Invasion of the Sissy Witch from OZ

The Wizard of Oz had called the Wicked Witches to an emergency Meeting and as a Sissy Witch I was commanded to also attend. The Wizard told the Wicked Witches that he needed some place to send all the Munchkins which were annoying the hell out of him.

He told them to conquer another world somewhere over the Rainbow and to do it quickly.

Now none of the Wicked Witches really wanted to get their green hands dirty (they would rather taunt the Munchkins), they decided that the Wicked Witch of East would take me as her Witches Army thinking that with her powers and my ugly looks, the people of this other world would quickly give up.

So I dressed accordingly in my prettiest ugliest Witch outfit and we left for earth.


We had arrived, but the Wicked Witch of the East told me that we would have to document everything and she had entered me in a Lingerie Photo Shoot and since it was Halloween I would fit in. Now you should now that sissy Witches on OZ are very shy and when she told me it was a lingerie and Bra and Pantie shoot I almost fainted. She dragged me to the Photo shoot wailing like a Sissy Witch.


How humiliating for a proper Sissy Witch like myself.

I finished my humiliating Photo Shoot and then we left the Studio to conquer the World.


We had not walked more then around the corner when I was confronted by an angry crowd of local townspeople dressed in White. They yelled at me and told me I did not belong and that I was to leave their world. I looked around, but the Wicked Witch of the East was no where to be seen. I was on my own, but I could her laughing at me from the ally. She wanted nothing to do with this unruly crowd.

They dragged me into a restaurant where all the people immediately threw up as I appeared as a disgusting ugly witch to them. They all joined in as the crowd dragged me into the Ladies Room and laid out on the counter the tools of my humiliation and torturous punishment.


OH MY GOSH – I was so afraid that I started to cry. They taunted me and told me I was a cry baby pathetic Witch. They would not relent though. I was bent over and a tail was stuck in my sissy vagina. A large dildo was stuffed backwards into my mouth. I was also cuffed both ankles and wrists so I could not escape. I was to then walk about town and service any female of their kind with the dildo. How humiliating to service the weaker sexes of their kind like this.


It was so humiliating walking around in my Negligee and the town people constantly picking it up to see my bra and panties. What a humiliating state. My normal shade of green was turning white from embarrassment.

And then it was over. I was dragged into the Shower and the water turned on.

Now you all know what happens to Wicked Green Witches. They MELT into a puddle on the floor and only their clothes are left.


This picture was sent back to OZ with the note to the Wizard telling him to never send another witch.


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Hey witchy poo, I like this play on the assignment. Well done.

Hello pieclown,

Thank You. I thought yours was great. The theatrics are definitely you. Outstanding.

sissy billy

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