sissy billy’s Soap Test – Caress

It is Monday morning again and another week of the Soap Test is under way again for which I am the designated Tester.

Caress (Velvet Bliss) is the Soap to be tested all this week with a punishment again today for my ill-advised whining.

I arose early again for the Morning Test and Punishment, but remembering how terrible it was last week I did not want to get out of bed. I put on a very feminine lavender peignoir so that I could look my prettiest for the documentation.

I looked pretty and I held the up the soap of the week – Dove (Velvet Bliss), I also picked out the pretty flowered panties I will wear today.

I start the test week by undressing and taking a shower using the Velvet Bliss Dove and my new pink soft fluffy washing sponge. At the end of the week I will judge the soap for smell, soapiness, cleaning ability and whether the smell was strong enough, lasted all day and attracted feminine attention. Each category will be judged from 1 (weak, poor) to 5 (strong, effective).

I did not want to get out of the shower this week. I think I washed my body twice and I did not care if I smelled like a girl. I just did not want to brush my teeth with the soap-paste. Last week it was so terrible I started to cry just thinking about it. I was forced to though, because it is the rules. I am to use the soap of the week for my soap-paste and brush thoroughly for five minutes. I finally got out of the shower, dried myself and put on my feminine lavender peignoir. Usually that makes me feel pretty, but all I could think about was what the taste of the Velvet Bliss Caress Soap would be.

The soap had been soaking in the sink filled with water for a long time now and it was soft and gooey. I was crying standing there looking at it. I gargled for 5 minutes as is directed with the water that the Caress had been soaking in and the taste was already filling my mouth. I than took my toothbrush and scrapped the soft soap off and started brushing. I was gagging after 30 seconds and 5 minutes seemed so long. It was worst than last week. Last week the soap seemed milder and flowery. This week the soap-paste seemed stronger. I also was frothing even more than last week and it was absolutely terrible. When Mistress would wash my mouth out with soap it was wet and she would rub it on my tongue and it would be bad. With the soap-paste brushing it is worst because it gets everywhere in my mouth including some sliding down my throat. It also coated my lips thoroughly. There was no place in my mouth that was not covered with the slimy frothy Caress. By the time I was done (5 minutes seemed like an hour) my lips were burning and sore and my mouth was sore everywhere. Finally the bell rang and I spit as much out as I could. The problem with not rinsing is that it is impossible to spit it all out plus the slimy residue just stays there. The second week of soap-paste brushing was horrible because I knew what to expect and it was even worst then the first time. It seemed slimier than last week because it stuck to my lips and mouth and I could not spit out as much as before.

With an awful taste in my mouth, (sobbing and crying to Mistress about how terrible it had been), I dressed and went to work.

The awful taste in my mouth was stronger and more hurtful than last week. However, the one good thing was that it seemed to go away quick, maybe after an hour or two. My lips did stay sore all day though and I could taste it all day. Then, thank goodness, I was home eating dinner which made the taste completely go away. Unfortunately, it started all over again. I was dressed in my white frilly Square Dancing blouse (one of my favorites) and a pretty pink and white flowery skirt. Mistress Katzenburg had also clarified that when I dressed at night for bed (and I assumed this meant for Dinner too) that I was also to wear a stuffed bra which I added to my feminine ensemble. I did look lovely.

As much as I tried to eat slowly and take my time, Mistress finally said enough was enough and I was sent up to the Ladies room to brush my teeth – again. It was the same as the morning and the soapy taste was instantly back in my mouth and the sore lips and mouth were stinging instantly.

It was bedtime and I knew I had to do another soap-paste brushing before I was allowed to go to sleep. I dressed in a short black filmy baby-doll nightie and put on a short pretty frilly red peignoir cover. I finally got up the courage to get my brushing done and went to the Ladies Room.

As previously I loaded my tooth brush up with the soft creamy slimy Caress soap-paste and started to brush. The soapy slimy taste just added to the absolutely disgusting horrible taste from my Dinner brushing. Five minutes is forever when you are brushing your teeth with soap-paste.

I spit out all that I could and with my mouth still loaded with what I could not spit out (believe me the taste was still there) I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.

It is now the end of the first week of testing and my analysis will follow.

Test Sample: Caress – Velvet Bliss Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

Test Rating (1-5) Observations/Remarks
Smell 2 Strong sharper smell, more like a regular soap with a little perfume added. It smelled like perfume when I entered the Ladies Room.
Soapiness 4 It really soaped up and the pink fluffy sponge was loaded with suds.
Cleaning 3 I was clean when finished, but it did feel like I had a creamy lotion on my skin.
Lingering smell for the girls at work 2 Not real powerful, but I could smell it on my hands just a bit, No noticeable turn of the Ladies heads. No One said I think you smell nice today

Soap-Paste Test Sample : Caress – Velvet Bliss Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

Test Rating (1-5) Observations/Remarks
How it tasted 4 Very strong sharp taste with a hint of perfume taste.
How long did it last 3 The taste lasted only an hour except for my lips which lasted all day. I got soap sores in my mouth for a day and my lips for two days.

The brushing was overall worst than last week, but that may have been because I knew how bad it would taste and I worried about it all day Sunday. The good thing was that I was a good sissy all week again and Mistress Rosemarie said that I would not be punished with additional soap brushing next week, except for the mandatory Monday soap-paste brushing. Mistress Katzenburg, however, always has the last word and has not officially ruled on the quality of the documentation. There have been some comments made that my report was originally inadequate which I tried to fix. There was also some comments from the non-voting sissy client element. I will continue with the testing next week.

Next weeks Test Soap will be OLAY Body – Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter. The final week of testing (I hope) will be the baseline Pink Camey.

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