Hello All,

Mistress has asked me to introduce myself. This may take time as there is quite a lot to tell but I will try to keep it fun. I love fun you see, it is the one consistent theme of my new life. The farther and deeper I get into Tricia’s head the more fun I have. It can be hard work sometimes though.

I’ll begin though with the boring bit. I was born 53 years ago as a male in a hospital near Wembley Station. That makes me British and, trust me, I’m very British. I had a normal education, enjoyed university, went into IT and had three children (who are now grown up and I love dearly). I did all this by denying Tricia’s existence. I knew she was in me but was far too scared to let her out, or let anybody know about her existence. That was until my Father died. Through no fault of his I seemed more free and became determined to get Tricia out. And girl, have I done that!

At Home in drab

Firstly I had to choose my name and realised that it was my parents who gave me my actual name, which incidentally is Iain Hastings. My Father was called Patrick but was known as Pat. So I took Pat away from Patrick and somehow ended up with Tricia. My Mother was a singer before I was born and her stage name was Margaret Dale. I am therefore known as Tricia Dale although my friends call me Trish.

The Weekend Girl

Next I needed to find a location; a place where I could practice being Tricia Dale. It needed to be away from where I lived and worked because I promised my children I wouldn’t dress around them. I chose Manchester because it has a vibrant gay village and many tranny friendly venues. It was only an hour away. After a few months of hotels I finally met up with another girl, called Tina and moved in to share her council apartment at weekends. It is not much. We have no electricity so no heating; and you try putting your slap on by candle-light. I also have a coffin for a wardrobe and a camper gas stove that explodes on me whenever I try to turn it on. However, as the song says, ‘I got plenty of nuthin’ but nuthin’s plenty for me. I am so happy in Manchester.

Each weekend I go up to the flat on the Friday evening and stay as Tricia until Monday morning. I still work as Iain during the week but it has been agreed at work that I can go in as Trish in the New Year. My work colleagues all know about me and are fine with it but I have yet to meet them. Our office Christmas meal seems the ideal time and I will try to set that up next week. All of my family and friends know about my new life so that side of things is sorted as well.

Me as the good fairy

Finally, about me, about Trish. There are two sides to me that are important. I’m almost like the nursery rhyme:
“When I am good I am very very good”
“But when I am bad I am horrid”.
So I’ll start with the good side to me which you can skip if you want to, but you may miss something important.

The Working Girl

Normally I am a very responsible girl. I dress stylishly and professionally, especially when walking around town. I am generous, friendly, outgoing, tolerant and want others to enjoy themselves around me. To begin with, I was insecure around young children because I wasn’t sure how they would take me.

That all stopped when I moved in with Tina. On the first I evening I walked around my new neighbourhood. I passed a gang of young children playing in their front garden. As I walked on I heard some little footsteps pattering behind me. A tiny girl (about six years old) tapped my backside. As a Father I knew to turn round to face her and to bend down to her level, bending my knees of course.
“You’re not a real girl are you?” The question was obvious.
I put my perfectly manicured finger to my lips.
“Ssssh, don’t tell anybody”. I winked, turned around and carried on walking. About thirty seconds later I heard a shrill voice scream out.
“I’ve told someone!”
That is to be the title of a book I am writing because it is so important to me. It was the final acceptance of what I am.

Later on, a few months ago, I became the pied piper of Manchester. A young girl (about fifteen) wasn’t sure about me so I winked at her.
“Excuse me, are you a boy or a girl?”
“I’m a girl of course, look at me”. I knew my voice would betray me.
“What’s your name?”
“Do you mind if we go shopping with you Tricia?”
Behind me were half a dozen teenagers. So, with a pack of kids behind me, off we wet to the biggest shopping centre in Manchester. The kids were brilliant and learnt a lot about me. Eventually the inevitable happened.
“Tricia” the girl said, “ do you mind if I ask a very personal question?”
“You may ask but I may choose not to answer hon”.
“Do you sleep with men?” The girl put her hand to her mouth in embarrassment.
“No honey, I’ve already told you I’m a girl”. I paused.
“…… men sleep with me”.

That, you see, is my problem, my bad side. Like everybody else I am a very sexual person. But, and this is my reason for joining the institute, I am a sexual person in unorthodox ways. I also occasionally use drugs and drink vast quantities of alcohol. I can be a very good time girl as well so let’s delve into that a little.

I love giving men and women pleasure but it is their pleasure that’s important to me not my own. I get my own in another way. I have learnt to adore cocks and enjoy nothing more than working on an erect penis. I use my fingers, tongue and lips to get them aroused and feel brilliant when they explode into my mouth. I love the taste of their sperm too and will swill it around my mouth for ages before swallowing. There is a place under a bridge in Manchester, now called Tricia’s gobble, where I take them to be free from prying cameras.

Presenting Myself for a Man

Many men take me for a complete slut which I can’t complain about because it is true. They like me dress tartily or as a schoolgirl or maid. When this type of man cums he withdraws his cock and paints my face with his seed. I would sooner he came in my mouth but I do enjoy collecting all the sticky, salty goo in my long, manicured fingernails and licking it all up. I rarely miss a drop. But I quickly turn back into a good girl thanking the man profusely for allowing me to taste his seed.

I practiced for ages with my dildo (called buzzy bee) and my butt plug (called Big Bertha) until a man of any size could fit inside me and do anything he wished to me. I have learned that I need to instruct my sexual partner to enter me slowly. I am like a flower ready to open for him. When he is fully inside me however he can do what he wants and the rougher the better. I will do all I can to help him reach his goal and am so happy for him when he does.

Another Kind of Working Girl

Like the withdrawal of the cock though many men like to treat me as the slut I am and I am well used to a good spanking before sex and being called a whore and a bitch. I enjoy that very much as well, its the mixture of pain and pleasure. In fact I enjoy it so much that I have joined a couple of fetish clubs where dominant women as well as men spank and humiliate me. I do so love a woman with a firm hand!. I also allow such women to give me a golden shower although I don’t allow men.

Doing What Comes Naturally

I need to play with myself for my own pleasure and I do that frequently. You can see from the picture how much I enjoy it. My clitty is called Sindiy as she is a doll I play with whenever I can. Sindiy has mind of her own and can appear at all sorts of uncomfortable moments in my life. I know I must play with her before I go out as Tricia or she would betray me all the time.

So that is me. Oh, I forgot my poem which is important:

I walk along canals and locks
I watch a young girl feed the ducks
The sun is high, the breeze is strong
This is a place where I belong

I buy a beer, I feel so calm
I’m looking pretty, I’m feeling fine
Dressed to kill and made-up too
Now what does Tricia want to do?

Buy some shoes or buy a dress
She’s waited too long to impress
Fifty years to be here
Celebrate with another beer?

To the boutiques she will go
Her vulnerability will be on show
But boys and girls, its fine to talk
That tranny there walks the walk

She struts her stuff, she feels so proud
She needs to scream, to shout out loud
I am Tricia, I am she
I am who I want to be.

I have done many other things in my life including entering a beauty contest. I will write these up shortly. I have to. Mistress has demanded. For now though I am just very happy. Thank you Mistress for allowing me to share.


slut_Tricia xx


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Dear Slut Tricia,
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