Fantasy Island – 3 “Director of Nursing”

At one time I thought how great it would be to be a Director of Nursing. Even better the Director in a Private Clinic where there would be no regulations. I would be the Boss of all those Women and would be able to get back at all those women who did not understand me and always seemed to be domineering and dominant over me.

So, on this trip to Fantasy Island, I said that I wanted to be the Director of Nursing of a Private Women’s Clinic of only Female Doctors and Nurses. I was granted my wish and showed up for my first Day of Work as Director of Nursing. I even dressed appropriately as the Director of Nursing. White Blouse, pale pink Skirt and a Red Crinoline to add a feminine touch, stockings and white 2″ High Heels.


A tough lesson to learn when you visit Fantasy Island is to be very specific in what you wish. Mine did not turn out the way I thought it would.

I wished to be the Director of Nursing of a Private Clinic for women. With all the various procedures that women must endure, I thought I would be in total Control. I imagined that I would be able to completely control all the Nurses and if they disobeyed, into the stirrups with them and all kinds of probing uncomfortable procedures. Throw in daily enemas and I would be in total Control.

What actually happened was that the Administrator of the Women’s Clinic was the real person in-charge and when she found out what my wish was, she changed the Organization Chart so that the Director of Nursing was really just a secretary and that I reported to all the Nurses who were in fact my Bosses. Not good when you worked for the Nurses and they learned what I intended to do. Tables turned.

As I left the Head of the Clinic’s Office I knew I was in trouble. By the time I got to my office all the Nurses knew of my intentions for them and on my desk was spread out the instruments of their revenge.

A penis mouth plug, anal beads to help clean me out and a very big scary enema bag.


As I started to protest, several nurses quickly grabbed me and I knew I had no choice but to do as they wished and hope they would not be too mean.

They shoved the penis gag in my mouth and as I started to gag they laughed and giggled and told each other how much fun they would have with a Sissy Director of Nursing like me. They led me off to one of the Examination Rooms.


They shoved me over the side of the Tub. pulled down my stockings and panties and with a gob of Vaseline shoved the beads up my Sissy Vagina. I tried to scream, but the penis gag would not allow me to. I begged for mercy, but the gag stopped my begging. Oh it hurt so much.

Then they stood me up and marched me down the hall into another room and placed me up on the women’s examination table and placed my feet in the feminine stirrups. Now with my Sissy Vagina exposed they would rip out the beads to my screams and crying and then shove them back in. I was in tears and ready to faint from the anal bead punishment. Finally they stopped and left me sobbing on the table.

Then it got worse. They dragged my back to the exam tub and bent me over once again. As I strained to look I saw the bulging enema bag. How awful it looked and I was trembling knowing it was really going to hurt.


Oh My Gosh, the enema nozzle was huge and they had to shove hard to insert it. Then I was told to stand up and they marched me to the clinic Bed. With the initial release of the cold water I tried to scream and beg, but the gag would not allow me to do either. Then I was placed in the Clinic Bed and the Enema Bag was opened full blast. I thought I would burst as my stomach expanded rapidly with the cold water giving me instant cramping, but all I could do was sob as several of the Nursed stood laughing at me and telling me not to be such a Sissy Baby. They told me Women have these procedures every day.

Then it got worst. The Head of the Clinic came in with her clip board and with the Nurses standing smiling at me, told me that I was being checked into the Clinic as a Feminine Patient indefinitely. She also said that each Nursing Staff would rotate every four hours to give me several tests and procedures. As part of the testing, I would also be given an enema every hour for the next 24 hours to thoroughly clean me out and then as often as the Nurses deemed necessary.

I lay there sobbing and thinking that when this Fantasy was finally over, I still had 11 more trips to Fantasy Island to make.

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