Fantasy Island – Smurfed All Night Long

As related in my previous adventure – A Smurfy Centerfold, the Smurfette’s convinced Mistress that I should stay the night and meet them in the Fantasy Island Smurf Park on the far side of the Island.

I did not like the sound of that, but as usual I had no choice and I was led by Mistress back into the Sissy Salon.

The Mistress’s again got busy with preparing me for my Stroll in the Smurf Park. Now when a Sissy Smurfette is taken for a walk in the park she has a leach attached to her to keep her under control. In this case it was to be a sissy clitty leach to lead and control me by. My panties where pulled down and a leach was attached to my sissy clitty.


Then before we left for the park Mistress instructed her assistants to put a diaper on me with a big rubberized diaper cover.

She led me out the door and walked me in the park. As we met each Smurfette I had to introduce myself, curtsy and expose my diaper and except my humiliation as they taunted me. Each time we met a Smurfette they would give me a glass of blue sugar water with a smile and giggle. After an hour of being led around by my leach I was leaking and finally was peeing in my diaper. I started to leak down my blue colored leg to the delight of the Smurfette’s. My feet were killing me in my small Smurfette shoes and finally after three hours of insults, teasing, giggling and ridicule – Mistress led me back to the Mansion.

My evening was not over though. I had so aroused the Smurfs and angered the Smurfette’s that they decided that I was to provide service to each of the Smurfette’s husbands.

I was taken upstairs in the mansion to the Ladies Bathroom where my leach was tied to the door. For the first hour I was left tied to the handle and as each Smurfette went to the Ladies Toilet, they abused me and would make me cry with their insults and I showed them how I stroked the practice dildo.


Then for the next hour I practiced my oral technique on the practice dildo as they continued their harassment.


Then, when I thought I could take no more and was crying and sobbing and begging to stop, I was told by the Smurfette’s that their Smurfette Husbands were completely aroused aroused by my lingerie show and they did not want to deal with them. So, one at a time they were led upstairs and into the Ladies Rooms for me to completely satisfy each as the Smurfette watched.

Finally I collapsed on the Ladies Room Floor after the last Smurfette and Smurf left and slept their all night.


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To give some oral pleasure to a man is often a fantasy of sissy. To do it in front of one or several Superiors Women strengthens the shame and the humiliation

you are so ridiculous dress like that.. and seem so subvmissive , your MISTRESS can be satisfied of you Billy
raymonde ( your sumissive sissy sister )

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