sissy billy: Happy New Year

Over the years it seems that I have had a difficult time in progressing from my baby years to even an adolescent sissy. Mistress Katzenburg has deemed that I should start out the New Year as a brand new baby.

To start the year I am to put on my largest overstuffed diaper, put on my prettiest baby dress to celebrate my 0’th birthday, waddle and crawl around the house and then I will be put down for my baby’s nap. But, because I have been bad recently, when I take my nap I will have a special baby pacifier. The pacifier will be the biggest dildoe that Mistress Rosemarie has bought for me.

Happy New Year to all

First I am diapered as a proper New Years Baby

I was then dressed in my best little girls party dress to celebrate the start of my first year.

I then proceeded to waddle and crawl around the house in my diaper

Finally I was put down for my baby nap with a very large pacifier.

Hopefully I grow out of my baby period quickly this year.


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Well, has the year produced any results?

Well, has the year produced any results? Just to let You know. I found this while searching sissy sites in the picture section.

Happy new years to You as well LOVE HUGS KISSES!

It is just so much fun looking at my Sissy Picture Birthday Post. Starting out the year in my Sissy Frilly Birthday Party Dress and of course properly diapered was a just treat and punishment for a Sissy Cross Dresing Client in training. Fond Memories. ???

Happy New Year to all the Mistresses and Sissy Crossdressers at the Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment and Humiliation and Healthy & Happy Wishes for you all in the coming year.

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