sissy billy’s Soap Test – Dove

It is Monday morning and per the procedures established by the Soap Test committee, I will begin four weeks of Soap Testing.

Dove is the Soap to be tested all this week with a punishment added today for my ill-advised whining.

I arose early because the Morning Test and Punishment is bound to take extra time this week as I get started. Another requirement is that for testing purposes on Monday that I dress feminine and look my prettiest for the documentation. For this morning I picked a pink waltz length nightgown fringed in pink chiffon.

I present myself looking pretty and holding the soap of the week – Dove


I start the test week by undressing and taking a shower using the Pink/Rosa Dove and my new pink soft fluffy washing sponge. At the end of the week I will judge the soap for smell, soapiness, cleaning ability and whether the smell was strong enough, lasted all day and attracted feminine attention. Each category will be judged from 1 (weak, poor) to 5 (strong, effective).

I took my time showering this morning though, because I really was not looking forward to my punishment. I was to use the soap of the week for my soap-paste and brush thoroughly for five minutes. I could not stay in the shower any longer. I got out, dried myself and put my pink nightgown back.

The soap that is left at the sink all week had been dumped in the sink filled with water and by now was getting soft. I got out of the shower with the scent of feminine soap on me and put a nightgown back on for decency. I knew this was going to be unpleasant and I proceeded. I first gargled and rinsed my mouth with the soapy water to moisten my mouth and it also started that soapy taste in my mouth. Then I took my toothbrush and scrapped the soft soap off and started brushing. UGH!!! It was worst than I anticipated and worst than sticking soap in my mouth. The soap-paste was frothing and the suds were going everywhere, on my tongue, down in my gums and in between my teeth as I brushed. It oozed over my lips. Five minutes was longer then I normally brush and it seemed like forever. I was gagging. Then according to my punishment, I could spit it out, but not gargle. It was impossible to spit it all out and the soap slime remained. I tasted it for hours and I tasted the soap on my lips almost all day. I dressed with my panties on and went to work.


With an awful taste in my mouth, I dressed and went to work.


The day went by with that awful taste in my mouth. Then I was home eating dinner and it started all over again. I dressed for dinner in a nice skirt and blouse and I looked lovely. Then what I dreaded happened again. Up to the Ladies room to brush my teeth – again. It was worst then this morning and I almost started to cry.


Bedtime came and another soap-paste brushing. I dressed in my nightgown that I was to wear for the night and brushed my teeth. Then with a disgusting soapy taste in my mouth I went to bed.


Thank Goodness I was only punished on Monday. More days would have been terrible.

It is now the end of the first week of testing and my analysis will follow.

Test Sample: Dove – Pink/Rosa
Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

Smell – 3 – Mild smell, but fragrant and flowery. When I came back into the Ladies Room it smelt like flowers.
Soapiness – 2 – the bubbles were just OK and the pink fluffy sponge was not real soapy.
Cleaning – 3 – I was clean when finished and did not feel soapy
Lingering smell for the girls at work – 3 – not real powerful, but I could smell it on my hands. No noticeable turn of the Ladies heads. No One said I think you smell nice today.

Soap-Paste test:

How it tasted – 4 – It was potent and flowery and I barely lasted 5 minutes of brushing. I gagged.
How long did it last – 4 – I lasted about 2-3 hours in my mouth and 4-5 hours on my lips.

The brushing was overall worst then I imagined. The good thing was that I was a good sissy all week and Mistress Rosemarie said that I would not be punished with additional soap brushing next week, but Mistress Katzenburg has not ruled on the quality of the documentation.

Next week’s Test product will be Caress – Velvet Bliss


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Every week is to start with a full day of brushing.

Properly dressed includes a bra and appropriate forms.

Data for a comparison should be presented on table format.

A dictionary should help you fix the grammar–some of the worst I have seen in a while.

Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg,

I realize that each week will start with a full day of brushing. When I wrote that my Mistress said there would be no additional brushing, I meant that she thought I had done well and that I would not have to brush more then the first day.

The original procedures did not dictate that a stuffed bra be worn, but the legal print at the bottom assigns you authority to make procedure changes as you deem necessary. I will wear a bra and forms on Monday of each test week.

I had planned to put the final report in a table format for the final report and thought the way I listed it would add some additional comments to each rating for the weekly test. I will, for next week, put the ratings in a table format for that week. Should I keep a running table of completed test results.

I am sorry that you felt that my grammar was the worst ever. I went back and repaired the mistakes that I found and updated the post. I will be more careful in subsequent postings.

I hope that my report met with your general approval and that no additional requirements will be necessary.

Thank You for your corrections Mistress Katzenburg,

sissy billy

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