wished. If a child was messy and did not keep her room clean, then she would change them into a pig and they would have to live in the mud with the other pigs. Mistress Rosemarie followed this with the comment that she was very young and believed what her grandmother told her and as a result was a very neat little girl and behaved like a good little girl. She smiled and said, of course that could never happen ——- But then one never knew. Anything was possible. As far as not being allowed to “Slurp” off of a plate, I should go sit in the bathroom and think of other possibilities. Another common punishment used in her family was to sit in the bathroom and think about what she had done that was bad. She smiled and suggested that maybe Kaya’s Master might masturbate in the toilet and if I was lucky the seat cover was down as it should be. Mistress Rosemarie then laughed and said I was on my own and she looked forward to my posting and for my benefit that Mistress Amber liked it.

She left me with one final idea. She said that since I had such trouble with being a girl and fixated on girls being girls, maybe her grandmother would have turned my head into a vagina with only long legs and then I could experience how much fun a girl could have. My tongue was easily usable as my vagina’s clit and that clits loved to swim in gobs of cum and clit’s loved to slurp up as much cum as they could.

With these ideas strongly suggested to me by Mistress Rosemarie, I started to think of ways that I might incorporate them in a final “Slurping” Episode of the Play.

I decided, as the leading playwright of this play, that I would re-write the final slurping sucking scene.

The following is a revision to the original Play.

I performed the play as originally written to the point I was kneeling in front of my Master waiting for him to make and deposit my desert to “Slurp”.


As Kaya knelt before her Master, he reprimanded her for her poor attitude, her obvious dislike and slowness in licking up his cum and her constant whining and negative attitude.

Kaya’s Master sent me to a local Witch with the instructions that my head was to be transformed into one big vagina. My tongue should poke through my vagina slit and eagerly slurp up and suck in any of his cum no matter where it was deposited. He also said my attitude had better reflect a vagina gratefully receiving its Master’s cum.

I returned transformed by a local witch into a nymph with long legs and a vagina for a head.

[![](]( [![](](

Kaya’s Master then said that fine china was not something a slut like I should get use to and that he would deposit his cum in the toilet. He then said this time he would squirt it on the seat of the toilet, but that if my attitude did not change, then next time I could slurp it off the seat where his ass had sat. Things would get worse after that. Urinate on the rim followed by some gobs of cum. The rest he left to my imagination.

sissy billy comment – please excuse the very rough and inadequate makeup job of transforming sissy billy’s head into a vagina. The makeup department had very little time to prepare and they did the best they could.

I stood and watched as Master deposited him specially made desert for me on (Thankfully) the toilet seat cover.


I bent my legs and my vagina’s clit (my tongue) gratefully slurped up my warm desert.


The play ended with me thanking my Master profusely for allowing me to serve him and for taking the time to make me a wonderful desert which I really really loved. He left with a smile.

So ends this run of the Play – “Kaya’s First Time”

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