Aissgnment # 2A – “sissy billy’s” Ovulation Time

I am a Sissy that is now having her monthly “Period” at a regular Interval. Mistress tells me that it is part of a feminine cycle that I now “Ovulate” each month. I did not really know what this meant and was sent to research it’s meaning by Mistress.

A Women’s Ovulation time is the 2-3 Days each month when she is fertile. It usually falls in the middle of her Menstrual Period which I have now been experiencing. It is also the time of the month when the egg falls and she can become pregnant. Her hormones are at their peak and she feels her most feminine. It is also the time of the month when she will unconsciously dress her prettiest and have her strongest feelings to get pregnant.

At this time of my sissy life I certainly do not want to get “pregnant” or get anyone else “pregnant” and Mistress is “helping” me with contraceptive protection.

As a result of obsession with Cross-Dressing and the Training and Punishments the “Institute” has assignment to me, another phase of my Sissy Life begins.

Mistress calculated that my Ovulation would start on this past Tuesday and so to protect myself and her, she decided that I would wear myself sissy clitty cage whenever I was in the house. Since my hormones were at their full cycle, it would also be appropriate for me to dress my prettiest as soon as I got home and to also wear a pretty negligee each night.

I have also been neglecting my Studies and Assignments and this week is “Make-Up Week” which is not good for me. I have several assignments to do this week and a Soap Testing Assignment is one of them.

Mistress decided she would be kind and let me combine them a bit. I do not think it is very kind though.

My Soap-Paste Testing each night is now to be done dressed in my prettiest Negligee and just prior to my dildo and Vagina technique practice.

I then am off to a restless night of sleep wearing my sissy clitty cage, dressed in a pretty nightie and a horrible soap taste in my mouth.

Wednesday I am late getting home and as it is already time for bed, put on a pretty red nighties, brush my teeth (UGH), and practice my oral technique.

Thursday is the last day of my “Ovulation” period and I follow the same routine.

And then, my Ovulation Period was over and I was safe. I could finally leave the sissy clitty cage in the draw. It was not to be. Mistress Rosemarie told me that I must be really in need of relief and that it was important to relieve all the pent-up anxiety.

Friday Night when I got home she had laid out a very sexy black Negligee and said that she would enjoy watching. I dressed in the sexy Negligee, put on a condom, filled it with my three day supply of sissy juice and then sucked on it until it was empty. She smiled at my disgust and told me that now that I was a sissy with a “period” that each month I would also “Ovulate”.

Ovulating was not fun. Mistress Rosemarie was then very mean. I was saying how glad I was that it was over until she reminded me that my “Period” was coming very soon and the cycle would begin again.

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Grading for sissy billy’s Assignment # 2A – Ovulation Period (Refer to Assignment # 1 for Grading Procedure)

• Wednesday – Came Home Late – Failure to Dress up Pretty – Minus 1 Point. • Thursday – Lack of Dildo/Vagina Pictures – Minus 1 point. • Did you Sissy Juice Taste Good – Add 1 Point

Final Grade is B = (3.0 )

Your average is Still a D + ( 1.625).

Your Assistant Instructress (Summer School), Mistress Rosemarie

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