sissy billy’s Soap Test – Olay

This is the third week of the Soap Test and I am still the designated Tester.

Olay (Age Defying) is the Soap to be tested this week with the punishment day rescheduled for Wednesday as a result of my ill-advised whining.

I started using the Olay on Monday, but was already thinking and dreading my punishment to come on Wednesday. It is such an awful punishment having you mouth washed out with soap or in this case using the soap as a soap-paste. It thoroughly permeates your tongue and gums and cakes on your lips. There is no way to get rid of the awful taste for hours. But that is the purpose of a punishment such as mouth-washing to make a sissy think about what she said. I can’t even remember the whining that I am being punished for, but at least for the time being I am not whining or being bad. I have been on my best behaviour. I put on pretty pink pajamas so that I could look my prettiest for the documentation.

I looked pretty and I held up the soap of the week – Olay (Age Defying), I also picked out the pretty lace fringed white panties I will wear today.

I start the test week by undressing and taking a shower using the Age Defying Olay and my new pink soft fluffy washing sponge. At the end of the week I will judge the soap for smell, soapiness, cleaning ability and whether the smell was strong enough, lasted all day and attracted feminine attention. Each category will be judged from 1 (weak, poor) to 5 (strong, effective).

I took my shower and then dressed for work. I think pushing back the punishment to Wednesday was not a good idea, because now I thought about it for 2 more days.

I did brush on Wednesday, because it is the rules. I used the soap of the week for my soap-paste and brushed thoroughly for five minutes. Wednesday came and went, but it was another terrible punishment day.

With an awful taste in my mouth, I dressed and went to work.

The awful taste in my mouth was thicker, stronger and the taste lasted longer than last week. My lips did stay sore and I could taste it for days. I repeated the process again at Dinner. I was dressed in my pink plain secretaries blouse and a pretty skirt. I was also wore a stuffed bra which I added to my feminine ensemble. I did look lovely.

I was sent up to the Ladies room to brush my teeth – again. It was the same as the morning and the soapy thick taste was instantly back in my mouth and the sore lips and mouth were stinging instantly.

It was bedtime and I knew I had to do another soap-paste brushing before I was allowed to go to sleep. I dressed in a short pink nightie fringed with chiffon. I finally got up the courage to get my brushing done and went to the Ladies Room.

As previously I loaded my tooth brush up with the thick slimy Olay soap-paste and started to brush. The soapy thick taste just added to the absolutely disgusting horrible taste from my Dinner brushing. Five minutes never seems to end.

I spit out all that I could and went to bed and cried myself to sleep again.

It is now the end of the third week of testing and my analysis will follow.

Test Sample: Olay – Age Defying Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

Test Rating (1-5) Observations/Remarks
Smell 1 Pleasant smell, but not potent. I did not smell it entering the Ladies Room.
Soapiness 5 It was the soapiest soap I have ever used. There were piles of suds and it was like applying a bubble bath to my skin in the shower. It was the best ever.
Cleaning 5 I really felt clean from all the suds. They got everywhere and were dripping down my body. It was also very creamy, just like a bubble bath.
Lingering smell for the girls at work 2 Very mild. I could smell it, but not really strong. I was not worried that someone else would.

Soap-Paste Test Sample : Olay – Age Defying Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

Test Rating (1-5) Observations/Remarks
How it tasted 4 Lots of suds and everywhere. Even finding back spaces of my mouth, down my throat and dripping out of my mouth. Perfume smell was minimal, but it had a heavy residue that stayed and caked in my mouth and on my lips.
How long did it last 3 I lasted it all day and everytime I ran my tongue over my lips I tasted it. I got soap sores in my mouth and my lips for two days, but I could taste the soap on my lips for days after.

The soap-paste brushing was just as bad as last week. In fact all the soap-paste brushings to date have been absolutely terrible. Again I was a good sissy all week again and Mistress Rosemarie said that I would not be punished with additional soap brushing next week, except for the mandatory Monday soap-paste brushing. Mistress Katzenburg, however, finally weighed in about my report that was originally inadequate which I tried to fix. It was the worst news that I could have received. A new soap was added for a 5th week. It was Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body and all I could think of was how the stores smelled so girlie and feminine. I know this is going to be bad and I will certainly smell feminine at work now. Also, as a further punishment, I must now shave myself in a humiliating way. Thank Goodness next week is the Camay soap and I will not be subjected to the Bath and Body soap until the following week. Already I am laying awake at night dreading going to work smelling all girlie. There are also all kinds of girlie creams that I must also apply.

Next weeks Test Soap will be Pink Camay. The final week of testing, I hope, will know be the Japanese Cherry Blossom. I now can only hope that my soap testing and punishments are not extended further.

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