Dusting Off: sissy billy reporting for Maid Duties

“The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” has become quite dusty and Mistress Katzenburg has requested that all good sissies report for Maid Duties. Mistress Katzenburg assigned all of us sissies to present themselves in their best Maids outfits and post a picture. The best presentable Sissy Maid will be exempt from the more humiliating and severe duties to Follow.

This sissy thought that she would not wear her very pretty pink serving maids outfit meant, but rather wear a more serviceable and practicable cleaning maid’s outfit. I put on pretty panties and decided that I would also wear a diaper and a pink plastic cover. I did this so that I could better service Mistress Katzenburg’s request if necessary and not have to stop for a Ladies Room visit which I often have to make. I put on a pink bra and stuffed it to medium fullness so as not to hamper possible cleaning duties. This was followed with pantyhose and 2″ heals for maid duties. Every good sissy maid must wear a crinoline under her outfit so she does look pretty if her Mistress decides to inspect and watch her cleaning. I put on a full white crinoline, pretty lacy white blouse and pink skirt. I then put on my white pinafore for cleaning to protect my skirt. I put on white lacy maids gloves and wrist-lets. I then topped this with a very pretty maids cap.

I present myself for inspection and assignment of sissy maid duties.


I have tried to look my prettiest as a sissy maid and still be functional as a cleaning maid. I hope I am picked as best in the sissy maid cleaning pageant.

For further exposures and pictures I have included other views and exposures in your choosing of sissy maid cleaning Queen.


Thank You for the opportunity to compete in the sissy maid Cleaning Pageant.

sissy billy


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Hello sissy billy,
I must admit you do look nice in you maid attire. We will have to see what the readers think. At this time, you and I are the only ones that have done this out of the four active clients.

Good luck, but I hope I win.
pie pie 4 now

Hello pieclown, Thank you for saying I looked good in my maid attire. You know me, I like my pretty things. I just looked at your picture and I will comment on your post.

It is unfortunate that it is just you and I. It would be such much more fun if there were lots of other active clients. Since in polls you should never vote for your competitor in a contest and we are not allowed to vote for ourselves like they do in politics, this could end up being a nothing – nothing tie.

Good Luck to you too.

sissy billy

Well, my little Sissy, you certainly are the prettiest and daintiest sissy maid making a post.

I know you had fun dressing up in your pretty maid outfit, but I wonder if that was the purpose of the assignment. You are the only one that does not seem ready to clean the site. Not one cleaning utensil in a picture, just you standing there looking pretty.

While I may think you look pretty (I must since you belong to me), I don’t think I would hire you as a maid. You seem ill prepared for cleaning duties.

Good luck in your polling, but I hope you fail just because I would like to see what punishments failure may entail for you. It is so much fun watching you struggle.

Love You, Mistress Rosemarie

bravo à toi sissy billy,tu es très mignonne dans ta
tenue de petite fille.

I agree sissy billy does look very pretty(as we should) but we do have to do some work too

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