Results of the Hairy Chest Poll and its Consequences.

In a twitter message and also several emails, my prep for the Additional Soap test came into question and got out of hand. I guess some of this was caused by my initial whining, which always seems to be a character flaw of mind. As usual the poll found against us poor sissies, but that is our fate and I do not dispute it.

It went from a bikini shave to Mistress Katzenburg asking for a complete body shave. I was understandably distressed about this turn of events. I have obeyed the requirements, almost. I once again must ask for some leniency knowing full well that this always gets me deeper in trouble.

For personal reasons I can not shave my chest. Mistress Katzenburg has often told me that can’t is not an acceptable word in a sissy’s vocabulary. So I admit that I decide not to perform this activity and per my commitment to the “Institute”, I accept the consequences for my actions.

I do ask for some leniency though. I have full filled portions of the requirements to a greater extend then required and others not to the requirements.

I was to shave my sissy clitty with a bikini shave. I exceeded this and completely shaved my sissy clitty.


Then I shaved my underarms and have been using feminine deodorant since then.


Then I put on a thong to further show my sissy clitty shave.

[![]( )](

I know that I have not fully completed the requirements. My chest is not very hairy anyway.

sissy billy


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Perhaps I should be more clear. A bikini shave is shaving everything that is considered part of the bikini area. No requirements were exceeded.

Good Afternoon, Mistress Katzenburg,

I thought a bikini shave was shaving what was still exposed after a girl put on her bikini so that no unsightly hair showed. My mistake.

So I guess I can’t claim any extra credit, can I.

I guess I am in deep trouble now.

sissy billy

Yea, someone finally had pity and I got another vote in my favor.

To all you unkind visitors.

OK OK – Please stop. Even sissies have feelings and they do feel bad when everyone votes against them. This is even worst than the maggie-rae vote. Probably the worst Poll landslide in History.

There is a saying though. Lose by one or lose by 30 – it is still just a loss.

sissy billy

    Dear sissy billy,

    You need to remember people are coming here to see a cross-dresser punished is some way. The polls let one hope for a way out. The polls are not archived to my knowledge, but I have lost on polls and I am sure others here have lost. Say you are the worst poll may be bragging or complaining. I will let the readers decide.

      Hello pieclown,

      As always you have a better perspective then I. I am whining again (certainly not bragging since it something I am not proud of) and that I should not do.

      Sorry, I should just take my punishment like a good sissy should.

      sissy billy

I am currently in the midst of a two-month sissy-training process with a wonderful Mistress. At the very start she demanded I undergo a total body shave including underarms, chest and bikini, no options, no polls, just do it. Lather it all up and put the razor to it.

I complied. It was the first time I had ever shaved my underarms or my chest, and I can say I love it. My chest had less hair than sissy-billys, but still the smooth soft look and feel is worth it. Just be careful going around those sissy nipples when they are buried under snowdrifts of suds – caution, slippery when sudsy, as the sign says.

And, sissy-billy, the fun part is the hair grows back, so you get to shave again and again and again. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Try it, you’ll like it.

sissy billy says “I should just take my punishment like a good sissy should”, yet still refuses to do so. Why? Personal reasons?

This was a prerequisite to being able to complete the soap test for week five, and since it isn’t done, you have effectively failed that (and complained up a storm in the process). Do you want an even more girly smell with a full week of soap paste brushing?I have not disqualified your week five results, but this must be remedied NOW. Shave, post and get over it.

Until then, I will leave the poll open to keep racking up the score against you. You would do better to have the poll closed ASAP.

    Mistress Katzenburg,

    When I said I should just take my punishment, I meant my punishment for not shaving.

    My personal reason involved an upcoming vacation with my family and that they would see my baby smooth chest and would question it. I did not want to expose myself like this. I therefore made the choice to accept the consequences for my disobedience.

    No, I do not wish to have my soap testing assignment extended with another girlish soap that would be worst then the last.

    Please do not extend my soap testing. It is really bad and I am so humiliated at work that someone will say something and notice my girlie fragrance.

    sissy billy

sissy billy,

yes, shaving one’s chest does come with a good dose of humiliation. Just imagine how much bigger a dose of humiliation it would be to have your mistresses restrain you and do it themselves. You are fortunate that you are being instructed to do it yourself.

I can assure you after getting over the initial reaction of “I can’t do this” – I understand and had similar feelings before the razor did its thing there – you will quite likely love the feeling when it’s done, whether you wish to admit it to anyone or not. Your lingerie, those lovely nighties, will feel sooooo much slinkier and sensual against your freshly shaved and smooth naked breasts, You won’t believe how nice it feels. Go lather up and tell us all how feminine you feel afterwards. We will all cheer (well I will) for you’re having done as instructed and taken a step closer to a delicious sensation. Let your nipples free of that ugly sweater you insist on wearing.


I am not anyone’s mistress, and you have others to answer to, but now that you explain the situation, it changes everything. And it all ends up at the point where this is consensual adult behavior – is it not? You do not consent to that degree of exposure. And you are wise and brave to play that card when you need to. I can’t imagine in this role play situation, anyone truly wants to ruin your self-image.

I can totally empathize with your decision, sissy billy. When my own children were around but I was divorced and living alone, I began shaving my legs, and in the summer they would ask what that was all about.

If your Mistresses have any compassion and understanding of family and children’s curiosity, they should excuse this demand until such time as you are not exposed to public scrutiny, even if only within your family. Having been there, that’s my 2 cents. My own situation is quite different now, so I have no such concerns to legitimately protest over a Mistress dictating my public physical appearance. The same discretion should apply to other kinds of public exposure. It is not for sparing the sissy from additional shame or humiliation, but for the discomfort of others who do not understand or appreciate that it is more or less consensual adult behavior, just not within general public norms. If that were the case, there would be no (or little) element of humiliation for the sissy. In the privacy of adult activities, it’s an entirely different matter.

Excuse me, sissy billy, for not appreciating your very good reason. I hope those that you answer to come to the same sensible conclusion and spare you from this with your children.

As for your soap tests, however, I presume those are performed outside the view of children, and so you may be on the hook (and at the sink) for quite some time. Just look at from the idea you’ll have the freshest breath and whitest smile, but if it were me, a walk down the supermarket soap aisle would become a mental torture all its own. The decision of when that ordeal comes to a conclusion will be interesting, but I am not putting any money on it ending at 5.


Yes, probably so. I can still hope not though. If not that, I have certainly invited something else in it’s place.

Hello all you other sissies. 36 to shave and 5 to let me keep my dignity. Does no one have sympathy for a poor sissy.

Whoa, not so fast, Maggie-Rae. He has a very legit reason not to shave his chest. I just changed my vote from shave to no shave.

Well, my no shave vote makes it 6 on that side, but I can’t take my old vote to shave off that total, which should now be 35.

The term “manscaping” is not something most children know or would understand, besides it’s not a good idea to fib to kids. Let’s all take a step back from the role play here and get real.

I don’t know if you can change your vote, but thank you for the support. Even a lost cause like me appreciates a little compassion.

Mistress Katzenburg :

I’m fairly sure the children in this case would understand the term “manscaping”. Just how old do you think the kids are?

I have no idea how old his kids are. It does not matter one bit whether the children are 6 or 20 something. In fact, the older they are and the more likely they may be to understand the term, it magnifies the damage that could result from such humiliation. Do you enjoy humiliating children and other non-consensual parties?

And even if they do have some grasp of what “manscaping” means (which I seriously doubt), it makes no difference if the question of why Dad has shaved his chest comes up. It’s the relationship between Dad and his kids that is at stake and important here. That takes far greater priority over any role play. I do not think that kids walk around talking about manscaping as part of their everyday experience. Even as an adult, that term has never come up in any conversation I’ve heard, not where I live. There is no justification for putting any parent and his or her child in that kind of a conversation. I would think sissy billy’s spouse would come to his defense on this, whether or not she is the mother. This is going way beyond ridiculous to take this issue this far. Some common sense and human decency is called for here. You may have no respect for sissy billy’s dignity as a participant in your game, but this is way outside your call. It’s strictly his to make.

Sweetsuds, I would appreciate it if you show some respect to Mistress Katzenburg. She is the Mistress of the “Institute” and has earned that respect.

I did not mean to start this argument among everyone. I will be dealt with by Mistress Katzenburg and I except that. If I refuse an assignment I will live with the consequences.

As for my spouse (Mistress) she prefers to discuss privately with Mistress Katzenburg my training which she leaves in her hands.

As far as landscaping I imagine I am older then any of you and I did not know what it meant. I may be naive, but I googled it. Now I know and I am still embarrassed.

sissy billy

Someone’s self-centered decision to make you do something that is clearly damaging to a third party (your children) offers no grounds for deserving my respect. Life is not fair – there is no guarantee that individual always gets to play the bitch role. I have no fight with anyone here. Maybe you truly do care more about a relationship you have with a “Mistress” or “Mistresses” and allowing what happens to you to occur. I assume it is consensual for all of you, but I got the sense from your reason for not shaving, that your relationship with you children has some value as well. Life will go on in the rest of the world regardless of how you all sort this out. Mistress will continue being a bitch, you will continue being a lost cause sissy. What’s in that to respect?

Sissy Billy, I am sorry to have injected my opinions here as an outsider into an internal matter. You all are free to play at your roles as you all wish. I do have a sense of your position, and most of the time I enjoy vicariously your willingness to endure what you do, as I would. The soap test is something I would find a turn on if I were required to do that – even as nasty as I know from experience it is. Having been ordered to do it by a Mistress is the turn on. Maybe you are still turned on by someone “forcing” you to shave your chest, despite your very real life concerns as it relates to others outside the role play. You are, despite your self-image as a “lost cause,” quite capable of saying to the demand to shave you chest “No”, as I believe you have. You will earn my respect as a brave and sensitive submissive for following through on that. How you relate to your Mistresses is for you to decide. My championing your submissive role in any way should be no cause for others to take out on you their disagreements they may have with my point. If anyone does that, they do not deserve anyone’s respect. I will say no more, but watch with interest as this all plays out.

Otherwise, I do find your plight exciting to observe and project myself into it. I think I have you by a few years, there young sissy. I no longer go to work, and enjoy my retirement. My own children are adults with children of their own. Your personal life is your own, but I find it disheartening that your wife (Mistress) would not at some point see the reality beyond the game here and rise to defend her “lost cause” husband. She can still be your Mistress at the same time she is your protector and guardian.

I am speaking as an outsider and from the sense that situations like this need a third party referee to encourage everyone to step back and take a deep breath (you all need to get momentarily back into your real world adult roles) when common sense seems to be MIA. But, as one radio show says, “it’s only a game” so play on and enjoy…I will be a quiet spectator who gets my jollies from seeing you get your mouth soaped over and over while wearing a sexy nightie. May the Pink Camay prevail!

I wonder what other “spectators” are thinking, if not saying? You do open this blog to the public, which I am sure adds to the excitement level for all of you.

I frankly have better things to do than express my opinions here as our government is about to wreck Medicare while you all figure out to shave or not to shave and who wins that argument.

Sissy Billy, after reading your reasons I change my vote too. For Mistress Katzenburg, can I respectfully suggest to give a sissy billy an alternative discipline, for example

Sissy Billy, after reading your reasons I change my vote too. For Mistress Katzenburg, can I respectfully suggest to give a sissy billy an alternative discipline, for example from today to the vacation start every sunday a purge with 50g of Castor Oil taken orally, with a pause of 5 minutes between a spoon an the next.

Hello fraujulia,

Thank you very much for your change of vote. However, offering suggestions to Mistress Katzenburg is not necessary. She has enough ideas already. Particularly Castro oil. I had enough diarrhea during my last Period.

sissy billy

Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg,

Can you please close the Voting for my poll. It is humiliating to have so many visitors vote against me and it is a constant reminder each day as another visitor votes about what my punishment may be.

I am ready to accept the consequences for my failure in failing to completely shave my Body.

sissy billy

Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg,

You are correct in leaving the poll open to teach me a valuable sissy lesson. I was wrong and I should have shaved as directed. It was my fault and my avoidance of humiliation that is the reason I am being punished. Sixty votes have convinced me of my sissy errors. Please forgive me.

I have continued to shave and submit documentation to verify my punishment to you. I do thank you to allow me to do this privately as this is a very humiliating punishment and I will learn from this and become a better sissy of the “Institute”.

I confess that I am wrong and accept whatever additional punishments you assign me as a sissy.

Thank You Mistress Katzenburg.

sissy billy

To all

I have been given a punishment for my failure by Mistress Katzenburg which I am doing this weekend and will post.

The voting is now at 70 against this poor sissy. Please make it stop Mistress Katzenburg.

sissy billy

i think tha all sissy must be completely shaved..

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