All-Client Punishing Sleepover

Between Thursday and Saturday night of this week, all clients are required to attend a punishing sleepover. Required dress for the night includes:

* Diaper
* Pantyhose
* Nightgown
* Bra and Large Breast Forms
* Ankle Cuffs, Ankles locked together
* Wrist Cuffs, wrists locked together
* Blindfold
* Earplugs
* Hood

Sleep tight and ensure the pictures are in the dropbox before Sunday night. No need to make a full post–you can have sweet sissy dreams.

**Update:** In addition to the unmodified pictures, also upload two pictures (in both t and s size) which you think best reflect your situation. Additionally, upload a text file with a short description of why your night was the most punishing.


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Yes Mistress Katzenburg,

I will sleep over as required and upload appropriate pictures. This is almost a normal night every night for me lately.

sissy billy

Yes Mistress Katzenburg. I will do better with this.

Yes Mistress Katzenburg

I do howver not posses cuffs forankles or wrists i can wear

    Then you should use something else to tie your hands and feet together with.

    Merry meet Mistress Katzenburg,
    A pants belt can be used as an ankle binder.
    Circle each leg with an end then buckle together.
    This helps to keep one’s legs together so as to get the full effect of being in a wet diaper. Not too tight so as to rub skin will make night time’s bearable, securely bound because you will not be able to walk.(Babies don’t walk anyway) Plastic panties are edified as they become entrapped upper thighs.

Dear Mistress Katzenburg,

I have read and will comply to my best. I will send an email to you.
Thank you


Hello all,

Mistress Katzenburg made a tweet earlier that there is to be another sleepover.

What a revolting thought

I will try to respect all the rules mistress

Mistress Katzenburg, you are devious and clever. What a wonderful idea! There always seems to be at least one sissy who never has anything nice to say. But I love all the sissies who post such cheerful if not nervous comments!

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