Fantasy Island – 4 “Being a Little Girl” – Part 1

I have always wanted to be a Little Girl. Little Girls always have a lot of fun and they get to dress up so Pretty. I entered Fantasy Island dressed as a pretty and feminine Girl and asked if I may be a Little Girl with no Worries.


Then the Mistress of the Island looked me straight in the eye and with a smile, told me I would have no worries, but that I must start at the begining. Now where do Girls start. Naturally they start as Little Baby Girls.

I was then, to my surprise and horror, lead to the Nursery and on the Little Girl’s Babies Crib was spread out the instruments of my next learning experience.


From there I was lead into the Little Babies Dressing Room. An open Ring Gag was inserted into my mouth to promote drooling like a baby, a Diaper was put on me and then a little Baby Girls Romper Jumper Set. I felt ridiculous and was humiliated.


Then, fully prepared and dressed as the Little Baby Girl I was, I was released to crawl around and play in my Little Girl’s Playroom.


Of Course, things are not always easy for a Little Baby Girl. The Nurse came in and explained to me that she was told I was Constipated and that she would take care of my Little Baby Girl’s problem.

She showed me the Glycerin enema and I started to cry.


It was terrible.

I hope my next Little Girl’s episode is a little more grown up.


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Damm, those assignments and punishments really push the boundry closer to the edge.
When do I get a ticket to ride?

You are so brave and open to free yourself in such a studious way. Might I add that I will someday complete my classes and stand proud, although I need to be pushed.
Principles, Teachers, Truant officers PLEASE keep this sissy enrolled and attending.

my first post and application to join.

pinnellipee from pa.

This is Loney i like to be your sissy baby and a sissy male maid al the ttime and be tie up be you and you can rent me out to

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