Fantasy Island – 14 “Here Comes the Bride”

Since this was supposed to be my last visit to Fantasy Island and it had always been my life-long dream to be a Bride, I had planned to ask the Mistress of Fantasy Island if I could please be a Bride.

Not knowing really what to expect from my extension of visits, I figured that this might be my last free wish. So I decided that I should stick to my original planning.

“Mistress – Please grant my wish to be a Bride and may I dress up as the prettiest frilliest Bride ever and attend a my Wedding.”

As always – she smiled and granted my Wish. I was whisked off by her assistants to the Bridal Salon to prepare for my Wedding.


As I came from the Bridal Salon Mistress said I looked Lovely. Then Mistress walked me to the steps of the Church and as the Doors were opened and the music started I could see the Church was packed with My Mistress’s friends. I was somewhat embarrassed to walk down the isle as a Bride, but it was my dream and I stepped out with courage.

But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. I always knew there was a lot that went into becoming a beautiful Bride. I knew they went shopping endlessly for a Bridal Gown and the Bridesmaid’s Dresses and all of the many accessories. I knew the day of the Wedding was also very hectic, but I had no idea.

I spent hours in the beauty parlor and then to the Bridal Salon to get dressed.

An assistant told me that Mistress had special concerns though. She wanted to make sure I remained a Virgin until our wedding night and so they led me to the next room and on the table was my protection.

I gasped – in front of me was a sissy-clitty cage and a Butt Plug.


What was even more humiliating is that the female assistants insisted on attaching them to me. The sissy-clitty cage was extremely hurtful as they stuffed and clamped me into it. I started to cry. The Butt Plug was too big and had a big pink sponge attached so when my panties were pulled up it kept in tightly in place.


As I was made to pose, they took picture after picture to give my Mistress to hang on the wall as a constant reminder of fidelity to her.

Then the rest of the Bridal Undergarments. A corset was added and tied tightly to the point I could hardly breath. Then the fixing of the Wedding Vail and more pictures I think to just humiliate me.


Next came the Wedding Dress Crinoline. I do not think I ever saw one so big. It was definitely pretty, but full and feminine and was uncomfortable. Already I was wondering how I would last the whole Wedding Day.


Finally the Wedding Gown. It was beautiful and everything I had always imagine. I loved it.


It was, however, very confining and huge. I had seen Brides with very full Wedding Dresses and they had always looked beautiful and they always seemed to move easily. This was definitely different then what I thought though. I felt pretty, but I did not know how I would last a complete day in my beautiful Bridal Gown.

Then where I left off before the break. I stood in front of the Church Doors ready to enter. I was feeling very Bridal and Pretty.

However, as a parting word from the Mistress of Fantasy Island, she said: “Sissy, you do know that as a Bride’s gift to all her guests she gives each of them a present.” I was not sure I knew what she meant until she added: “I hope you have been practicing on you Vagina and Dildo because each of your guests would like you to properly service them before the end of the Wedding”.

It was then that the doors opened and I was shoved down the Aisle.


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Congradulations. (Throwing rice)
Bells tolled from the steeple tower confirming to the Heavens just what a sissy You are. (A tear falls from my eye as weddings always make me cry) You make a lovely Bride.

To all the sissies. I am sitting here crying because only one person complimented me on what a pretty Bride I was. I thought I looked lovely and it was my dream to be a Bride for so long. At weddings I am always polite and tell the Bride she looks lovely.

I guess I do not look like a pretty sissy Bride.

Waiting on the honeymoon report. Enjoy Yourself sweetie, they are just looking thru green eyes. Hold Your head high in the knowing.

Off topic- somewhat, Does that clitty trap really work? I always wanted to be encased like You.

Yes – sissy clitty cage is confining, uncomfortable and it does work

Dear sissy billy,
You make a lovely bride. Your main photo did show some unevenness in your dress/petty coat. I would say that is because of the place where the photo was taken. Something is not letting the dress lay right. Oh, I would advice you not to cry, someone may take it you are acting like a baby, and you know how babies are treated here.

Hello pieclown.

I took the Brides Photo in a tight spot and it got hung up on the ledge. I should have moved to another Photo spot. It would have looked perfect.

I was not being a baby. I was just being an overly sensitive Bride. I understand all Brides are like that and they want things to be just right.

Thank You for your comments, sissy billy

that sissycage is superb, i have on just in plastic, i often wear it.
THE DRESS is lovely, many siisy would love to be dress like that

Being a Bride for real would be humiliating, but was and is my fondest desire.

i’ll tell you the bride fantasy has been a really hot role play senerio to me for a long time. except I’m only wearing white panties, white garter belt and white stockings and white heels with red lipstick and i’m.only marring a big hard cock. after what I just saw with you guys that fantasy is dead and burried. LOL I love you guys LOL

“nt of me was a sissy clitty cage and a butt plug”

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