One More Soap

I am adding the following scent to your list of soaps you are trying: Bath and Body Works [Japanese Cherry Blossom][jcb]. Unlike your other soaps, this will be an all out scental assault, including Shower Gel or Triple Moisture Shower Cream for washing. After your shower, to promote smooth skin you will use Body Lotion or Triple Moisture Body Cream. Every morning (and any other time) before leaving the house you will spritz with the Fragrance Mist.


To prevent cross-contamination, you will have the Moisturizing Hand Soap or
Sanitizing Hand Gel to use when you are at work. And since soap can take a toll on the hands, after each washing at work you will use some Shea Cashmere Hand Cream.

To wear this musky, feminine scent you are required to have a shaved bikini (at a minimum). (If I had my way, I would have Mistress Rosemarie dunk you in the bathtub and shave everything from the neck down.) And to ensure you are feeling feminine the entire week, panties will replace any other underwear you would be tempted to wear.

You will also use one or more of the following throughout your house to ensure that the scent will follow you:

* Wallflowers® Home Fragrance
* Concentrated Room Spray
* Home Fragrance Oil
* Filled Candle

When you go buy these scent products, you will be wearing the following (and anything else Mistress Rosemarie wishes to require):

* Clothespins
* Bra
* Panties
* Panty Hose

Any complaints? You can replace the Fragrance Mist with Sensual Shimmer Body Mist and put some Wallflowers® in your office at work.


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Oh My Gosh, this is terrible.

Mistress Katzenburg,

How can I do this. Everyone at work will know I am using woman’s fragrances. I will never be able to do this. Can’t I just put a 5 for Did they notice you at work category. There is no way they will not notice me at work.

Everything above is creams and gel – what do I use for my punishment of soap-paste brushing.

    I would suggest the Shower Gel or Triple Moisture Shower Cream. Are you complaining?

      No Mistress Katzenburg,
      I am not complaining. I am just afraid that it will have such a girlie girl smell that everyone will know that I am using a perfumed girl’s soap and lotion.
      I am sorry, but you know I worry and I have not even gone to the store. Maybe it won’t smell like girl’s spa at all. Thank you for the advise about what to use for soap-paste.
      I am not complaining. It can not taste any worse then the other soap-paste.
      sissy billy

    Really, is it such a terrible, humiliating thing to smell nice? If anyone asks, just thank them and say it’s Japanese Cherry Blossom–they’ll be impressed. Just think of it as a ready made icebreaker for some ‘interesting’ conversation.

Mistress Katzenburg,

Oh My Gosh, I need to respond properly. This was a shock about adding this soap punishment week and all of its requirements. I know you mentioned adding additonal soaps to test, but this is more then I expected.

I am responding appropriately and accepting this assignment and I will try to do the best I can.

I will purchase the Bath and Body works this weekend when I can properly dress.

sissy billy

My sissy, if you had only been a quiet little sissy girl none of this may have happened. You talked back to me, then you were rude to Mistress Katzenburg and then you probably aggravated her with your comments to maggie-rae. Well you deserve this.

I bet there are a lot more fragrant soaps in Bath and Body that Mistress Katzenburg might like you expert soap opinion on, so I would be really good and obedient if I was yo.

Mistress Katzenburg,

I think this added week of a really pretty scent is warranted. I am so excited that the house will really smell pretty. I can hardly wait till a week from Monday for the last test (If that is really is the last test) to see how pretty and fragrant she will smell. Next week’s pink camay test will be so boring now in anticipation of Japanese Cherry Blossom.

I may have mislead you when we were emailing about not wanting to walk down the street with a sissy completely shaved this summer. I certainly do not want to inhibit you in your training. I would hope that you spare her chest and arm hair which is completely exposed at the beach and she has very little hair on her legs anyway. That was from her secretly shaving her legs all those years. But the rest is completely your decision as is the rest if you really think she deserves it.

I remember the last time she tried to shave her sissy clitty in a bikini cut. It was disgraceful with bunches of hair sticking out of her bikini. I would think that she did such a bad shaving the last time that she should shave it all so it is really nice and smooth. Her underarms have also got really hairy and disgusting. She can keep her arms down in the summer. A nice smooth underarm shave might make her feel real lady like. The she could use some really fragrant feminine underarm deodorants instead of the manly smelling deodorants she uses now. It bothers me sometimes that my sissy smells manly. A sissy feminine fragrance is so much nicer.

I will leave this to you whether she should extend herself.

Even though she said she was not complaining above, it really sounded like she was. I think we would be justified in extending her. What do you think?

Mistress Rosemarie

    I will update the post to require that she be smooth from the neck down and use a more appropriate deodorant. I’d imagine that she will be much mire comfortable at the beach this summer without having to wear that furry coat around everywhere.

      Oh My Gosh Mistress Katzenburg,

      Please do not make me shave my whole body. Please, pretty Please.

      I will shave my sissy clitty completely smooth and I will shave my underarms just like a girl. I will ask Mistress to help me buy feminine deodorant .

      Please do not make me shave my chest and arms.

      Please, I have been a good sissy lately and have tried to do everything I have been told to do.

      Please Mistress Katzenburg, could you reconsider this one time and give partial relief.

      sissy billy

        Are you sure you wish for me to reconsider?

          Good Afternoon Mistress Katzenburg,

          I know this will cause me a much more difficult time, but you know me very well and you know what a hard time I have with this.

          Yes, I would like you to reconsider.

          Please be kind to this obedient sissy.

          Thank you Mistress Katzenburg,

          sissy billy

          i like to be your sissy male maid and your baby all the time and make me to do all the things you told me to anddd tie me up and gag blindfold and rent me out to

            If you are interested in even thinking about becoming a client, you must follow the rules. All the rules, including “When communicating with any person related to The Institute, or posting on The Institute’s web site, you must use proper spelling and grammar. This is true for making posts, writing comments and sending emails. The Mistresses deserve better than your sloppy spelling and grammar.” IN one, run on, rambling sentence you managed at least five other grammar/spelling mistakes. This will not endear you to anyone.

From a voice of practicality, given the atrocity that has been the grammar in sissy billy’s past two Soap Test posts, perhaps adding a little extra incentive might be a way to kill two birds with one stone. For each of her future Soap Testing posts, for each that is late or fails to meet the standards of spelling and grammar mandated by the Rules and Regulations of The Institute, extend her testing by one week and one soap. That would surely raise her overall quality of work, and nearly certainly result in a few extensions before the lesson sinks in–a win-win for everyone involved, except perhaps sissy billy.

Maggie Rae

Hello maggie-rae,

I am so glad you dropped in. Your comments are always so welcome.

If you really think I would smell really nice and you don’t think there is anything wrong in that, perhaps Mistress Katzenburg will ask you to join me in my soap test assignment. Would you like to wear perfume and perfumed soap to work? A second test report will validate or disprove my original findings. So what do you say, want to help me in my testing.

As far as my grammar and abiding by the rules, they say people in glass houses should not throw stones. I have noticed several mistakes in your reports. We all make mistakes no matter how careful we are. So what do you say? Want to follow your own recommendations.

Come on in, the water is icy cold and it is not comfortable.

sissy billy

    sissy billy:

    Sarcasm aside, are you really trying to attack the quality of my posts? I’ll grant that I do make the occasional typo, but I always correct the error as soon as it comes to my attention. Meanwhile, if you want to blatant, repeated examples of elementary grammatical botches, just check your last post—they’re still there.

    As for helping you out, you may or may not remember that I have something even worse hanging over my head. If and when Mistress Katzenburg decides it’s time for my punishment to take place then I’ll be on the hook, and I accept that. Until then, you’re the star and it’s all eyes on you, with all the unpleasantness that come with the spotlight. If you wanted to trade, I wouldn’t mind that at all, but something tells me that’s not a trade you’d want to make.

    Maggie Rae


I am not attacking you posts, quite the reverse. Quote – “given the atrocity that has been the grammar in sissy billy’s past two Soap Test posts” sounds like you are the one throwing rocks. I have no doubt that your assignments and punishments are as severe as mine and I do not want to trade punishments with you.

However, I would appreciate you not feeling the urge to give Mistress Katzenburg additional ideas. She has more than enough of her own.

I am very comfortable with the state of my Grammar and English when I review my assignments. When I make a mistake I am sure Mistress Katzenburg will correct me.

Now, go complete your punishments and I will struggle with mine.

sissy billy

Hello all,

Ive been lurking for a while. While i may return someday to join the ranks, I have other issues to address today. Mistress Katzenburg what is your email address?

Thank Goodness it seems like all the votes have been cast. The voting has slowed to nothing. It really would have been humiliating if the voters against had reached a 100.

Maggie-Rae lost my 20 votes. I can only imagine what exceeding a 100 negative votes would have meant.

sissy billy

    All of the votes have been cast only because I closed the poll a few weeks ago. If I left it open, I don’t see you making a big comeback.

    I’m guessing that it would have meant I’d have spent an extra 80 days during my last punishment. I’m sure if you wanted to spend the next 85 days in the midst of some form of punishment, Mistress Katzenburg would be happy to oblige.


      I did apologize to you, but I guess this means that you did not accept my apology which I sent sincerely.

      Who is taunting who now. I take back my willingness to accept consequences for my meanness. You deserve to be punished as much as I do.

      I bet if your poll had been left open by Mistress Katzenburg as long as mine you would have exceeded 100 votes against. So – using your reasoning – your punishment should last another 80 days.

      In fact you are the one who walked away from your initiation. I have always done or tried to do to the best of my ability whatever Mistress Katzenburg or Mistress Amber before her asked of me.

      No apology offered, sissy billy

        I’m going to do my best to be amicable here, or at least try… You said you wondered what would have happened had I lost by 100 votes–I know what would have happened, it was part of my assignment, and I answered as much.

        Having finished up my punishment, I was simply being positive, whatever might come after that, having completed that experience I thought (and still do think) that I could manage whatever could possibly follow. That was the extent of what I said, and you managed to take it and turn it into some kind of challenge for Mistress Katzenburg, and drag me along for the ride.

        When that episode was diffused, you seemed quite determined to draw some kind of punishment for yourself, seemingly manufacturing far more of an incident than actually happened to some end still don’t quite understand. I went along with it, to see if I couldn’t help you accomplish whatever it was your goal was, which more or less brings us to where we are now.

        I had my poll, I received my punishment, and I completed it as assigned based on how the readers voted. I’m sorry if they seemed more interested in what happened to you than what happened to me, but I guess that happens sometimes. This randomly lashing out, however, about my ‘walking away from my initiation’ is a bit uncalled for. You have no idea about the factors that led to my original departure from The Institute, but what you should know at this point is that once those factors were resolved, I returned, I diligently completed my backlog of old assignments and punishments, along with the whole host of new obligations that I brought upon myself. Finally, I just recently finished up this most recent punishment which, I believe, leaves me completely clear in terms of Institute obligations.

        One last note, and I suppose this can be the official announcement of it–Ms. Lisa was recently offered a new job out of state, and in less than a week she’ll be gone, so there’s that.

        Your apology, such as it was, and whatever it was for, is/was accepted.

        Maggie Rae

          Maggie Rae

          I had offered an apology for my initial knee jerk reaction which was uncalled for and all I was looking for was an acceptance. It has been a tough week.

          I do not know the circumstances of your Relationship with Mistress Katzenburg as you do not know mine. In the end we are both in the same boat and answer to Mistress Katzenburg and respond to her guidance.

          I am also sorry to hear that Ms. Lisa is moving and I am sure you will miss her. A face to face with a Mistress is so important. I am sorry.

          sissy billy

      In fact, Maggie Rae, since this is my one more soap punishment testing. Perhaps a new unbiased tester, such as yourself, she be asked to give her sissy opinion. Mistress Katzenburg should as your opinion on how these soaps taste.

      You deserve to have your mouth washed out with soap by Mistress Lisa.

      sissy billy

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg, I did not know you had closed the poll, but I do appreciate your kindness in not humiliating me further. I admit, accept and acknowledge my total failure in performing what was requested of me.

I did not think that I would ever make a comeback, it would just have been very humiliating being embarrassed with a 100 votes against. I don’t ever recall such a large confirmation of my failure previously.

Thank You so much for not embarrassing me further. I also acknowledge that I owe you big time for your kindness.

May I ask one more kindness in not having my continued failure be exposed by removing the poll of my failure.

sissy billy

Mistress Katzenburg,

Must I live with the humiliation of my poll each time during the summer. I is so humiliating each time I visit as it is the first thing on the site I see.


sissy billy

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