Fantasy Island – 8 “If you act like a Baby…”

The end of my last Fantasy was absolute retribution by all the other sissy clients for my power trip as a Mistress and the meanness that a real Mistress would not have shown.

I cried and screamed and yelled some very un-sissy-like words. I have to admit though that it was deserved.

Finally they brought me back to the Mistress of the Island and they themselves returned to the “Institutes’s Training Center” which was located on the far side of the Island.

The Mistress of Fantasy Island then told me that since I had acted like a Baby, then I would be treated like a Baby

I was told to take off all of my sissy clothes down to a Bra and Panties. They left a boy’s soak on one foot so all the other visitors to the Island would now I was the sissy boy.

I was then sent to a corner to stand and think


Next, because I had uttered unfeminine and inappropriate words, I had a bar of soap stuck in my mouth and sent back to the corner.


Finally I was dressed totally as a baby with a big big diaper and sent outside looking like a baby for the rest of the day.


My next Fantasy will be to go home and sleep.


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Although I do not wish to have soap in my mouth I wouldn’t mind being in a diaper all day. I need to learn how to control my bladder better. Because of this post though I have definitly learned not to be disrespectful and definitly not to use grown up words towards any Mistress.

I know as I too have diaper discipline on my back. I tried everything to lose it but to no avail. My brain screams “I WANT MY DIAPERS!” and there is no silencing this voice. Lucky for me it allows a sane life while working. Well may-be a saner life as it still whispers it’s ownership constantly.

    In the rules and regulations, you’ll find that typing in all capitals is never appropriate, and though I haven’t looked in a while, I don’t believe there is a Pink Floyd exception to that rule. Just be aware–keeping on top of the rules is the best way to ensure a (relatively) painless Institute experience.

    Maggie Rae

      Maggie Rae, Sissy pinnellipee made a formal apology on “DAILY DIAPERS” web site.
      Go to:

      Members uploads-sissy

      slide the brower to “Albums list” then click on to “Last Uploads”

      Page 5 and 6

      Who am I to tease You?

      “I’m sorry.”

Bla bla bla,,,baby babble. would of, Should of, Could of.
I believe it to be the correct way to emphaSIZE the leading title.
Besides Rules don’t apply to me and if they did I already volunteered You to take mine. Ta Ta Maggie-Rae.

Thought You would have thanked me by now. Oh well,
You are welcome. LOL!

Seriously though, Thank You Maggie-Rae for the heads up on the rules. I will try to be compliant to keep my Institute experience pain free.I do tend to get carried away sometimes.
pinnellipee d.

“Shouting by useing all capital letters is never appropriate.”
Got it!

PINNELLIPEE D :“Shouting by using all capital letters is never appropriate.” Got it!

Merry Christmas,,,I miss You.

Love pinnellipeed’s post, “There’s no way out of here, when you come in your in for good”. It reminds me of the Eagle lyric, “You can check out anytime you like, but you can’t ever leave” and is one of the main reasons I knew I had to offer myself to The Institute.


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