A sissy must be prompt in her assignments – Morning 3

It is Sunday Morning and I have been very busy, but still have not completed my profile. So I am once again completely dressed in the sissy girlie outfit of Mistress Rosemarie’s choosing.

I have rephrased and corrected sections of my profile and added another section. I was certainly hoping to have completed this by now, but I have one question that I must ask Mistress Amber because I am not sure how to do a link. After several months of trying to be a good sissy client you would think that I would know all of these things by now, but I do not. I quess I am still in need of more and extensive training and punishment as a sissy client.

I will, hopefully, finish my profile as soon as Mistress Amber helps me with my question.

This morning as I got up, Mistress Rosemarie told me I had to work immediately on trying to complete my profile. She had my sissy clitty-cage on the Ladies Room vanity and roughly placed it on my sissy-clitty. As usual, she was rough and I cried because it hurt as she shoved my sissy-clitty into its restraint.

Next came my pink panties and pantyhose. Today I was to wear my white big ladies big bra suitably stuffed. She had also taken out of my sissy girl closet a frilly pink crinoline for me to wear and a white “Sunday Church” skirt and blouse. The crinoline fluffed up my skirt and I felt very pretty and feminine in it.

Then, to my shock, she told me to hurry up with my corrections, because she wanted us to go to church and I could show everyone how pretty I looked. I was horrified. I can usually tell when she is just teasing me and she has never made me go outside dressed as a girl. This time I could not tell and I blushed with humiliation. Then she told me it would depend on how I did on working on my profile. I immediately went to the computer, started and hoping that I could complete it satisfactorily.

I did feel pretty and feminine in my outfit.


Well, as noted in my post, I did not finish my profile. Mistress Rosemarie did relent after much crying and begging and said she would not take me to church. She had made her point and as always I admit to her total control. I did not get off that easy though. She took me to the Ladies Room and lathered up nice and soapy my pink camay soap and after washing my mouth out (for whining) sufficiently and as you can see it was oozing from my mouth. I was allowed to spit most of it out and I was taken by the hand and had to sit and watch a Chuch service on Television. I could taste the soap for the entire service and it was not pleasant, but at least I did not have to actually go to the church service.


Unfortunately, I will have at least one more episode of this before finishing my profile.


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So.. Have you finished your profile?

I apologize My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg. I did figure out how to do the link and it was a very quick fix and I did complete my profile. Mistress Rosemarie did not say anything to me about dressing up to make this quick fix. Since I had essentially completed the profile I did not think I had to dress-up and report an episode one more time. I am sorry Mistress Amber if I was supposed to do this, but I did not.

sissy billy

Hello sissy-sarah,
It has been a long time since I have seen you communicate with anyone. I hope you are deciding to come back to your much needed training and not just a few comments. It would be good if you joined the other sissies in the sissy “sand box” for training. You obviously have been a naughty sissy, but I am sure that other Mistresses as well as myself would welcome you back.
Thank You for your one little comment. My sissy has also been naughty and I had forgot about this last episode.

Hello Mistress Myckie Jo,
Thank you for your email. Like you, I am also new to being a Mistress and this totally slipped by me. It seems our sissy tried to avoid another assignment and punishment.

Now for you my sissy,
The fact that you finally remembered how to fix a problem that you should have known or could have easily looked up in the Regulations and that it only took a few moments to fix is not relevant. The assignment and punishment involved dressing up to complete this. You even state in Episode 3 that you had another to do. It sounds like you intentionally avoided this and once again tried to take the easy way out. What’s the matter. Is Dressing Up like a sissy girl not so much fun anymore. You know that it gives me so much pleasure seeing you all dressed up in your “darling” Girlie Outfits.

It would seem to me that you owe everyone, Mistresses and sissies alike, another dress-up episode and posting. You should volunteer to make another post, but as you have told everyone in your comment to pieclown – you are not in the mood to volunteer. “Too Bad Sweetie”. Maybe sissy-sarah would like to know what you got for Christmas. Oh I forgot, that is too embarrassing for you and I did promise not to push you on this.

I would tell you to think of something to volunteer for as a post for the one you forgot, but I am sure you would take the sissy way out and pick something way to easy. Maybe I should ask your sissy friends what they think you should volunteer for. “Hold your Breath” Honey, I will have some further discussions with Mistress Myckie Jo and Mistress Amber, who you probably really disappointed by not completing her assignment properly.

You owe all of us a voluntary posting of our choice this time.

Mistress Rosemarie

Good Morning to all of my Mistresses and the Ladies of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”. I did not intentionally try to avoid this posting. I have been dressing up (ie, Dresses and Negligees for Mistress Rosemarie, Pantyhose and Panties for My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg, etc) so much that my assignments and prescribed dress code seem to always overlap. I was also and still am correcting several of my old postings which is currently an assignment for me. I unintentionally forgot what post I was to make. I am so sorry Mistresses.

I volunteer to make whatever post you assign to me to make up for this mistake. I do commit to obey and to please all the Mistresses and particularly My Mistress Rosemarie.

sissy billy

Hello Mistresses and all,

I have a moment to leave a comment here. Mistress Rosemarie, you have great taste. I love the white top and skirt. I do see that sissy billy did not check her slip. It is showing. Now if this is your requirement to make her look like a silly sissy, it did.

sissy billy, that is control top pantyhose right. It gives that look in the picture. So every time you whine will Mistress Rosemarie wash your mouth out with soap?

Sissysarah, it is nice to see you post again. I know how work or the search for work will get in the way of doing postings. As for you rejoining the “sandbox”, that will have to come from Mistress Amber. I will say you have the guts to share a true face picture.

sissy billy :

I volunteer to make whatever post you assign to me to make up for this mistake. I do commit to obey and to please all the Mistresses and particularly My Mistress Rosemarie.

sissy billy

sissy billy, do you know what you have just said? You could be required to share you Christmas present, and not just the description. They could be in full use, on you.

Oh well, I hope all are staying warm.
pie pie 4 now

    Hello pieclown,

    I do enjoy when you comment. I hope the Holidays where good and wish you a very good New Year. I admire how observant you are.

    Yes, Mistress Rosemarie does have excellent taste. The clothes she has directed me to purchase since she found out about me have been much more fashionable and coordinated then the clothes I ever managed to purchase. Of course, since I was trying to buy my cross-dressing outfits without her knowing it I did not have the same flexibility. But she is very good. She dresses me nicely, but then she often adds something or adjust something to humiliate me. She did make me pull down my crinoline so everyone would see and I did feel like a silly sissy. I also did not object because I love my crinolines.

    It is control top pantyhose, but it does not flatten my stomach enough. I have not had my mouth washed out with soap lately, but that is always a threat.

    And most of all pieclown. I do know what I said. I was prodded into that wording by Mistress Rosemarie. I often, as you know, say things without thinking. This time I knew that this would open up doors but was told to explicitly say it. Mistress Rosemarie still is not forcing me to humiliate myself, but hoping others will. She did take pictures, so I think my humiliation is inevitable. In my latest diary entry I tried to leave pictures per her direction, but I could not figure out how to do it. Something like (sissy billy in her negligee) and then when you click on it the picture would show. Actually I was glad it did not work. I don’t even know if you can do that in a comment or diary post. Oh well. I am sure you will all see me humiliated. It is only a matter of time.

    Stay warm, it certainly is cold here. sissy billy

Hello Mistresses and sissies alike. Yes i have been lurking around sometimes. I have been busy with the kid and struggling to make ends meet like the other 7+ million americans without jobs. I have been barely making enough money to put gas in the tank to get around. I also havent dressed in anything in quite some time.

May I remind you my sissy (billy) that you have been very quiet and have not volunteered to post all those pretty and nice Christmas present I got for you. Obviously out of not wanting to hurt your feelings or fear that it may backlash on them your fellow sissies could not bring themselves to embarrass you into telling.
So…We will have a few conditions for our nice relaxing trip this weekend. You will bring your presents, enemas, soap, negligees, book with you. You will dress femininely for me wearing panties, bra and pantyhose the entire weekend. Now as a punishment for being fresh to me this week we will use your enema and soap for the first time.
This time, so all your sissy friends will know, you will make a post at the end of the weekend and fully detail our excellent trip and will not leave out any of the details. I will proofread it before you post it, so don’t skip anything.
I am sure everyone will look forward to reading about our fun weekend.
Mistress Rosemarie

What is the sand box? Would I like this?

    Hello sissy alison. The “sand box” is what I fantasize as being my punishment chamber. The “sand box” is what all of us sissies play in or are punished in for being cross-dressing sissies and most of all for the enjoyment of the Mistresses. The “sand box” may be my Mistress’s bedroom or the Ladies room, but in my case, I am usually being punished in the “sand box”.
    As far as whether you would like it, I guess it depends on how good you have been and what your Mistresses may think and particularly what punishment you are receiving in the “sand box”.

    Oh well – have fun in your “sand box” or not. sissy billy


p>Yes, Mistress Rosemarie does have excellent taste.

It seems Mistress Rosemarie’s “taste” is for pink Camay soap for you. But I think I might otherwise enjoy her taste also, as long as it stayed out of my mouth. It seems that pink Camay is always at hand, and she even reminds you to bring it for a “nice relaxing weekend.”

I have not had my mouth washed out with soap lately, but that is always a threat.

I didn’t understand whether you meant it is a treat NOT to have had your mouth washed out with soap recently, or that getting your mouth washed out with soap is “always a treat.” I know what I’d say about that.

Hello sweetsuds,

I have many failings as a sissy and that is why I have been enrolled in here by my Mistress.

One of many failings is to not know how to keep my mouth shut which a sissy should never be rude or disobedient. When I said “It is always a Treat” I was being sarcastic.

Rest assured Mistress Rosemarie picked up on it and a sissy has no right to be sarcastic, I was marched to the Ladies Room and had my mouth washed out with the “Pink Camay” once again. Some sissies never learn and I guess I am one of them.

sissy billy

Oh, sissy billy – how well I know the ritual of “lather, rinse, and REPEAT” It’s those second helpings of pink Camay that can ruin a little dirty mouthed sissy’s diet. ;) And like you, I have sometimes suffered from the tendency to use sarcasm when it is ill advised. I have memories of some rather intense Camay mouth soapngs myself and the memory is enough to bring back that unforgettable taste. I guess you and I must both need reminders, since even the unpleasant memory of the taste is not enough to imbed the lesson. Once is not enough for us.

I would not want to say this to your Mistresses (but suspect they check these postings for such intelligence), but I am very drawn to pink Camay soap. It has some mysterious power over me and alway the scent and sight of it remind me of beautiful women. It’s the taste that I could do without, thank you very much. But I admit, it’s also my mouth that often needs the reminder. Again, between you and me, I have not had a thorough Camay mouth soaping for some time and am not eager to resume such punishments, but yes, I am familiar with pink Camay, all too intimately familiar sometimes. I have been required in the past to wear a sissy bib when I get my mouth soapings – to catch all those dribbling thick Camay suds. Oh, just the thought makes me gag.

At least you haven’t mentioned (dare I say it here?) the use of soapsticks as punishment. I hope that does not present a future problem for either of us.

Enjoy your good fortune to have such caring Mistresses looking after you. We’ll probably recognize each other someday passing by with pink Camay soap in both of our mouths and suds piling up on our bibs.

Hello sweetsuds,

I do not have the same liking for the “Pink Camay” as you do. I can taste it now as I right this. For me it is a icky punishment that I dread. Mistress Rosemarie does not make me wear a bid, but prefers that it drip on my dress which gives me more work in cleaning it up.

All the Mistresses check everything on the site and are always aware of what we say. Mistress Katzenburg is very adept and intuitive of devising punishments for the things we write and what is intended between the lines.

I do not know what a soap-stick is, but I am sure that Mistress Rosemarie and the other Mistresses will quickly google it. Something else for your punishment log.

I am thankful for Mistress Rosemarie and she is beautiful. I kept hidden from her all the years we were married that I like to wear dresses and when she found out, she was very mad. I am glad she did not throw me out. She does not participate a lot and leaves my training and punishments up to Mistress Katzenburg. I know she does converse privately with all the Mistresses though and she does delite in my training and punishment as she believes it is well deserve.

Oh – I did look above and I can not find an application. When Mistress Katzenburg decides, she will talk with you. Be patient.

sissy billy

sissy billy,

Since we understand these exchanges are within the view of your Mistresses (and perhaps some day one or more of them might also be my Mistresses), I should perhaps clarify that my affinity for and attraction to pink Camay is more academic and pyschological than practical and physical. I like Camay’s esthetic qualities and the concept of a sweetly feminine looking and smelling soap that boasts glorious lather (well, glorious when it’s used outside oral cleansings). Being forced to have direct physical contact with pink Camay raises some changes of heart and enthusiasm for me and makes my own sissification much more immediate, real, and intimidating. I think I share your distaste, but perhaps you have more experience in that than I – so far, so your distaste is expressed more emphatically.

You are most fortunate that your Mistress Rosemarie has found ways to incorporate your fetishes into a successful continuing union with you, that she has seen fit to keep you and cultivate the sissy you are deep inside. She obviously sees the value of developing your sissy nature for the benefit of your relationship together with her. My first wife was not as understanding. No, she did not “kick me out” for my similar desires as you kept hidden from your wife. When my wife discovered that side of me she called it “sick and disgusting” and threw away all my sissy things. It was not the primary reason for our divorce but assuredly contributed to hastening my departure. It was less stressful to live alone than to be under constant attack and beratement for being so despised as to let my sissy side show. The tragedy is she could have continued to have a loving devoted partner if she had accepted that sissy in me as your wife accepts you and had been creative enough to find her own pleasures from that side of me as well. You are a most lucky sissy!! If I were in your diapers or panties, I’d enjoy every moment of sissification she bring on me.

As for soapsticks, suffice it to say here, that a disciplinarian can use pieces of soap skillfully shaped with a kitchen knife (remember soap sculptures in art class?) into thick cynlinders (or knobby ones or blunt ones) or the entire bar of soap (with training) to insert in a sissy’s dirty stopped up bum hole as a way of inducing a bowel movement, or inserted into a nice clean sissy hole simply for the training value of a soapstick’s intense discomfort and bum-filling mass. They were a standard part of child care long ago, I understand (thankfully now mostly forgotten). I have had an entire bar of pink Camay soap, diligently soaked and softened before) worked entirely up inside my bottom and then made to sit on it for the duration of a long soapy scrubbing in the bathtub. Believe me, it is very hard to sit still with a bar of soap inside your rectum – feels so full and stings and wants to come out badly. But there you sit, perhaps with another bar of pink Camay protruding from your pouting lips as her bathbrush makes its lathery lavations in all the bodily nooks and crannies where sissies never adequately clean. That has only happened to me a few times, but it was memorable for sure. Enough said about soapsticks. I have no doubts creative Mistresses will use that as merely a foundation for new adventures in sissy cleansing torments. I shall let sleeping soapsticks lie tucked away in our grandmother’s and auntie’s bathroom cupboards. May those wonderful women of our pasts rest in peace knowing their grandsissys’ and naughty nephews’ bums continue to be well attended and properly emptied and cleansed with strict regularity.

Off to do my errands.


Hello sweetsuds

That certainly sounds terrible. I am very thankful for my Mistresses and should remind myself more often of that and thank them.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg and Mistress Rosemarie

sissy billy

I see that all the MISTRESSES are very demanding and severe. It is normal that submissive subjected obey exactly the orders with conviction and precision

It is difficult some times. Probably most of the time.

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