Sorority Bitches Report Card

After a few days of waiting, the Sorority Bitches finally have their report card:

Round | Activity | Pieclown | sissy billy
:——- | —— | :—–: | :———-:
Dressed for Dinner | Waiting Outside | Passed | –
 |Mush Mouth | – | Passed
 |Happiness Pie | Passed | Failed [^1]
 |A Happy Ending | – | –
Early Punishments|Trapped in a Cage | | Failed [^2]
 |Public Paddling | Passed | Passed
 |Oral Practice I | Passed | Passed
 |Oral Practice II | – | –
 |Cleaning Up | Passed | Passed
Late Punishments|Exercise Time | Passed | Passed
 |Private Paddling | – | Passed
 |Shower Time I | Passed | Failed [^3]
 |Shower Time II | – | Failed
 |Shower Time III | – | Passed
Bedtime|Easy | – | Failed [^4]
 |Medium | Passed | –
 |Medium (2) | – | –
 |Hard | – | –
 |Hard (2) | – | –

Pieclown has eight passes (including one in each category) and zero fails. She is passed.

Sissy billy has seven passes (in three out of four categories) and five fails. Since she didn’t complete all four categories, she fails this assignment. But all is not lost, as Mistress Rosemarie has nominated her for membership in [Kappa Delta Pi](, so she should get plenty of sorority bitch experience in the coming months.

[^1]: Don’t hold the pie pan in your hands if “no hands allowed”

[^2]: You have passed the activity “Sitting in a Box”

[^3]: See pieclown’s post for the meaning of bikini shave

[^4]: Partial credit may be available, but even giving her half credit for nights one and two, she still comes up a full night short on the easy task.


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Since sissy billy failed, or as I see it super failed, will she have to proceed onto the “babyface” assignment mentioned at the beginning of Sorority Bitches? I would agree that sissy billy needs much more sorority bitch experience. But I’d like to see her complete whatever the “babyface” assignment entails.

I would also like to volunteer my sissy, maggie-rae, to participate in the babyface assignment. She will happily submit a post with pictures of her participation, if Mistress Katzenburg approves of this, of course.

    Thanks for reminding me—the babyface assignment had completely slipped my mind. I will find me notes on that (and the other) assignment and post them for sissy billy later today. I would be happy to have Maggie Rae participate—I’m just not sure she will be so happy to do so.

    I’m not exactly sure how I got dragged into this, and I’m not really sure what Babyface is or what it entails, but it’s sounding rather unpleasant from my standpoint. I know I’ve been out of the loop for a good while, that I’ve been busy, and that I may not have been a perfectly obedient little angel for Ms. Lisa, but I’m not sure that anything drastic is necessarily called for…

      Hello Maggie-Rae, I do not know if we have talked before but I am sorry that I may have been the cause of Ms. Lisa’s wrath and as a result I may be the cause.

      However, I have found in the past, although I never learn and can quite remember, it is usually better to remain silent and accept whatever is presented to you. But then again, I always seem to be in trouble.

      Sorry, sissy billy

      Maggie Rae, you know exactly how you’ve been dragged into this! I’ve told you that you would do an assignment posted here, regardless of whether Mistress Katzenburg would allow you to post. You’ve been acting like a big baby, very very far from being the obedient sissy that you should be! I’m sure the Babyface assignment will be the perfect one for you and your recent behavior.

      Unpleasant or not, it doesn’t sound like you will get much of a choice in the matter. Actually, it probably will be unpleasant and humiliating—it is the third level assignment in the series, after all. At least you can look forward to this only being one assignment. Unless, of course, Ms. Lisa decides to re-enroll you in The Institute…

Ms Lisa, that was not at all kind reminding Mistress Katzenburg that there is more for me to do, but I am sure she would have remembered anyway.

I do not think that I super failed. I tried to do more then was requested. I did pass a required 7 activities, but failed in Bedtime because I tried to do more. If I had only picked the easy one, I might have been able to wear my nightgown for 5 days (Maybe) and then I would have been the same as pieclown if I had not tried to get extra credit.

The cat is out of the bag now, so I do gracefully accept my failure in Sorority Bitches and accept what Mistress Katzenburg prescribes. I did think that I had a choice between two punishments, which having a choice is a treat for a sissy.

I do see that I have been recommended to join a Sorority. I have always wanted to join a Sorority, but there is not a lot of information regarding Kappa Delta Pi, so I am not sure if that is a good thing for me or a bad thing for me. I do know after a year, however, that there are very few fun good things for sissies. Hopefully this is a good thing.

Anyway – pieclown, congratulations from one sissy to another on your success and passing of this assignment.

sissy billy

    Further sorority training, especially in how to address your superiors cannot come soon enough. For comments like this, I think Ms Lisa will get a say in your punishment (if she wants it). Perhaps you would speak more kindly to her if she had you bent over, ready for a large strap-on?

      I agree, Mistress Katzenburg, Sissy Billy really needs to learn how to address her superiors. However, being a sadistic Mistress, I don’t think the large strap-on is what I would use. Having her tightly restrained and using the rest of her waxing kit for the bikini wax that she so obviously botched would be more in order for her poor respect to her superiors. Also for her incessant whining and excuses for not putting her all into the Sorority Bitches assignment.

      As far as choosing the assignment that Sissy Billy should perform, I will wait and see which one I believe would be best suited for her. This way, she can at least see the choices she could have had if she hadn’t addressed me with so little respect.

        Good Morning Ms. Lisa, I apology to you if you felt that I did not address you properly. I did not mean to be rude. I have never had a discussion with you or Maggie-Rae and should have been more polite. I was just trying to be a little bit funny, but a sissy should not do anything that could offend another sissy’s Mistress. I would not like to be bent over with Ms Lisa wering a strapon or with a box of waxing kit bikini strips in her hand. I sincerely apologize.

        I was such a hard assignment and I was upset that I did not perform better and impress the Judges.

        I will, of course, accept my next assignment gratefully as a good sissy should.

        sissy billy

Mistress Katzenburg and Ms. Lisa, I do apologize to you for my seeming lack of control over my sissy billy. I do need help in keeping her in line and attentive to her obligations as a sissy. That is one of the reasons I recommended her for training in Kappa Delta Pi.

I have obviously been far to lenient in motivating her proper respect toward her Mistresses. She is far to quick to make statements toward others without thinking how she may insult them and either does not care who she hurts or is a poor sissy or both. Not only has she fallen far behind in assignments over the last few months, but her lack of practice is clearly evident in something as simple as trying to put together a short paragraph above with proper spelling and grammar.

I do like your input Ms. Lisa and your ideas.

Mistress Katzenburg, you will find it interesting that as optimistic and enthusiastic as sissy billy sounded above about fulfilling her dream of joining a Sorority, she has begun to remember the experiences of pledging that I have relayed to her. She is getting nervous. She had not thought ahead (another fault of hers) about what actual pledging may entail and is no longer very excited. I recommend even more now her application to become a Sorority Pledge (Bitch) realizing she really, really, really requires it.

I appreciate all Mistresses help in getting sissy billy back on track to becoming an obedient and proper sissy. If she fails, then I recommend that she repeats her training until she passes to all Sorority Mistresses satisfaction.

Mistress Rosemarie

Hello to both sissy billy and Maggie-Rae. Isn’t it lovely to see both of the sissies playing in the sissy sandbox, Ms. Lisa.

All the both of you have done in these comments is whine and cry about how unfair you have been treated. The both of you need to stop and think about how embarrassing you both are to your Mistresses and “The Institute” with all this crying and excuse making.

Just perform your assignments like good sissies should do and all will be well. I know I will smile if sissy billy can get something, anything right.

Mistress Rosemarie

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