Fantasy Island – 10 “A Ballerina”

All my life I have loved Ballerinas. They were always so pretty and feminine and the Ballerina Attire was so beautiful. I don’t know why I did not ask to be a Ballerina sooner. How can the Mistress of Fantasy Island turn this into an awful wish. I would get to wear a Ballerina’s Tutu and dance with a lot of other Ballerinas.

That was my wish as I approached the Mistress of Fantasy Island. She smiled as always and said that she thought I would make a very pretty Ballerina.

Instantly some of her assistants appeared and led me to the Girl’s Dressing Room. After a short while I reappeared and presented myself to the Mistress.


Mistress smiled and complimented me on how lovely I looked. I felt like a Ballerina. I felt so pretty and feminine and I loved my Tutu.

Mistress led me to the Ballerina Class Dance Studio and introduced me to the Instructress. Then with one of her smiles that I knew meant trouble, she told me to do as the Instructress said and I would have no problem. The way she smiled led me to believe otherwise. But, Oh Well, I did feel like a Ballerina.

I joined the class as the other Ballerina’s just scowled at me. One said: “You are a Sissy, not a Ballerina. You don’t belong with us Ballerinas. I was embarrassed and felt humiliated. My excitement was completely taken away by the mean girl.

I tried to make the best of it and enjoy my time as a Ballerina. It started out OK with simple exercises. I was awkward, but I kept up for a while.


I fell down twice as the other Ballerinas practiced perfectly. Finally the Instructress stopped everything and told me that whichever Ballerina was the worst in practice was punished and had to finish the practice with leg and wrist weights to help her get stronger. The other Ballerinas giggled at my humiliation. She then strapped on 10 lb ankle cuffs and 5 lb wrist cuffs. She then clapped her hands and told everyone to get back in place as they all taunted me with “Sissy Ballerina”.


The weights were so heavy and I could not keep up with the other Ballerinas. I fell down several more times and each time the other Ballerinas complained and made fun of me.

I was crying and when the Instructress finally came up to me I was whining about how unfair it was and how mean the other Ballerinas were.

Wrong thing to say. She turned and walked off to the Ladies Room as she said over her shoulder that whining was not tolerated and that Ballerinas do not cry.

She returned with a Pink Bar of Soap and shoved it in my mouth before I could let out another whine or cry. She said that I would complete the practice with soap in my mouth.


My Day as a Ballerina did not turn out exactly as I had fantasized.


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Please be careful as I had a bar of DIAL soap placed in my mouth for 10 minutes and it burned the inside of my mouth and this sissy can only wonder what it did inside of me. My throat is still raw and the under/back of my tongue hurts when I eat.

I will think twice before I call another Woman a “B” word.

“I am a sissy and will always obey Women.”
“I am a sissy amd will obey ALL WOMEN.”

Yes I have, unfortunately. It is the wiser course of action to keep one’s mouth shut. I am slowly learning that, but not quick enough.

sissy billy

Makes me think twice.
But She had NO reason to but in where I was.
I was already with a Female Superior at the time. So what if I wasn’t working at my area, I was with my Boss.
BTY I later called Her a ‘B” word because She came from the other office and said to me, in front of my Boss, “GET TO WORK”. It was almost quitting time and too late to start something anyways. Why did I have to suffer because She did not take a Midol?

Last night found me with a “IRISH SPRING” sissy rinse. IN- OUT IN-OUT 7 or 8 times.
I hate You! Yet I can not leave. On my mind all day during work. My nipples sore from the clamps that were pulled and twisted as I did Butterfly breaststrokes into my mattress. Wanting to stop but my collar a chocking reminder that I am owned and therefore MUST OBEY>. A damp night diaper already spotted with pee allowed the milky ejaculate to spend the sleeping hours nestled between my buns because this sissy is required to be tucked when pantied or diapered.
Nipple clamps still attached I hear Mistress’ voice say “You will go into the bathroom dressed as You are and do a sissy rinse with the soap.” Why? I thought as I started to whimper again. Getting off my cot I opened the door slowly so as not to alarm the other family members nearby. What a sight this sissy would be- collared, large night diaper and rubber panty cover and nipple clamps.
In Out, In Out, In Out, In Out,In Out,In Out, In Out, In Out bringing a tear to my eye as I thought there would be mercy. Back to my cot I lay down, remove the clamps, massage my now growing breast to ease the pain with more Butterfly strokes and Thank Goddess Katzenburg for the attention She does not have to give.

Hello sissy billy,

That is a very pretty tutu. If you work hard you could be the lead in Sissy Lake.

I would really like to be a ballerina and go to classes and be in “Sissy” Lake. In the real world I out grew the Ballerina size when I was about 12. I certainly would look silly today on Stage with a lot of other petite Ballerinas.

I guess that what I imagine Fantasy Island is for.

sissy billy

Sissy Billy,
May the Goddess hear your wanting,
And deliver you where You belong.
Forever in a pink tutu,
Dancing to ballet songs.(kiss)

sissy billy is your trip to Fantasy Island done? If so I wish you well in the grading.

    Hello pieclown,

    I was away this weekend and it was difficult to respond away from my computer. Mistress Katzenburg is correct. I did not finish. She always keeps close track of assignments.

    This is like “Truth” or “Dare”.

    I do not know if I have been re-instated or have yet another difficult assignment or path to complete first.

    As always, I am always a very nervous sissy and this is stressful. On one hand hoping she takes her time in thinking things over and on the other hand wanting to know my fate.
    I am getting better at not wishing for anything if I can help it though, so I will be patient.

    Thank You for your well wishes and hope you liked my visits to Fantasy Island,
    sissy billy

It is in Mistress Katzenburg’s hands now. I am sure she has already planned my next path.

Hello Martine,

It has always been my dream to be a pretty ballerina.

sissy billy

i understand sissy billy.. when i was young , I dreamed too…to wear, tights white, a pink ” tutu “, to be made up , have an attractive feminine hairstyle and to learn to dance as the girls
good day billie
sissy raymonde

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