The Intoxication of Pink Camay Soap

When posting a comment under Joining the Institute, sweetsuds spoke highly of the Pink Camay soap:

> Now that I’ve found where I think I belong, may I please explain that it must have been the scent of the Camay soap the Mistresses here use to torment and clean poor sissy billy’s mouth. That and the frequent enemas must make him the cleanest sissy ever, and I envy him. Let me say I am not fond of either having my mouth washed out with pink Camay soap (certainly not as often as sissy billy appears to) or of having my bottom regularly douched with soapy enemas. But the smell and pink color and the rich lather of Camay are so feminine and seductive, I am lured here as if the Lorelei themselves had drawn into this sissy world of pink soap. I think it is the ultimate humiliation for sissy billy to have Mistresses taking pictures of the poor sissy lugging his own full enema bag around while wearing only a sheer pink nightie. And all the diapering he endures…oh the indignities. The poor fellow. If he ever wants a break, may I beg to take his place.

> I feel like I have found home here. That Camay scent is intoxicating and makes me do weird things and have sissylike desires to have my mouth and bottom both soaped at the same time while all the Mistresses watch and enjoy.

The first hint of her being in over her head was the next comment she posted:

> I have registered here and have my username and password. What else must I do to “complete the application and inititation process?

It would be apparent what the process is if she had read the text at the top of the page. [sissy billy][] even helped her out some:

> There is an application and some preliminary assignments to do. If they are not there, then Mistress Katzenburg will get back to you as time permits for her. A sissy is never to bother her. Trust me, it is never a good idea. I won’t tell you what the training is like because I would like you to join us sissies and do not want to scare you away. We all do survive and endure the training and punishments though and we do them together. You should know that Mistress Katzenburg is very strict and you must be dedicated to being a sissy and being punished.

This warning however didn’t stop her from publishing even more:

> I confess since finding the Institute the other day, it is fast becoming part of my daily ritual. I hope I can handle the requirements. I am also a cross-dressing sissy for many years, but have no Mistress currently to guide me on this path.

> The one thing that drew me to this place was the mentoion here (fairly often, it appears) of the practice of washing out a sissy’s mouth with soap, even specifically pink Camay soap. In my other repies I have already exposed my own fascination with both pink Camay and the equally rare practice of using it to punish sissy’s dirty or back-talking mouths and whiney attitudes. You and I are in a rare segment of the sissy world, I suspect, who have actually had our mouths washed out with pink Camay, so we understand each other’s plight in that regard. Although at the times of our mouth soaping punishments it seems indeed unfortunate to be undergoing such dreadful oral cleansings, we both know that we are most fortunate to have cleaner mouths and sweeter attitudes for having received such punishments.

> Yes, I am patient and will quietly await any opportunities/requirements concerning deeper involvement and participation here at the Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishments. I will now observe my own advice in keeping my mouth closed more often to avoid the chance a lathery bar of pink Camay may be headed for that opening.

So I sent her the initial email. I even spell out the most likely scenario: “There have been a great number of sissies who think that they crave the humiliation we have to offer, only to give up at the first simple task and relegate themselves to the [Sissy Hall of Shame][1]. The goal of The Institute is simple: Cross-Dressing Punishment and Humiliation for All. Too many people request the training and humiliation that we provide, but have no intention of following through.” And the result was all too predictable:

> I apologize for wasting your time. This is not what I had expected or actually want. I have but limited time or resources to be able to participate as fully as either of us might wish. I will follow The Institute as an outsider and keep my thoughts to myself. Just me and my pink Camay soap.

At least she was right about one thing when she said the “Camay scent is intoxicating and makes me do weird things”.



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Good Afternoon Mistress Katzenburg,

I hope it was not my fault that she did not continue, I was only trying to help her get started and I did assure her that all of sissies do our punishments together when prescribed.

There is another good thing about pink “Camey” soap. Mistress Rosemarie thinks it is an excellent punishment for my naughtiness, my rudeness and my crying and whining. She never hesitates to soap one up till it is frothy and shove it in my mouth. The last time I was rude, she made me insert it and then try to verbally say the punishment statement in the Rules and Regulations for showing disrespect to a Mistress or the Institute. I don’t think I managed to say the sentence ten times before I was drooling down my front and swallowing and gagging. She let me stop then.

I know pieclown will say I should not say things like this because Mistress Katzenburg will file them away in her data-banks for future use, but Mistress Rosemarie is looking over my shoulder and made me do this. This was a punishment she made me do yestarday when I was crying about having to go into the pharmacy to buy Sanitary Pads. As soon as we got home she dump the “Pink” into water in the sink.

I am sure pink “Camay” is also good for bathing, but it does smell feminine and when she makes me bath with it I am always afraid that other women will smell it on me.

This is just one of many unfair punishments for sissies.

sissy billy

Sissy Billy,

No, you did not mislead me. There are two concerns I have with the requirements for joining which became clear after Mistress Katzenburg emailed me. First, there is a trust issue that most sensible people will understand when it comes to transmitting via the internet, or any other means, personal photos of the kind she requested to someone I have never met. Some of you have personal connections with those who supervise your sissy behavior and that’s quite different. I assume you have complete trust in what you do with Mistress Rosemarie, for example. My other realization was the time commitment to fulfill some of the punishments. This is not my life. I have other things that demand my time, energy and attention. I dare say those who have been listed in the Sissy Hall of Shame may also be listed on some dean’s list for high marks and the intelligence not to get into something without knowing who they are dealing with.

All that said, I have no regrets for the brief time to explore a fascinating site and “meet” some of you who are part of it. I am glad to know, and hope you are as well, that neither of us is the only one who has a personal understanding of pink Camay soap. I don’t know about the rest of your day to day experience, but I do have some understanding of your Camay situation and how it may affect your life. Things could be worse.

My best to you, and thank you.

    Perhaps if you had read the article at the top of the page, you would have been more prepared for an email which made those requests. “Humiliation and exposure of your sissy-hood is not optional. You will be dressed like a sissy. You will have assignments. You will be punished. You will post pictures exposing your total humiliation.” I would be interested to know how the email differs from these notes. Exactly what were you thinking it would entail?

    Yes there is a time commitent—but what endeavors don’t have them. If the email detailing an assignment approximately an hour long scared you off, you were never even seriously curious.

Mistress Katzenburg,

I did not do anything wrong, did I. I would not want to be punished for something I said. I was only trying to be helpful.

We are all busy, but you have listened to our specific problems if they were legitimate and not just an excuse to get out of a sissy assignment.

I am sorry if I caused any problem.

sissy billy

I have been catching up reading about what all you sissies have been doing. Maggie-Rae certainly has been busy. Good for you Honey.

As for you sissy billy, I do believe you have been hiding in the background. With the exception of your monthly periods (and make no mistake honey they have not been like any big girl periods that are yet to come)you have had it fairly easy. Finally an assignment again for you. I so much love watching you struggle.

I have noticed that you have fixated on Pink “Camay” Soap. That is my favorite for my own use and I love it as a naughty punishment for you Sweetie.

However, I do not want to be biased toward my favorite soap so that others think it is the best. I think an impartial analysis should be made by you, because you sissy billy are the perfect person to do it.

You are certainly going to be dirty after your next assignment, so I propose that you start a feminine perfumed pretty smelling soap test. You are to go to the store and go to the Ladies soap aisle and purchase several brands of feminine scented soap. Starting on Monday you are to use a scented feminine soap (make sure you by the pink kind for such a sissy like you) every time you wash for a week. I have a pink fluffy feminine wash ball for you to use. At the end of each week you are to do an analysis of how it washed, how it smelled, did it get nice and soapy and did the girls at work smell it on you. I want you to write a report and send it to me and also to Mistress Katzenburg with proper documentation. She may find it useful in prescribing soap treatments for her other sissies.

In fact, I will leave it up to Mistress Katzenburg whether she wants you to post a report of all the soaps at the end or maybe even weekly.

You better get to the store Honey, Monday will soon be here. I want you to comment on Sunday here which soaps you are testing. Maybe someone else has a favorite they might like you to try for them

Hello Mistress Katzenburg,

I was going to have this conversation with you in private with an email, but I am so furious with my sissy that I decided to do this in public and in front of all of her sissy friends in hopes of humiliating her to the degree she deserves.

I thought I had given her a really simple assignment to test the worth of feminine scented soap. Not a big deal, or so I thought.

She had not read her little assignment from me before we went out to Dinner at a local restaurant. As we sat there having a wine I told her what I had written and what I would like her to do. You would have thought I made her wear a little girl’s dress and diaper out to dinner.

First she started to whine about how it took so long to use my feminine soap because I had told her that she would be using a big pink fluffy cloth to wash and my rule was to make it soapy and wash every part of her body. She complained that it would take her forever to wash like a women and she would be late for work. I told her to stop, but she continued until I put up my finger and said strike one. That usually stops her dead in her tracks because she knows I am mad.

She sat pouting for 5 minutes which always gets me mad and then started again about how she hated the smelly scent of girl’s soap and whined about how feminine and smelly it would be. On and on she whined until I put up my finger again with a strike two.

This was turning into a very unpleasant dinner and she sat not talking for 15 minutes as much as I tried to calm her down.

Well she was like a spoiled little girl tonight. She then must of realized she would have to go to work smelling like this and the Ladies at work would smell her feminine scent. She said that she would not do it and started to cry and talk loudly saying she would not do as I directed. People started to look at us. Thank God we were done and I had paid the bill. I was mortified and as we drove home I promised her that she would be far more humiliated when I got done with her then she had embarrassed me in the Restaurant.

I have sent her to bed and told her to sleep on how naughty she had been and imagine what her punishment might be. I told she could get up in the morning and read her punishment on the site.

This is your punishment sissy billy and I am sure you will agree with it Mistress Katzenburg.

Your normal punishment of a mouth washing will be modified as follows.

For the next four or five weeks of testing feminine soap each time you whine, cry or are rude you will brush your teeth with the soap of the week. Next to my sink will be a second bar of soap similar to what you are testing. This will be your toothpaste bar to be used as necessary.

The process will be as follows:
Fill the sink with hot water, dump the pink soap in and let sit for 10 minutes and get soft.
After 10 minutes, gargle with the soapy water to moisten your mouth for 5 minutes.
The pink soap should be soft and gooey now.
Using your toothbrush scrap off some of the soft soap and start brushing. Do this for 5 minutes and each minute scrap and use more soft soap.
You will be allowed to spit out what you can, but you can not rinse.
This should clean your filthy mouth properly and leave a nice feminine scented soap taste for quite some time.

By my rules you already brush three times a day. Morning, after dinner and before bed.

For tonight’s 3 tirades, you will do a soapy tooth-brushing on Monday morning, dinner and night.

Since you can not seem to go through a day without whining, each time you whine or cry you will do a soapy tooth-brushing. I do expect that you will be brushing with soap often over the next few weeks. Each time you are naughty, I expect you to also inform Mistress Katzenburg so she knows how bad you are. You will document each naughtiness and brushing to both Mistress Katzenburg and Myself. I think a 5 minute video would document each brushing, do you agree Mistress Katzenburg.

As a honary non-practicing Mistress of the “Institute” you have humiliated me and this is your punishment. By humiliating me you have also humiliated Mistress Katzenburg and the other Mistresses of the Institute. I will leave it to Mistress Katzenburg to decide if this is sufficient punishment and also leave it to her to decide if she wishes you to be publicly or privately humiliated further by the Mistresses. You should hope and pray that Mistress Katzenburg is in a forgiving mood when she reads this.

I hope this teaches you a lesson, but I doubt it.

Oh My Gosh Mistress Rosemarie.

This is so unfair. You caught me by surprise that I had to start using your feminine scented soaps to wash. I am so afraid that the other girls in the office will smell the perfumed soap on me and will know I am a sissy. All women have a strong sense of smell and they are always telling each other how pretty they smell. I know they will smell the scents on me.

Last night we were only discussing this and I do not think I was loud or whining. I was expressing my point of view about how everyone thinks of me when pink soap comes up and that I should be constantly punished with pink soap. I was not whining and I do not think anyone heard us. I do not think I put you in an embarrassing situation.

I am so sorry if I did and I apologize. Please reconsider my pink soap brushing punishments and I promise to be good.

I will do the testing of the pink soaps and make an analysis for you.

Please do not make me brush with pink soap.

sissy billy

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how you can not keep your mouth shut. A simple I am sorry and Yes I will do as you ask would have sufficed. You are unbelievable sissy billy. You just don’t get it Sweetie.

Stop whining about going to work smelling of scented soap or I will give you a good spray or two of my perfume before you leave. I bet the Ladies would love the smell of Chantilly on you.

Last night you were rude and insulting and you were whining.

Apology not accepted.

Your half hearted acceptance of conducting a simple scented soap test and several sentences of more whining is not acceptable or allowed for a sissy. This sure sounds like whining, but I am still furious about last night and I can’t make a rational decision.

If any of the other Mistresses think this may be counted as whining please feel free to add another pink soapy tooth-brushing episode or three for an entire day to her whining list. So far she has an all day three brushings for Monday.

Honey, you better be careful or you may find the pink soap tooth-brushing a regular requirement for you.

To avoid any one soap having an advantage, and assuming that sissy billy is going to whine during the week anyway, the first day of a new soap should require brushing with it all three times during the day.

Yes Mistress Katzenburg, I know that I have been bad and I will accept this as an additional reminder of my need to be good and also to have a fair and unbiased evualation of all soap.

I will, per Mistress Rosemarie’s suggestion, add additional anaylsis to each soap report regarding it’s taste and how long the taste lingers. I intend to be very very good so that I will not have to endure any additional brushing.

I will document each pink soapy brushing and will send them privately to both you and Mistress Rosemarie.

Thank you Mistress Katzenburg

Oh please Mistress Katzenburg, this will mean a post that I have to do every day that I have to brush. That will be a lot of posts and I am already doing a daily report for something else for Mistress Rosemarie.

If I can not do it privately, can I just do one post at the end or can I do one post the first week and then just go in an modify the first post with the new Monday added on?

I understand that I will wear panties the day I am punished and I will wear a nightie in the morning to brush, be dressed for Dinner to brush at night and a nightie to brush at night. I will wear panties and a Negligee at night to sleep. Do I wear the Negligee the night before or the night after.

Mistress Rosemarie had said I had to do a video to document my brushing to you when I was doing this privately. Now that You are making me do this publicly, I assume I can just do the picture dressed up nice and cute for the public post.

This has become so bad now and I did not really even whine. If I was to apologize to Mistress Rosemarie and she was to reconsider, would you reconsider.

sissy billy

Mistress Katzenburg, please excuse my comments above. I know you have not yet read the above comment or else I would have already had a response. I wish I could erase my comments and you would not see them, but the Institute comment system does not let me. I do not mean to blurt out (write to quickly) comments before I think.

I was just so upset about the feminine soap and the argument I had with Mistress Rosemarie and now I have to brush my teeth with the feminine soap, it was just so overwhelming. I don’t want to get into any more trouble.

I apologize to both you and Mistress Rosemarie.

I will accept everything that is laid out for me to do and if I have a question about what I am to do, may I please send it to you in a private email.

I am so sorry,

sissy billy

I visited today to see what you wrote for your All in a Row assignment and see you were also busy not keeping your mouth shut.

But first, your post looked pretty good Sweetie, but my guess is that you will always be a Bridesmaid and not the Bride. Finishing last allows you to be the little sissy flower girl.

@ pieclown. Good post with some extra points I would think for the little subtle comic relief added. Cute!

OK Honey, back to you. I noticed that you told pieclown that I inform on you. That is irrelevant because I am allowed to and also that you as a sissy should never lie and should voluntarily tell the Truth.

However, I do not have to worry about telling Mistress Katzenburg anything, you seem to do a good job of sticking your foot in your mouth all the time anyway, or should I say sticking the big soapy, scented Pink Soaps in your mouth.

You could not just say Yes, could you. I have no sympathy.

@ Mistress Katzenburg – now you can understand what I am telling you. At home she constantly talks without being spoken to and naturally says the wrong thing and is sent to the time out corner to face the wall and think about her mistakes. She always has to wear her very high heels while standing there to add a little discomfit while she thinks. I am always telling her to only respond to questions and then the only answer is yes ma’am.

Well sissy billy, I end this shaking my head and leave the rest to Mistress Katzenburg. Your responses to her simple easy to follow directions were very close to whining, crying for sympathy and rudeness. You will be very fortunate if she does not respond at all and you can just accept her direction as is. If you are not careful you will be brushing on Thursdays and Saturdays and maybe everyday of the week. You better hope she gets up on the right side of the bed today.

Don’t forget to go buy your Test Sampling Soaps today. Have a fun 4 weeks of testing.

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