sissy billy’s Soap Test – Japanese Cherry Blossom

This is the fifth and final week of the Soap Test, Thank Goodness. It has been an extra long month and while the testing may prove of a benefit for Mistress Katzenburg in the future, conducting the testing has been a terrible ordeal for this sissy. Thank Goodness it ends on Sunday.

Japanese Cherry Blossom is the Soap to be tested this week with the punishment day scheduled for Monday as a result of my always whining. This soap and other miscellaneous lotions can be purchased at the Bath and Body shop and they smell as girlie as the Store does in general.

The previous week when the additional soap was added there were several conditions added. The first was to shave everything from the head down. I failed to do this, but I did shave my underarms and applied deodorant and also shaved baby smooth the most embarrasing thing for a sissy – her sissy clitty area. In addition I was to wear my girlie panties all the time for the entire week.

I dressed as required by Mistress Katzenburg for my shopping trip. I put clothes pins on my nipple (Oh My Gosh they hurt), held them in place with a bra, put on pink panties, black stockings and a panty girdle to hold it in place. Because it was in the middle of my very painful period, I also had on a super maxi sanitary Napkin and a tampon in my sissy vagina. Very uncomfortable, but I was now ready to go on my shopping trip.

I went to the Bath and Body Store to purchase everything required. Now Mistress Rosemarie also added a few things just to make life difficult. This was the week I was having my period and she wanted to see if going shopping would take my mind off my cramps like it does some girls. It did not and my cramps were terrible. I also was told to take some extra sanitary pads and tampons because I was to go shopping for 2 hours. Thank Goodness I did, because I had to go to the Ladies Room (Actually a stall in the Men’s Room) 2 times to change my sanitary protection. As directed I was to buy a JCB shower gel, Body lotion, hand sanitizer, hand cream and fragrance Mist to spritz myself everytime I left the house.

I laid out on the counter everything I had bought in preparation for my week

I started using the Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel on Sunday Night. I had smelled the Shower Gel and Fragrance Mist in the Store and was terrified of the lingering girlie smell it would give off and the girlie fragrance it would give off at work. I adjusted the shower schedule to at least give me a half a chance of not being totally exposed as a sissy smelling girl on Monday at Work. There was nothing in the original test procedures that really dictated the timing of the shower application and testing. So I moved the test to a night time shower when I arrived home from work. For the Monday soap-paste brushing I kept this scheduled for Monday. Brushing with a soap-paste is an awful punishment and I anticipated this soap-paste being the worst of all. I was right. I put on one of my hot pink negligee along with a stuffed bra for the documentation.

I looked pretty as I always do and I held up the soap of the week – Japanese Cherry Blossom and I also picked out the pretty lace purple panties I will wear today.

I start the test week by taking a shower on Sunday Night using the Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap and my well used by now pink soft fluffy washing sponge. At the end of the week I will judge the soap for smell, soapiness, cleaning ability and whether the smell was strong enough, lasted all day and attracted feminine attention. Each category will be judged from 1 (weak, poor) to 5 (strong, effective).

I took my shower, with the Shower Gel and then after drying myself applied the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream over my entire Body. Each time I would wash may hands with the Cherry Blossom hand Sanitizer, I would also use the Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Cream which smelled like the other Japanese Cherry Blossom products. I smelt very very girlie and the Japanese Cherry Blossom lived up to its name.

My Bed certainly smelled like a girl slept in it after a night of being doused in this girlie fragrance. My sheets and pillow smelled like a girl’s perfume.

On Monday morning I arose still smelling girlie and was afraid that I would so all day. There was nothing I could do at this point except get ready for work.

Except it was Monday and I would have to brush my teeth today with the Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Get. It was foul tasting and I could smell the perfume scent from it. It seemed in my mind that I was brushing with perfume. How utterly disgusting and foul tasting. It did bubble up, but not as much as the soap-paste previously.

With an awful taste in my mouth, I finished dressing and went to work. As required I did spritz myself with the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance. I must confess though I spritzed only a few spritzs on my breasts and then put on an undershirt and shirt which concealed most of the smell. I did, however, smell it constantly as it rose up my shirt to my nose. Hopefully no else did.

I drove to work and I did smell much more girlie than any other week, but not too bad. I tried to stay away from everyone and I don’t think anyone noticed how girlie I smelled.

I came home from work and put on a pretty outfit for Dinner and spritzed myself some more. I looked very pretty in my pink skirt and pink crinoline and a pink sweater.

As usual I ate dinner very slow, but eventually it was time to brush my teeth and I slowly trudged my way up to the Ladies Room.

It was disgusting as usual. I spit out all that I could and went to bed thank-full that it was over. Thank-full that it was over forever I hope.

I decided to be bold on Tuesday and took my shower in the morning and applied all the lotions and the fragrance spritz. I was halfway to work and realized the car smelled like a perfume store. I was so terrified of how I would smell at work that I went home, called in sick that day and told them I would work from home.

Then on Tuesday Mistress Katzenburg informed me from looking at my documentation photos that I had bought the wrong hand cream. So out once again I went to buy the right cream. Since I had stayed home because I smelled so girlie, I went to the store during the afternoon. It was so girlie smelling in the store that I hope no one noticed, but I am sure the Sales Lady noticed as she was very close as she helped me with the right hand cream. She smiled politely and I am sure she smelled it on me. I left the store quickly in embarrassment.

I was also informed that I would now have to use the JCP products for as long as it took me to empty them. Oh My Gosh – this could go on for another week or two, just because I mixed up one product.

Since Tuesday was such a disaster and I had to go to work the rest of the week I started taking my showers at night again so it not smell so much during the day. However, I did spritz each time lightly with a spritz on each breast. I smelled it and I am sure the girls did too at work since they always seem to have a better smell, but no one said anything, thank goodness.

For the rest of the week I dressed each night in a new and pretty outfit hoping to make amends. Mistress Katzenburg has not let me know if she is satisfied. At night I also wore a pretty negligee and kept my panties on as directed and also wore a bra. At the end of the week I realized though that the only pictures I took were the following ones. Please trust me that I did wear something pretty each night.

It is now the end of the fifth week of testing and the results follow.

Test Sample: Japanese Cherry Blossom Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

Test Rating (1-5) Observations/Remarks
Smell 5 Very much a perfume smell and strong.
Soapiness 5 It was the very soapy and bubbly.
Cleaning 3 I felt clean, but the other soaps seemed to clean better.
Lingering smell for the girls at work 5 Strong perfume fragrance, I could smell it on me and I was sure someone would think I was wearing perfume.

Soap-Paste Test Sample: Japanese Cherry Blossom Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

Test Rating (1-5) Observations/Remarks
How it tasted 4 It tasted like perfume smelled.
How long did it last 3 It was not as long lasting as the other soap-paste

The soap-paste brushing was disgusting, but similar to the other soap-paste brushings.

There is no more Soap Testing. This sissy is so Happy and I hope that my efforts and my punishment discomfits can be of assistance to all in picking out the proper soap for them to use as a sissy. I will publish the overall results and recommendations next week.


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After the soap test started out so well, I am extremely disappointed that the reporting of the results got worse over time–not better as one would expect. You will update this post and answer all of the following comments:

  • What happened on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after you called in sick on Tuesday?

  • Did you actually use the spritz when leaving the house on Monday. If you did, you didn’t say you did or provide evidence.

  • There were other requirements for this test and there is no evidence presented in this post showing that is was met. The rules are very clear: “An objective cannot be considered completed unless evidence is submitted which proves that it was carried out as designed. Pictures and video are the standard methods of evidence. The pictures must be able to prove that the objective was fully carried out. It is not enough to simply have a picture of the end state and to force the Mistress to make the assumption that the steps in the middle were carried out.”

    • How you are to dress while shopping.
    • How you are to be groomed during this test
    • How you are to dress during this test.
  • What “personal reasons” could get in the way of finishing the assignment as it was given.

  • Why in the world were the “results” of the test included here? Make that a separate post.

Once this post is fixed, create a new post for the results which shows all of the data, answers the required questions and provides suggestions for further research. At the end of the day there are at least two questions which should be answered:

  • Which soap was the best for making you smell like a girl?

  • Which soap tasted the worst and would be the best for punishments where you are required you wash your mouth out with soap.

It’s your test–you make the call.

    Good Evening Mistress Katzenburg,

    I have made the corrections as directed above, I hope. I broke out and will establish a separate post for the Final Report of Soap Testing.

    I included in the post dressing for shopping, grooming (shaving) and dressing for the week and at night.

    I have explained below my reasons for failing to complete my shaving assignment, but except that any reason is unacceptable in my sissy world and I will be duly punished.

    I hope I did better, sissy billy

l am so sorry that you are unhappy with the posts Mistress Katzenburg. Oh My Gosh, I tried so hard to make this better as I proceeded each week. I thought I had done good job with the chart and was making corrections from your comments. I was unsure about including the final analysis in this post and had not really talked about that. I will make this correction and separate it. I will also make the other corrections and give further explanations. In the past I have always been totally honest in everything I did and did not do. I have always confessed if I card to do anything. I will accept the penalty for failing to document properly, but beg for understanding that I am not trying to get away with anything. I will start to work on this as soon I get home. I will explain what happened and will confess everything that I did not do. Thank You Mistress Katzenburg for giving me this opportunity to correct my failings. sissy billy

Mistress Katzenburg, you are ever so intelligent and clever. What a fascinating assignment. I googled some keywords and learned that there is a name for this. It is called layering and goes far beyond wearing perfume. Apparently, layering many bath products generally results in bedrooms, bathrooms, clothing closets, dresser drawers, coats and shoes and the inevitable sissy skin remaining semi-permanently fragrant for days and weeks. Unlike perfume, layering cannot be simply washed off in the shower. And a sissy who layers once or twice a week can look forward to a life of smelling sweet and pretty in every thing they do and wear. The realization of becoming an institutionlized sissy is beginning to sink in and the internal butterflies have begun! No hiding for a sissy who complies!

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