Fantasy Island – 13 “Sorority Pledge Hell Weekend”

As usual I could not make up my mind as I walked up to the Mistress of Fantasy Island. My mind, however, was made up for me quickly by the Mistress.

She asked if me if I remembered my Fantasy Island Wish about joining a Sorority. I, of course, nodded yes. Well then, she said, it is time for your Sorority Pledge Hell Weekend. I shuttered having read many articles of what they did to Sorority Girls during Hell Week. I was quickly dragged by the Fantasy Island Assistants to the Dressing Room and returned to Mistress after an hour of Sorority Girl prepping.


She complimented me about how I looked like the perfect Sorority Pledge and took my hand leading me to the Sorority House.

I was dressed properly with my Sorority Sissy Sash, my pretty Sorority Pledge flower pin and my Sorority Pledge Book. I was plenty scared though as I entered the Sorority House to join my other Sorority Pledge Sisters.

The Pledge Mistress told us that this was the final weekend of Pledging. This was Sorority Pledge Hell Weekend and if we passed, we would become Sorority Sisters. If we failed, then we would have to start the entire pledge period again.

She explained that this would not be easy, but that she and all the other Sisters had gone through it and passed. She said that it would be humiliating and uncomfortable and that our bottoms would probably hurt a lot. I guess she was probably talking about spankings I groaned with the other pledges.

Then she got stern and told us all that we were just a bunch of Babies, but that we would grow through the weekend. Therefore we would be treated as Babies.

The Sisters all started to clap as a table was brought into the Living room. Each of the Sorority Pledges were then led to the table, laid on their back on the table, their Panties pulled off and their legs spread. Pictures were taken and then a big Diaper and Rubber Pants which we all had seen spread on the table next to Wall was brought over.


The Sorority Pledge spreadeagled on the Table was sobbing as the Sisters gave her an enema, several feminine laxative pills and took many embarrassing pictures.

It was so embarrassing for the Sorority Pledge and we all were sobbing too as we knew it would be our turn next. Soon all of us had been diapered and we stood before the Sisters for inspection.


We were then told we would have to stay like this for the weekend while we fulfilled our Hell Weekend Pledge duties. This also meant being out in public humiliating ourselves in front of all the other Students and town people. We were only to be changed at 6:00 AM and PM. If we messed our diapers we would have to live with it. We would change each other’s diapers and at those times wherever we would be. For instance, tonight we would all be at a restaurant with the Sisters and would have to change our diapers in the Ladies Room.

Our last bit of advice from the Sisters was – Get ready, because this was the easy part of Hell Weekend.

Hell Weekend had started.


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Poor baby-Enjoy Your weekend of Hell!
I don’t know if I envy You or glad that it is NOT me.
Public humilation is the worst. May-be that is why I am still in the closet.(at least in this state)
Looking forward to what the Sorority had planned. Hope You fulfill pledge duties and do not have to start the pledge period again.

Love the outfit. Pledge book and sash Precious!

Just out of curiosity, What makes it a “Woman’s laxative?

It is labeled as that – probably less potent and made for women,

Hey sissy billy,
Nice touch, they really added to the subject matter. Less potent if taken as directed.
A handful of several “Less Potent” equals a tummy “More Potent.”
NO spoonful of sugar there, and the whole senerio captured on film. You poor baby.
If they are anything like what is posted here, Your days of not being exposed are over.
Just a fantasy… ass! Things sure do have a way of turning around here.

i hope you enjoy your enema sissybilly.. taht is a so pleasant moment To be to have the belly inflated with 2 liters of water and to be obliged to keep the liquid during an hour..

To all,

I did not enjoy. Unfortunately it is one of Mistress Rosemarie’s favorite punishments.

The title alone tugs at the purse string of a sissy wannabe! Makes me want to pleadge Kappa Delta Phi right away! Hell Weekend does sound really challenging though. Makes me wonder how many sissies end up repeating. And do they have any choice? shiver!

Am I the only one who still trolls this site????

this sissy needs so very much to experience forever HELLWEEK

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